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One TV Host down...two more to come....

So now the World knows what a shitbag Matt Lauer, is...
(Not a surprise to the gang on this blog)
Ther are two. More to fall.
May take a little while.
One especially will be as they say “ A SHOCKER”.
Seems to be the Karma Gods are aging a real good clear out.
About time.
But with the wait...... He He....


T. W. said…
Thank you Christian! You give us hope.

I hope Al Roker isnt one of the pervs.
Pragya said…
please tell me it's not anderson, i will honestly die
Pragya said…
can you give us some hints? network or cable?

if it's anderson i will die
Anonymous said…
Omg, I am on the edge of my seat, thinking of who these people could be??? Time will only tell.
Christian Dion said…
Bonus clues
One cable
One not
Not Anderson in this prediction
T. W. said…
Rachael Maddow. Ha ha.

Seriously though, I dont mind being surprised this time.
Pragya said…
oh thank you!!

hmmm, so many possibilities!
Anonymous said…
Please let it be Hannity and Limbaugh.
kiminicki said…
hope china does the decent thing and doesn't just bolt the country if he does I'm going to help them track him down. Never did like him

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