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TOLD YA Granted it took a while...

Many bumps ahead...
August 04 2014

MATT LAUER is in for a difficult few months.
Both professional and privately.
He's not going to like the changes ahead at work.
Plus he's really, not going to like the changes at home.
I can't see his marriage surviving much longer.
Then there's the wife's emotional problems...


T. W. said…

God bless the brave woman who came forward and reported the rape.

Why is Samantha Guthrie upset? Doesn't she read the supermarket tabloids? Us gossip readers have known for nearly 20 years Matt Lauer is a pig. If you are a woman you have to sleep with Matt to keep your job. Ask all the women who were fired from The Today Show.
T. W. said…
This happened 3 years to the day of your prediction. Wow!

Someone call Chris Hansen quick! We have more predators to catch.
chris said…
So actually, the woman who reported this last night stated the situation started in Sochi at the your prediction was actually spot on regarding timing of the event that would ultimately bring him just took awhile to come out. Well done CD!! This guy had it coming...and I thinks so much more is about to be revealed...he was protected for a long time by NBC. Kudos to the brave women -- all of them -- who are coming forward and speaking truth to abusive power.
T. W. said…
Katie Couric spoke out years ago on live television. She said Matt would pinch her a$$. Another gossip site claims Lauer would give sex toys as gifts.
Anonymous said…
My my wonder what Natlie's feeling right now?
Anonymous said…
My my wonder what Natlie's feeling right now?
Anonymous said…
They probably fired him over this instead of letting him “retire”, so they wouldn’t have to buy out his contract.
Laura O'Donnell said…
This guy needs to lose his job in disgrace. I have disliked him and wished him off my TV since he was such a vile idiot to Hillary during the election. He's a HACK. I couldn't even watch the Macy's parade and listen to his sick voice, I had to FF it when he talked.
Apple Monkey said…
Hi TW. Is Matt Lauer big in the US. He’s the guy who interviewed Charlie Sheen isn’t he?
Anonymous said…
Hey CD will these women that did date him also be disclosed?
Anonymous said…
Will the authorities catch up with him
For his bad behavior???
T. W. said…
Hi Apple Monkey! Yes, Matt Lauer is HUGE here. I am glad this is happening. I dont know if you saw the interview he did with Corey Feldman a few weeks ago. The guy is disrespectful and put words into Corey's mouth. Corey held his own. I don't know who is worse, Matt Lauer, Oprah Winfrey, or Dr. Phil.
Apple Monkey said…
Hello dear TW.
I must be living under a rock. Thank you for telling me about him. I will definitely try and watch his interview with Corey Feldman - thank you again. It made some of the business papers and he’s paid $25 million dollars. A year?! That’s a huge amount!
Oh no.... what’s wrong with Oprah?
T. W. said…
It must be nice to get paid $25 million a year to travel, read a teleprompter, ask prepared questions and belittle others.

Oprah has really bad energy. The woman is demon possessed.

Oprah often had sexual abuse victims on her show. She would ask them to describe their abuse in great detail. She always looked like she was getting off on the information.

Patti LaBelle was a guest on Oprah's show once. Oprah grabbed Patti's breast out of the blue.

Whitney Houston, Angela Bassett, Loretta Devine, and Lela Rochon were promoting their film Waiting to Exhale. Oprah COMPLETELY ignored Loretta & Lela. Loretta Divine is less well known unless you are a Broadway buff.

Oprah often belittled and talked over her guests. When they told their side she would accuse them of lying.

I could go on but you get the idea.
Apple Monkey said…
TW. No way, I didn’t know any of this. Thank you as always
kiminicki said…
hope he does get fired hope the security services are monitoring him and find out

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