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Too much wine or binge watching, or BOTH ?????


T. W. said…
Can someone please explain? I do not understand.
T. W. said…
Friends, the nation of Libya is currently selling Africans as slaves. This is not a joke.

PLEASE tell everyone you know.

Jules said…
If ever there was a poster child for think twice before getting non essential cosmetic surgery, this man is it.
jeannine poll said…

Good evening TW, I can speak to you only on the European side. I know that France Germany Italy and Spain have planned a meeting in the coming weeks to create an eet and evacuation center for these Africans. This was announced this morning in France. We do not know more.
Jules said…
TW .. I know .. there are absolutely no words for this .. It makes me sick to very stomach,, how could this ever happen again. Apparently Libyan officials have denounced the migrant slave auctions exposed in a CNN investigation, but claim more support is required from the global community to tackle the issue. I pray for a swift end to this diabolical situation and I pray for peace, love and happiness for the poor souls caught up in this ludicrous madness. I have said this over and over recently there is such a sinister undercurrent running amok in the world right now.
T. W. said…
Thank you jeannine poll and Jules! My heart breaks for these people. We know why the US is not helping.

Let us continue to pray for the persecuted.
Laura O'Donnell said…
Mickey used to be so gorgeous before he messed around with his face and that boxing. The dude next to him is his hair stylist I think....I guess he likes wearing black.
T. W. said…
Thank you Laura for identifying these people. I have always felt sorry for Mickey. I always feel sad when I see a pic of him. This is telling.

I really think Mickey has body dysmorphic disorder. A few years ago he talked about being sexually abused and that is what started it. The boxing did not help either. He has broken his nose several times.

RUMOR has it Mickey is testing the waters to see if he can come out and play freely. I do not know, this is just rumor.
Shelly Tea said…
Mickey looks more and more nonhuman every time I see him. Lol. Too much surgery. On Libya, the powers that be totally destabilized the country and called that liberating its people. They are worst off before America and its ‘allies’ went over there. It’s very cruel and unfair! We all have to account for what we do to others in this life.
Anonymous said…
Thats Ben Stiller and Fred Armiston, don’t cha know. Ya, rilly.
Apple Monkey said…
TW that’s terrible. I will read the link and thank you.
T. W. said…
You are welcome Apple Monkey. Word needs to spread like fire.
kiminicki said…
please tell me he isn't just going to leave the country and not return if so I'm saying something if he doesn't own up bastard

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