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"One is not amused...."

So the powers that be in Windsor.
Have ordered the police that the "Homeless".
Must removed from the streets of Windsor.
In time for the wedding of,
Prince Harry & Meghan Markle.
"Where is one going to put them?"
How about in the Castle Dungeon.
Or bus them to the Tower?.
What I see happening is.
Even more homeless people turning up.
Let's what the World thinks of that.....
I dread to think what she'd think,
of the Markle Family.
Especially the Dad....
He'll really embarrass, Meghan, just wait and see...


T. W. said…
I saw this and thought it was a fake report.

Thank you Christian for caring enough to expose this.

I wonder what Meghan Markle thinks now.
quiet said…
oh brother

did they order this during the last royal weddings or diana and charles wedding?

Tony said…
These poor homeless people are not there by choice. But some stuck up people assume they put themselves there for making money!! Absolutely disgraceful comments. To say they must be 'removed' from the streets just goes to show how out of touch these high class people are. Don't the police have enough to do? Like I said before..These poor people are not there by choice. So much for a caring society!!
Jules said…
This is thanks to one man .. Simon Dudley, the leader of Tory-controlled Windsor and Maidenhead Council who made public a letter he had sent to the police commission, (he released his letter to the media before the commissioner himself had even received it). Dudley demanded that the police deal with the ‘epidemic’ of ‘rough-sleeping and vagrancy’ on the streets of Windsor ahead of the wedding.

Firstly, Homeless people are neither vermin, or stray dogs that need to be rounded up and secondly, this insensitive human being has failed to realise that there will be literally hundreds of people camping out overnight on the streets of Windsor days before the Royal Wedding (to make sure they get a good vantage point to view the wedding).. and on the eve of the wedding I suspect there will be possibly thousands camping out.
Anonymous said…
Dear Megan Markel, have u seen the film Get Out? Ya might want to check it out.
Rummel said…
Wow such a great opportunity for the new royal couple to show some humanity x
T. W. said…
I have an idea.

How about everyone boycott this wedding?
Apple Monkey said…
Was completely disgusted to hear this. The councillor should be ashamed of himself. There are several homeless people in Windsor. It isn’t their choice or fault.

If they both are the humanitarians they are, they should condemn such action.
T. W. said…
Everyone here has great observations. Yes, I can't wait for karma to bite some people in the butt.

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