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Yeah Right.... Just another Russia distraction... +

So Trump and his gang of crooks.
Want us to believe, that Kim Jon Un.
Wants to have talks with "Babyfart".
Although that would be wonderful for the  WORLD.
Don't you feel it's a little odd.
That this announcement.
Comes on the heels, of Stormy Daniels.
Threatening to tell more.
Of her relationship" with Trump.
Sorry I don't believe in those kinds of coincidences


T. W. said…
Christian Dion for president!
LM said…
CD I have question for you. For the last 2-3 weeks every time I have gone to leave a comment here I keep getting a question in my head for you. I haven't left any comments because I didn't think it was the right time now this question is becoming insistent. The question is, is there anyway you could do a question and answer once a month. I'm not talking about anything personal or doing readings as that is your bread and butter, but things that people are curious about for example what ever happened to Emilia Earhart did Hitler die in the bunker what are the pyramids, who was jack the ripper, do aliens walk amongst us. Things along those lines. If people could write in and leave one question when you tell us to and you pick 5-10 per month just don't forget about us the other side of the world for time difference
Many Thanks
Talkgirl12 said…
Say what a great idea L M if CD is willing or agreeable count me in to send in one question and he to pick 5-10 per month.
CyndiTx123 said…
Awesome idea LW!! Yes T.W. CD FOR PREZ!! what a better America this would be.... Would love for you to answer the mysteries questions that everyone would like to know....Was that E. Earhart bones that was found years ago... Who really was Jack the Ripper, Who was the mastermind behind JFK- His brother's murder??? Why and who had a part into JFK JR plane death; Marilyn MOnroe??? The Blue Dahlia ? Stone Henge? ALiens? Do people really get possessed ? just so much that I have read on and would llike for input . Anyway, have a great friday my sweet CD & the rest of your fans reading your website today!
T. W. said…
LM - Great idea!

CyndiTx123 - As for demonic possession, the Scriptures make no distinction between spiritual oppression and spiritual possession in the original Greek. In other words, the Scriptures use the same word for people who have demons in them & for people who have demons attacking them from the outside.

Church of $cientology teaches something different. Has to do with Thetans and such. South Park did a really good episode on them years ago. Their Mormon episode was good too.
Anonymous said…
LM I love that idea :) Yes CD for president, those idiots in office right now would totally be driven nuts by him lmao. I feel that the world needs to be more alert and aware of the spirtiual awakening that's happening. I don't know but lately my gifts are becoming stronger and it's strange.
T. W. said…
Anon - I know what you mean. Ask Jesus for help. Stay away from New Age stuff, ouija boards, etc. The demons will sense you are spiritually sensitive and use that as an in road to attack you.
Anonymous said…
T.W.-Trust me I believe you and I actually used one a couple of weeks ago and the end result wasn't good. I lost two former friends over the incident, we all stopped talking, because I did something really mean and nasty which I sincerely apologized to them, nothing good came out of it. Nothing attached itself to me, but I learned a good hard lesson from that.
T. W. said…
Hi Anon! I am glad you learned. You can always ask Jesus for help. He will even hook you up with people who can help you here on the earth. If you still have bad things happening you might want to ask him to hook you up with Christians who can command the evil spirits & their works to leave. I have prayed for you.
Anonymous said…
This is NOT fake news! N. Korea was the only country in the world being run by the leader's ancestors...three of them were attached to Kim as earth bound entities (they died) but never went to the light. Kim's father, grandfather and great-grandfather were all attached to him and were influencing him in a big way. Unfortunately, all three were very much anti-American. Once all three were released and no longer earthbound, they were sent back to the light, Kim was then able to make his own decisions without the ancestors influencing him. So, despite what you say, there WILL be an agreement reached between the two countries. No matter what you think of Trump, he is not a war-monger and he just saved the USA from a major world war. Look elsewhere for your fake news as this is not it!

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