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Sunshine said…
Hi Christian, FANTASTIC - Patreon ! I signed up! I am hoping for future live streams. This is such an excellent step forward for us. All the very best. Today just got better because of this! :) :) :) . very happy LH, London
Sunshine said…
Hi Cd, I hope my post did post but in case it didn’t.... FANTASTIC re Patreon! I hope we see you livestream!! This day closes brilliantly with this news of you on Patreon!! This is going to be FABULOUS . Thank you. Lh, London :) :) :)
T. W. said…

I stay off the gossip sites for over 24 hours and I see this. This is good.

I have a vague idea of how Patreon works. In any case, I have a good feeling about this. May your cup run over with the blessings God sends to you and for you.

May we receive the financial blessings God sends to us and for us so we can have more than enough and be willing and able to become your patrons.

In Jesus' name I command all the blessings God has spoken over Christian to manifest in Christian's reality right here and now.

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