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Another of Babyfarts Friend FLIPS ...


T. W. said…
Pecker got immunity!

You know it's bad when the tabloids flip on you.

By the way, is "pecker" slang for "penis" in England, Australia, Canada, etc.?
Letty said…
We need more people to flip on Trump to
Push him out of office.

We need more Omarosa tapes. Lol

His Fox interview was disturbing! He is

Chick'sOpinion said…

Yeah it’s an old term for penis. Love this pic of that man counting his money. Every picture tells a story, as they say.
T. W. said…
I love the National Enquirer. I hope they publish those juicy stories they have been sitting on.
Kay said…
The walls are starting to squeeze poor old 45. Soon....please....soon let him leave the presidency!
Kay said…
CNN was talking about a love child of Trump's today.
T. W. said…
Just got the September Issue (Vogue Magazine).

Beyonce on the cover on page 538 she says, "I researched my ancestry recently and learned that I come from a slave owner who fell in love with and married a slave."

Dumb Bitch. Matthew Knowles never owned slaves.

Lots of photos of handsome women & beautiful men.

Lots of photos containing occult symbolism.

Lots of photos of models with their legs spread. Two unflattering photos of Beyonce in said pose.

Lots of photos of UGLY clothing.

One photo of Karl Lagerfeld without his shades. Unfortunately you can only see his face in profile.

One photo of Riccardo Tisci.

Sick of Anna Wintour. Many years ago the National Enquirer claimed she had Bob Marley's baby. CDAN recently revealed a blind item that claimed the same. Hmm.
T. W. said…
Not another Trump Baby!

I want that Trump Baby balloon...
Chick'sOpinion said…
LOL Beyoncé and her slave delusion. Do ya think she needs to go on genealogy course. Please ! Someone out there send her a subscription for
On Vogue magazine. Since I’ve learned how deeply the fashion industry abuses and exploits models. In particular, the very young ones. And how they promote anorexia shamelessly. I will never buy that magazine again. I only read their articles online, if it is someone famous I’m interested in.
Does Karl Lagerfeld have eyes? I thought he just had skin that grew over his sockets. I wonder if he wears sunglasses to bed. I’d say he usually super glues them to his temples. In the morning he says to his bf’s, ’darlink darlink, quick, apply the superglue ‘.
T. W. said…
LOL Chick'sOpinion!

Vogue magically comes into my mailbox. No joke!

See, a few years ago I wanted a specific September issue. I came out cheaper buying a one-year subscription than purchasing that single magazine. I did not renew my subscription but they still send me magazines.

Karl Lagerfeld is extra. I have a feeling he has a normal looking face.

Beyonce claims she is Creole. STUPID BITCH. Creole is a language, not a race.

A lot of black people will claim they are part Creole, Melungeon, Haitian, Dominican, Cuban, Puerto Rican because Heaven forbid they are black! None of those things I listed are ethnicities. Melungeon is actually a racial slur but those people claim they are an American Indian tribe. Sure.

Some of y'all remember what I look like. I am black. I did do an ancestry test. Other than west African (obviously) I got a high percentage of European: French, German, English, Irish, and a small amount of another European ethnic group. I also have verified American Indian and southeast Asian ancestry.

This confirms some stories I heard growing up. As for the Asian ancestry, Asians were brought to America to work on the rice fields in South Carolina. The Caribbean has a decent sized Asian population as well.

The ancestry service I used showed I have blood relatives living in Canada, Europe, and throughout the US.

Word to the wise: has a larger database and gives more precise results. However their privacy policy is confusing but it basically says you cannot out out of research and they can store your DNA sample.
Chick'sOpinion said…

That’s so weird how Vogue jus continues to turn up in your letterbox. The universe obviously wants you to have it. Isn’t is strange when things like that happen. ‘Isn’t it ironic’
As for BeyoncĂ©, it jus goes to show how much interest I guess she takes in her origin. That she claims to be Creole. Even I knew Creole was a language. I’m thinkin of doing the ancestry DNA thing myself. I am white. But thought I had Spanish background from my Spanish great grandfather. Learned recently he was actually Portuguese. Dad and I have very tanned type skin. Often Wondered , like a lot of Australians, if I have Australian Aboriginal blood in me too. Probably not. Interesting ! this DNA testing for ethnicity is changing completely our interpretation of our ethnic identity. Makin it a science.
Chick'sOpinion said…

They should seriously stop callin it Trump’s Love Child. Cause any child born from him, under those circumstances, didn’t come from love. They should re-name it Lust Child.
T. W. said…

I have no idea why someone wants me to receive that magazine but I do not turn down free magazines!

You can try 23andMe for DNA ancestry service. The people that own Facebook,, and 23andMe are related. If you decide to do DNA testing be sure to opt out of research and to request that your DNA sample be destroyed. Be sure to check the website every couple of months because new information comes to light as more people submit samples.

If you can get your father, his brother, your brother, or your grandfather to do testing as well you can unlock more mysteries because the Y-chromosome carries genetic information that the X chromosome does not.

Do NOT upload your data into a free DNA database/service. US police were able to identify and find a criminal because his DNA sample showed he was closely related to a person who uploaded their info into a free DNA service. The real question for me is, does law enforcement have the right to upload a suspect's DNA into a DNA ancestry service provider so they can find close relatives who can then identify the suspect.

Oh! Conspiracy theorists advise people not to get the DNA tests. They claim THEY will use your DNA for research that benefits them, make money off your genetic material, and may even go so far as to plant your DNA onto a crime scene.

I did my testing because the military already has my DNA information. Plus I thought the benefits outweighed the potential risks. I would have used if their privacy policy wasn't $hiteous. There is a DNA service that caters to people of African descent but it is expensive.
Chick'sOpinion said…

The military collect DNA ? WTF! That really surprised me. And what are the reasons for doing this? They claim?
Yes I’d love to do my DNA. Testing. But after what you were saying. that the conspiracy theorists won’t go anywhere near it. Then neither will I. I’d rather ask an accurate psychic the full extent of my ancestry. At least with a psychic, I know they are not goin to store my info. Or exploit it. Civil liberties huh, they ain’t what they used to be when I was young. Now they are into every aspect of our privacy.
T. W. said…

The military needs an accurate way to verify human remains. Some bodies are destroyed beyond recognition. Some bodies are returned many years after a war has ended. North Korea returned some servicemen' bodies from the Korean War era. This was part of The deal Kim Hong In made with Trump. For all we know Kim gave us bodies of Korean prisoners.

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