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WARNING Massive Tweet Storm ahead....

White House lawyer 'cooperating with obstruction probe of Trump'

White House lawyer Donald McGahn.                    Has spent 30 HOURS 'cooperating extensively' with Robert Mueller's obstruction of justice probe into Trump.                                                                      For fear of Trump.                                              "Setting him up to take the fall"


Chick'sOpinion said…
Fascinating what they all do. To save their arses. The Obama’s must have the popcorn out in front the TV every night. Watching the spectacle that has become U.S politics.
Chocmint33 said…
Wow it's getting epic now for Babyfart. Come sweet September imagine the tweets then. Honestly who needs a soap opera when you have Babyfart! Watching this from Australia is fascinating.
T. W. said…
Dear Donald McGahn,

The fix was already in. I hope you squealed in exchange for immunity.

With love,

Chick'sOpinion said…
Yup, they’re all in The Grand Order Of Water Buffaloes. And Trump is Fred Flintstone, The Grand Poobah, who presides over them all.

On another note, So in 2017 Trump met with Vietnam Veterans Of America to talk about issues. And he disagreed with them, that they were wrong. When he asserted, it was Agent Orange used in the old movie on Vietnam he saw, called Apocalypse Now. The veterans said to him ‘no it’s napalm used in that movie’. He thinks they are wrong. Ummm, does he not get that Vietnam veterans would know more about it than him. We know Trump didn’t serve in Vietnam. But this is ridiculous.
quiet said…
in about an hour EST Mercury will finally go direct. I have never been so pleased to learn this planet is going direct in one hour and hopefully all the true communications come to light this next week with Trump stuff too.
august had too many eclipe's and retrogrades..even mars is in retro
Unknown said…
CD:And the truth is:they have jihad everywhere:Muller,Comey,McCabe,Clinton,Obama,Strzok.Old stupid Casanovas:there is a problem with that diagnose.This is the truth and the freedom speech.USA can happy that they elected Trump and not Clinton.These people would like to have a career but are too stupid to have a career.There is a problem with cheap women.Muller will to admitt that very soon.
T. W. said…
Donald Trump IS Agent Orange.

Monika - While Hitlery, I meant Hillary, was the better candidate America would have been screwed either way. Hillary should have run as Bernie Sanders' VP.

Multiple sources claim Hillary has a progressive neurological disorder. I forget the name of it but it is often misdiagnosed as Parkinson's or Alzheimer's. She definitely suffers from cognitive decline and pseudo Bulgar affect.
Letty said…
So many people helping and giving evidence to
Mueller and still he has not done anything to
Chick'sOpinion said…

Yeah, I’ve noticed too Australians like talkin about Trump and what’s happening in U.S politics.
T. W. said…
Pseudo bulbar, not burger or whatever auto-correct put in.
Chick'sOpinion said…

Yes other psychics are talkin about Hilary Clinton having a very serious illness. Why is she hiding it? Cause she’s still hankering after a big political career. As if she hasn’t already had one. And, She was a barrister for years I believe. I guess she believes that admitting serious illness will disempower her. Psychics say Chelsea Clinton her daughter is gonna run for office eventually. Is the U.S ever gonna be free of the Clinton’s?
T. W. said…

Yes, Hillary was an attorney. She defended a rapist and laughed and bragged about how she got him off (I bet in more ways than one).

Some of us black people have not forgotten she called us "super predators". Some of us have not forgotten her husband passed legislation that specifically targeted blacks and placed them into prison. Now you know why I couldn't support anyone during the last presidential campaign.

Oh, did you know she is friends with that Marina Abramovic person? Google her name and "spirit cooking."

Did you know Bill Clinton is friends with Epstein, you know, the guy who owns the private island where elites go to have sex with underage boys. Sometimes girls or both. Ask Prince Andrew about it.

Funny how a lot of the Clinton's friends are known pedophiles and known occult practitioners...
Chick'sOpinion said…

It surprises me that the Clinton’s would be that unwise about the company they keep. Especially Epstein. I wonder if they have cut contact with him since he did his 13 months in jail. 13 months !! that’s all he did. For sex trafficking and raping young girls for decades. It’s sooo disgusting. And he clearly got away with it cause he knew the Clintons. And a whole lot of other influential people. Can you put a link or info here, to the legislation Clinton passed to target African Americans. The issue for the U.S is, Chelsea Clinton is gonna run for office in the future. Scary.
T. W. said…
Clinton's Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 is known as the 3 Strikes Law or The Crime Bill. Bill Clinton has acknowledged that law has made things worse.

To be fair, some black lawmakers pushed for it to pass so it is possible Bill Clinton thought they were looking out for all African Americans.

I also linked info about Clinton's welfare law. He approved legislation that barred legal immigrants from receiving government benefits that they are otherwise legally entitled to receive. Keep in mind they pay taxes too. Trump is doing the same. I dislike Trump but I want to show all politicians are dirty.


1. Link to download PDF file if the law:

2. USA Today article:

3. What Bill Clinton had to say after the fact:

4. "Why Hillary Clinton Doesn't Deserve The Black Vote" (article from The Nation)

5. LA Times article discussing a research study claiming mire blacks are incarcerated under the 3 Strikes Law:

6. Salon article claiming Bill Clinton supports racist the 3 Strikes Law:

7. The Guardian article claiming Clinton's crime law destroyed lives:

8. Clinton's welfare reform law:

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