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1st Grade ?


T. W. said…
Now see, all the kiddies know Trump is the bestest...
T. W. said…
Which is worse, the author (Trump) really meant "anonymous" or he wrote what he meant - "unanimous."
Letty said…
What is your prediction on kavanaugh???
Psychic Gossip said…
Letty in a word "FUCKED" CDx
T. W. said…
Hopefully Kavanaugh will use a splintered stick on himself
Letty said…
CD you are the best!
T. W. said…
Maggot of the Month nominee Rebecca Anderson. This is why i dont trust daycare centers.
Tony said…
Hi T.W
I'm in New York now. Hope you, your family and friends are all safe in North Carolina. I will be arriving there on Friday!! And also hello to Christian and everyone here on the blog!!
LM said…
Hi CD could you give us any information on the sick individual/s that are putting sewing needles in the fruit in Australia.
karen said…
Agree LM would like to know to..Its bringing the poor Australian farmers to its knees another thing for them to deal with...
As they are all dealing with severe droughts as well....
T. W. said…
Hi Tony!

We are well. There is still flooding throughout NC but you should be good. No rain until Saturday. Go here for weather news:
Jules said…
TW - A red heifer has been born in Israel!

Red Heifer SURPRISE! Rapture + Antichrist HERE??? - Dr. Gene Kim
CyndiTx123 said…
hahaha- Love it CD!
T. W. said…
Prayers for Australia.
T. W. said…
Jules, that's not the first time that has happened since I have been on this earth. The Jews can use its ashes to create what they need to sanctify the next Temple. They have everything they need to build it.

The next Temple has yet to be built. Scripture is clear, Jerusalem will be given over to the nations and Jews and Muslims will share the Temple Mount.

Bunkers will do you no good if you don't have the Mark of the Beast. THEY will find you. They will confiscate what you have and behead you if you refuse to take the mark. We know who routinely beheads people.

Rapture will get here when it gets here the most important thing is to spread the gospel and make disciples so that others will escape and spend eternity with God.
Dianne Kalk said…
I can't find the photo about a red calf being born in Israel. However, here in sunny Alberta, Hereford cows deliver red calves all the time during the springtime calving season. They are really cute with their white faces.
T. W. said…
Hi Dianne Kali!

The heifers must be completely red with no spot or blemish.
T. W. said…
Jules, I owe you an apology. Please forgive me as i eat this humble pie. The other heifers have been disqualified.

The red heifer must have no spot or blemish, she must be under 2 years old, and she must never had a yoke put on her, meaning she is completely red and has never been put to work.

Friends, it does matter if this heifer is qualified for its ashes to be used to make the Water of Purification. Jewish temple must be sanctified with this water.

The Jews will not begin construction on the Third Temple until they have this water. Jewish and Christian writings are clear that a Jewish Temple will exist in the Latter Days. It will be built on the Temple Mount. The Mosque will still exist.

Prophecy says the Anti Christ will put a stop to the daily Jewish sacrifices (animal cruelty). The major troubles will start after that. I pray none of us are still here at that time.

Here are 2 very brief articles. God bless you all.
Jules said…
TW - they are claiming this is the first red calf born in Israel for 2000 years.

Dianne Kalk - Here is a link to the story regarding the red calf
Jules said…
TW - What is really bothering me are the rumours in regards to the one world currency, there are rumours circulating that after 'they' create a worldwide financial crisis in order to do away with paper money and make everything 'digital' that in order to access our money we could end up being microchipped in our hand.
Jules said…
TW - you dont owe me an apology!!!
This is starting to become so very very real and its happening within our lifetime.
T. W. said…
Jules, you are kind and forgiving.

This news is exciting and scary at the same time for the same reason: we have a limited amount of time to do the work God created us to do.

Friends, do not be afraid. These things must happen. Anti Christ will broker a 7 year peace plan after world war 3. Then you know the final countdown has begun.

Remember that.

When this happens, remember tw and others want you to immediately call out to Jesus Christ for salvation if you haven't already. You cannot outsmart Satan but you can trust the one who has defeated him - Jesus Christ.

God does not want any human to burn in Hell. Please don't go there.

Christian warned us about that cryptocurrency.

I refuse the chip and I believe a lot of Christians will make a ruckus about it.

For practical reasons, what will happen if the computer systems go down or your crypto select currency is stolen? Everything is electronic, how can you buy anything?

The original Greek says the Mark of the Beast will go INTO the hand or forehead. No one will be able to buy or sell without it. Those who refuse it will be beheaded but they will go to Heaven if they are killed because of this.

Don't gamble with your physical and eternal life. This will be the worst time in human history, especially if you have the Mark. Think plagues of Egypt.

Taking the Mark is eternal damnation, I don't care who or what you worship.

Whether or not the Mark will be a chip remains to be seen. In my opinion I think these rfid chips will be used to desensitized the people over time, "See, this cannot be the Mark cuz anti Christ is not in power yet!"

When the Mark gets here no one will think a thing of it, especially if the Rapture occurs first. THEY might say everyone needs the Mark of the Beast chip because there was a mass disappearance, must keep everyone safe.

This is serious. Ask God about it when you pray. Read the books of Daniel and Revelation. Ask God to teach you what you need to know. Ask God to send a competent person to explain these things to you.

If you are a new believer in Christ go here:

Helpful videos:

"The Rise of the Anti Christ" - Rabbi Live - March 7th, 2017

Understanding the Seven Bowls of Wrath

Rabbi K. A. Schneider | Revelation Decoded (Interview)
Jules said…
TW- brilliant links .. thank you so very much for taking the time and effort to put these together.

Although a huge part of me truly believes the mark of the beast will happen during the time of the tribulation the notion of being microchipped to access money alarms me greatly. I just don't see how they can sell this idea to us. It's lunacy. Microchips can be turned off .. they can easily control or confiscate your money, they can also be coded with all manner of alarming things as TW rightly mentioned ... I just hope that the vast majority of the populace of every country ieveryone says no to this. But then again the global financial crisis is rumoured to be catastrophic and starving people who cannot afford a loaf of bread will agree to anything.

T. W. said…
Jules, you answered your own question.

1. Don't forget, an army marches on its stomach.

2. People will do anything for a government handout.

3. I personally know people who keep quiet about certain wrongdoings because they believe the government will "cut off their welfare" benefits.

4. People are embracing debit cards and crypto currency.

5. How do you make a slave? Divide the people and keep them hungry.
T. W. said…
Am not a fan of Rachel Stephens but I linked one of her articles because it is good.

Rachel knows everything and will attack you as a person when you poke holes in her teachings. Keep in mind her teachings are being debunked, no one is attacking her as a person.

It is her way or no way. If you do not agree she will call you names and attack you.

Don't you love it when people show their true colors?

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