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T. W. said…

Praying we the people remain awake
T. W. said…
Tony, were you able to go to the Panthers game today?

They are in the third quarter right now doing very well.
Letty said…
I pray you are right CD!
Tony said…
Hi T.W. Unfortunately I didn't get the chance. I've been out all day. Did they win because I still want to see them
Chocmint33 said…
It will be great when he goes CD. Steve Bannon won't be pleased.
A few weeks ago Australia's Four Corner's journalist interviewed Bannon. He was crowing so much about how his far-right politics will soon be influencing the world and Australia.
Here is the link to that program.
It's an interesting interview. I don't like his chances in Australia either as the Labor government will win the election next year, throwing out the conservatives.
T. W. said…
Hi Tony! They won by 10 points. The next game will be in Charlotte against New York Giants on October 7.
Kay said…
CD, Will Trump be seen as the traitor he is? And will he go down in history as Benedict Trump?
CyndiTx123 said…
Today having a date with hubby to see Fahrenheit 11/9 Michael Moore's's not doing well at the box office, but hubby wants to see it.
This movie is about: Filmmaker Michael Moore predicted that Donald Trump would become the 45th president of the United States. Traveling across the country, Moore interviews American citizens to get a sense of the social, economic and political impact of Trump's victory. Moore also takes an in-depth look at the media, the Electoral College, the government agenda and his hometown of Flint, Mich.
T. W. said…
Michael Moore either revealed something he should not have or made the wrong person angry.

I want to know if he is transitioning.
CyndiTx123 said…
Hi T.W. The movie was very good and informative.... Flint, MI is still battling all the corruptness of that nasty guvna!! I hope he pays for his greed!! Will he pay CD? He has harmed soo many innocent people, children with greed by making them have lead contaminated water. Such crooks. It all makes sense. Trump has to go... and these greedy republicans/Democrats... who not looking for the best of the American people. Prayers for the sick.

Was does transitioning mean regarding Moore? He looked like his health is not good.
T. W. said…
CyndiTx123, there are rumors Michael Moore wants to become female.

I understand your anger against Michigan's governor & Donald Trump. They have the power to help the people of Flint.

Here is another point of view. The problem existed before they came into power. People have known since the Roman Empire about lead pipes.

People have known about asbestos since antiquity as well. If you live in a home that has a popcorn ceiling please get it tested. Some manufacturers used asbestos.

Homes and buildings where I live still have lead and asbestos. Tap water throughout America tests positive for lead, asbestos, cadmium, radioactive materials, and other things.

Politicians always complain about America's infrastructure at election time but do nothing about it.
Tony said…
Hi T.W that's great they won! I'll be back in the UK then. But I'm definitely coming back and I really do want to see the Panthers!!
CyndiTx123 said…
Thank you CD for allowing T.W.have reign on helping us out with what we do not understand with whats up with our world. Love ya T.W. and appreciate all that you offer for CD's fans with advice -knowledge of the truth- and your wisdom as well. So thank you my pretty and prayers for you always.

Wow, thats why his wife of many year is divorcing him.. He did look bad - like he was having a PMS day... so your probably right T.W. hehehehe.

Thank you so much for opening my mind to what is really going on. Hugs & Love!!
T. W. said…
I love everyone here. Friends, please post more often.

Tony, you are always welcomed here!

CyndiTx123 many years ago I watched some male to female people on a talk show. Someone asked how their bodies changed after their transition. One m2f said once he began female hormone treatment the following happened:

1. He gained weight and can't lose it

2. He started craving sweet food

3. His hair began to thin and fall out

4. He began having horrible migraine headaches.
CyndiTx123 said…
So your right t.w. Michael will be a Michelle in the future. hehehehe. He looked really bad. If that does come to fruition & he comes out wanting be a lady... He needs to stop looking like he smells bad.... :):) he needs a beauty salon. :):):)
Unknown said…
M.M. started out as a positive source, but now he's just an agitator....stupidly coming out and depressing the Dems and making so many false and exaggerated statements. He's too far left. What the big dummy doesn't "get" is that you cannot make all kinds of demands and do all this clap trap irresponsible talk like Bernie Slanders did, attack the only people who have ANY influence or inclination to fight for democracy against a now Fascist rethugliCON party that didn't get there over night. There was decades of abuses, corruption, special rules for them, unprofessional behavior and after they got done ripping apart the NEW DEAL for 12 years under CIA Bush OIL man and daffy actor Reagan, my generation...GENX stepped up to the plate and put Bill Clinton in and he was our JFK for all intents and purposes, but the way the rethugs acted was outrageous. They harassed him for 6 years and could find no wrong doing (the real witch hunt....which NEVER should be legal in the first place) and when they failed to find anything there....they decided to set him up with a girl. Enter the naive intern and the spiteful, and vicious Linda Tripp, whose accusations against WJC were complete bull. They then conspired to have him testify under oath and started asking all their perverted and sleazy questions. Long story short, they made a mockery out of the ability to impeach a president and now that they have they must LIVE with it and cannot have special rules. (P.S. when all those accusers of WJC were questioned under oath every single one of their stories fell apart. He never raped anyone. He never did quid pro quo, he never sexually harassed anyone. What he did was have a liaison with an intern that was enamored of him and who pursued him. He did not have sex with her, nor did he have an affair with her, but he has had affairs with some of the others, but not bitchy Linda Tripp. Those women were paid by the GOP to smear him and THAT should've been investigated, imo)

GOPigs SCOTUS candidate, who is completely unqualified to be a judge, let alone SCOTUS has lied 3 or 4 times under oath to congress. Right there he disqualified himself. Then he was party of the "Brooks Bros" scandal in FL in 2000 to stop the recount and destroy ballots for Bush. THAT disqualifies him. Now he's lied in an interview, has been credibly accused of attempted rape and may even be guilty of participating in a gang rape. Every one of those incidents disqualify him.

The man is slime. He is corrupt. He is unprofessional, mean-spirited entitled whiney white frat boy who thinks the SCOTUS seat belongs to him and it doesn't. If he should manage to get on there, I think there will be hell to pay because women will be coming out of the woodwork to protest this and likely march on the WH.

I don't respect M.M. He has continued to play the both sides game, has bashed Dems, has told people not to vote, has given out misinformation, half-truths, exaggerations, and seems to want to cause more chaos so he can get attention and sell more books. He doesn't care about this country anymore than trump does. If he did, he'd knock off the purity test whining, and demanding people act like cardboard figures out of the 50's and stop blaming the wrong people. He is a far lefter that backed Slanders, and he has proven to be another Putin puppet who received donations from Karl Rove and the Koch Bros. So I don't know where that hypocritical old finger pointing, crotchety mothball, grifting, traitor gets off criticizing anyone else in politics when he doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground.
T. W. said…
CyndiTx123, you are funny! If Michael Mpore is truly a woman trapped in a man's body he would look better, ha ha! He has the money, no excuses.

Laura O'Donnell,you are funny too. I've heard those things about Michael too. As for Clinton, He did have sex with Monica Lewinski. She performed oral sex on him, that is sex.

I like how we all can have different opinions and still be friends here.

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