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Last chance ha ha...


T. W. said…
The women's character and credibility is being attacked. Wow.

Friends, today was worse I'm not going back out. I had 3 situations within a 20 minute timeframe. There is a time to keep quiet and a time to speak up.

These people did not expect me to use logic and reason when I defended myself.
T. W. said…
Kavanaugh speaking now. He has a cold or something. Or maybe he needs some coke. He is constantly sniffling, he has a cough, and clears his throat. He is trying real hard not to cry.

I still don't believe him.

Dear God, may the truth be exposed and may it be crystal clear.
Letty said…
I pray I wrong but I am feeling like they are going
To confirm him tomorrow

He is actually crying at his opening statement
What a SOB!!!
He is scheming and manipulative and a rapist
Letty said…
Please God expose Kavanaugh for the liar he his for all to see
Shine your light on the truth
Archangel Michael please put your sword on top
His head to expose his true identity

T. W. said…

Letty, Tony, I think Kavanaugh sunk his own ship.

1. Kavanaugh evading yes/no questions

2. Senator Leahy is not having it, he told Kavanaugh he wanted straight answers. His words, not mine.

2. Senator Patrick Leahy pointed out Kavanaugh kept saying Mark Judge was a witness to xyz. Senator said Judge is not at the hearing so he has no proof Judge would corroborate Kavanaugh's story.

3. Senator flat out asked Kavanaugh did he want Mark Judge there at the hearing. Kavanaugh gave a speech on a different topic.

4. Senator asked him if a character in Judge's book (Wasted) is about him. Kavanaugh gave a speech about a different topic.

5. Senator had a blow up from Kavanaugh's yearbook. Senator asked if the statements show he was focused in school instead of partying. Kavanaugh gave a speech about a different topic.

Senator Leahy kept telling Kavanaugh he only wanted straight yes/no answers. Kavanaugh kept saying "let me finish" and similar statements. Kavanaugh and his tone of voice was combative.


Senator Dick Durban set a trap for Kavanaugh. Senator said the accuser is willing to submit to an FBI investigation. Asked Kavanaugh if he was open to investigation. He said yes.

Senator told Kavanaugh to turn to Don McGann and ask him to suspend the hearing and request an FBI investigation. Someone else started ranting and raving.

Senator rephrased the question as a hypothetical. Kavanaugh evaded the question and tried to change subject. Senator did not give up. Kavanaugh said "You know those things never turn up conclusive." Senator got Kavanaugh to show his true colors, even men in the audience got shocked.

Senator Lindsey Graham angry, got Kavanaugh to admit he knew Senator Feinstein knew about the accusations when she first found out. Graham said, "You're supposed to be Bill Cosby in high school then you got over it."

Senator Graham said the hearing is a charade and is despicable. Then he said Kavanaugh belongs on the Supreme Court.

What the F**k
T. W. said…
Another psychic said Kavanaugh will step down. I don't know if he takes himself out of the running or if he is confirmed but is never sworn in or if he steps down after being sworn in.

I want to know how a man Kavanaugh's age can remember in great detail what he did during high school and college. I am in my 30s and I recall very little about highschool.
T. W. said…
Senator John Corny told Kavanaugh that K. is being accused of gang rape and asked him if gang rape a crime. This is a yes/no. Kavanaugh said yes, then gave a speech about how his life and reputation is being ruined by the accusations. BITCH.
T. W. said…
Kavanaugh talking over Senator Amy Klobuchar. She is female. Kavanaugh is also asking her questions to take the focus off himself. She did not take the bait. My mother always says "You can't argue with a fool."
T. W. said…
I want to point out the female Senator stated the purpose of the FBI investigation is to allow the committee to do a background check - alleged witnesses are not at there and cannot be questioned.

It is not the FBI's job to reach a conclusion. It is their job to investigate and report to the Senate Judicial Committee. The committee draws the conclusion.

Savannah Guthrie is right. People have their minds made up already.
Letty said…
Thank you T W

Kavanaugh is an alcoholic mean angry demonic bitch who
Is finally being unmasked

I think there will be more people coming forward specially
Since they now heard Christine”s testimony

Kavanaugh cried more and louder than Christine
That shows how desperate and guilty he really is
T. W. said…
The old white men want to confirm Kavanaugh. The female Senator peeped his game. The Jewish Senator is disgusted and got Kavanaugh to show some of his true colors.

Senator Orrin Hatch gave a long speech supporting Kavanaugh and asked questions that were already asked. The questions make Kavanaugh look good so of course he gave straight answers to those.

Kavanaugh keeps interrupting Senator Chris Coons. Kavanaugh giving evasive answers. Senator flipped the script and asked a hypothetical, forcing Kavanaugh to put himself in the shoes of the committee members. Kavanaugh gave a speech on a different topic.

Senator wanted to know why the committee can't have a week for the FBI to investigate, Kavanaugh said "These 10 days have been long for me." If I were on the committee I would say, "Don't you want an extra week to definitely clear your name?"

Senator Coons stated Clarence Thomas gladly welcomed a delay so the FBI could investigate and that the delay was only 4 days.

Senator Mike Lee told Kavanaugh he (Kavanaugh) is not in control when the FBI conducts an investigation. Senator told Kavanaugh that the accuser and her family's life has been turned upside down. Then he gave a speech supporting Kavanaugh and accusing the Democrats of wanting the confirmation hearings to be delayed after the elections.

What the f**k?

Old white men too busy making speeches supporting Kavanaugh and demonizing Diane Feinstein and the Democrats. Just ask them questions!!!
T. W. said…
Senator Blumenthal set up Kavanaugh with a question about jury instructions that roughly translate as "false in one thing, false in all things" (jury can disregard a witness' testimony if the person lied about 1 thing).

Senator asked Kavanaugh about a woman named Renata. Kavanaugh said Senator was dragging the woman's name through the mud and didn't know why he was asking about it. I know why. Senator was trying to catch you in a lie.

Senator read aloud a quote from Kavanaugh so he could put a question in context. Kavanaugh kept interrupting. Senator asked the person in charge of the hearing to instruct Kavanaugh to stop interrupting. He didn't.

I want to point out the person in charge keeps giving speeches in support of Kavanaugh and rehashing old information.

Just ask the questions!!!
T. W. said…
It is 6:01 pm eastern time.

They are only 5 minute break.

Kavanaugh has shown his true colors but the Republicans and old white men want Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court.

Please ask God to expose the complete truth. Even NBC News is saying Senator Lindsey Graham saved Kavanaugh's hide.

T. W. said…
Senator Mazie Hirono is very patient with Kavanaugh interrupting her. Asians tend to be patient, saw she was allowing him to hang himself with his own rope. She told him she only had 5 minutes to question him (he kept giving speeches instead if answering questions).

She asked the committee chairman to give her time to submit a letter into evidence. He said yes. The letter signed by Kavanaugh said he wants an FBI investigation.

Senator Thom Tillis of North Carolina is giving a speech instead of asking questions. He is making this political. I should write him about that and tell him I will not vote for him. Joke on him, I don't vote Republican.

Tillis is complaining about no one asking questions.


Stop making speeches.

Senator Corey Booker's turn and he ain't having it, he keeps telling Kavanaugh to simply answer yes or no. Kavanaugh kept talking, Booker told him he (Booker) is going to ask the next question.

Booker asked Kavanaugh is he sorry the victim ever came forward. Kavanaugh evaded and changed topic. Booker kept telling Kavanaugh "That is not what I asked you."

Senator Booker's black. Kavanaugh's statements and body language is disrespectful when a woman or black person questions him.

Fake ass Ted Cruz is giving a pro-Kavanaugh speech now.

If I were there is would ask Kavanaugh:

"As a judge, have you ever instructed a witness to plainly answer's question and to answer yes or no to a yes/no question."
T. W. said…
Senator Kamala Harris is asking Kavanaugh if he is willing to ask the White House to ask the FBI to conduct an investigation concerning the allegations.

Kavanaugh kept evading the question, Harris kept telling him to answer yes or no. He kept evading. Senator said, "I'm going to take your answer as a no and move on."

Kavanaugh did not say, my answer is yes, I welcome an FBI investigation. He answered the other questions with evasive answers.

Senator Harris is a black woman. I bet Kavanaugh thought he could run over her.

Senator John Kennedy asked Kavanaugh if he believed in God, next question he told Kavanaugh looked him in the eye before God and country and tell them if the allegations are true.

Kavanaugh gave speeches. He should have let his yes be yes and his no be no. He did not because he is a liar.

Senator Kennedy asked Kavanaugh if he swears to God none of the allegations are true. Kavanaugh did so.

End of committee meeting. Republicans having a Klan rally, I meant a meeting tonight. Vote tomorrow morning.

Republicans will argue there is no evidence any accusation is true.

My argument is neither Kavanaugh nor his supporters have asked for or will allow the FBI to investigate.

T. W. said…
Kavanaugh stated under oath that his name and his family has been permanently damaged.


In that case, he should not be appointed to the bench. Judges are to be above reproach.

See America, I solved this problem without resorting to politics.
T. W. said…
Letty, you are welcome!

Letty made an important observation. Kavanaugh cried louder and longer than the "alleged" victim.

Where are WikiLeaks, Eric Snowden, Q-Anon,and 4Chan when you need them?

I would rather have Bill Cosby free in exchange for Brett Kavanaugh to be exposed and ruined. The good news is, God can make both of them pay for what they have done.
Letty said…
Other psychics are saying he will get voted in
Tomorrow but the will be taken out within months

Christine will file another state lawsuit and many other
Women will come forward and he will be forced to
Walk away

Trump apparently needs kavanaugh to push
Some foreign money through
Again it’s all about this SOB super corrupt
President we currently have
CyndiTx123 said…
Corruption happening again before our eyes....Kavanaugh is a sexual predator and a alcoholic and dr. jekyl/hyde going on... I Like beer? WTF

The (Please Come Out Lindsey G) L. Graham making his emmy contender speech about evil K.... Trump has pics on him and he is under Trumps thumb.

Ihope the truth comes out about that creeper too.....
T. W. said…
I dislike Lindsey Graham too.

I warned people a while back, revealing Kavanaugh is a Jesuit Roman Catholic, they are pure evil. Kavanaugh will be protected by THEY but the almighty everliving God has the final say on all matters.

Kavanaugh better pray he doesn't get sworn in. The longer it takes for karma to pay a visit the greater the reward/punishment.

Thank God there are no statutes of limitations on rape in Maryland. Dr. Ford can file charges. The authorities will have to investigate. Let's see what happens when law enforcement investigates a sitting judge.

Kavanaugh is in a lose-lose situation, he just can't see it.
Jules said…
Without sound stupid who is this Jeusit Roman Catholic uman .. and what is he been sworn in to do?
T. W. said…

Today is Friday.

Kavanaugh was not sworn in.
Republican Senator Jeff Flake asked for the FBI to have 1 week to conduct an investigation. Read more here:
T. W. said…
Jules, by his own admission his goose is cooked.

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