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56 yr old White Male TRUMPER....

Like "WE" didn't know.
It would be a Trump nutter...


Letty said…
Did he act alone???

Was he paid to do this?
T. W. said…
At the risk of appearing insane, do we need to have another lesson about The Program and patsies? Did I spell "patsies" right?

Do we need to talk about the Illuminati Card Game? Why has the price gone above $100 after people started talking about it on YouTube?

Do we need to use the Freedom of Information Act to obtain documents about Project MK Ultra and other mind control programs in order for you to believe me?

Still think I'm a lunatic?

The project has its own Wikipedia page. The US Government admits to conducting Project MK Ultra and others like it.

People laughed at Roseanne Barr when she talked about it. Other celebrities are beginning to speak out on it. Please read this recent article, it is worth your time:

Nick Cannon About Kanye West: “MKULTRA is Real!”
In a Tweet about Kanye, Nick Cannon wrote: “MKULTRA is Real!”. Also, Kanye West himself posted several tweets about “Mind Control”.
T. W. said…
I want to know why the "suspect" puts shoe polish on his scalp. Is he trying to look like Jermaine Jackson?

I want to know why the "suspect" is Hispanic. See, we need to close the borders and deport the undesirables. This includes the kkk and Donald Trump. Deport their asses to Europe. They should be thrilled to be among "their kind." Wait, Europe is being slammed with African and Asian (Middle Eastern) immigrants....

Let's be real.

We know these events are orchestrated as part of The Program. If you don't "get it" by now I don't know how else to convince you. God will have to help you.

Mugshot released of suspect accused of sending suspicious packages to top Democrats

"The feds released this mugshot of Cesar Sayoc Jr., of Aventura, Florida, who is suspected of mailing suspicious packages to top Democrats in Florida and New York."
T. W. said…

A false flag operation being conducted by those running The Program.

The purpose of this operation is to gauge public reaction and to divide the sheeple so they fight each other instead of the elite.

Nothing to see here, keep watching your films and televisions, keep taking your pharmaceuticals.

Keep eating your chemically saturated genetically modified good.

Keep poisoning yourself with unfiltered water.

AVOID reading books and having civil conversations with people who do not see life the way you do. Whatever you do, do NOT read Animal Farm and Brave New World.

Under no circumstances are you to use critical thinking skills.


From the Vigilant Citizen site:

"Looking at the big picture, we need to realize that this is not even about 'Right vs Left'. It is about elite versus masses – and there are agents of the elite on both sides. It is about creating a political climate that is so toxic and divisive that people become entrenched in their views on an emotional level, resulting in pure hatred of the 'other side'. Once this is accomplished, people do not respond to facts and truth anymore, they respond to whatever fits the political box they chose to go in. Once THIS is accomplished, people become extremely easy to manipulate – their side cannot do any wrong and the other side is pure evil. Look at the comments from both sides posted in the above article. The age-old plan of 'divide and conquer' is working perfectly.

"While these bombs appear to be related to the midterm elections, their divisive effect will poison American politics for months and years. In short, we need to step back and look at the big picture. United we stand, divide we fall. And we are falling."
quiet said…
T.W. i did not read all of them. my eyes half closed. worked late and open early. When i have time I recently read kanye worships some guy who died in the 1950s think he was bald , anyhow he did crazy sex acts etc, this man has had followers and i think i read either led zep or beatles liked this sicko too. ( i was reading articles on led zep and beatles but mixed up rn) maybe it was mkultra but prob not, i think something else... some other cult like believing thing... sorry i was half asleep then too. i will look up get back to you and read rest of your comments sunday.
T. W. said…
Good morning Friends!

quiet, the bald man is Alistair Crowley, the most evil man to walk the earth. The man was worse than Hitler.

Be careful researching him. Do NOT read his teachings, if you see books written by him in a bookstore, do not touch the book.

Christian has warned people about Crowley before. He warned us that Crowley and I think L. Ron Hubbard are laughing in Hell because they are continuing to drag people into Hell to join them.


Christian provided a link to an article about Crowley here:

Read Crowley's 666 word poem at your own risk. I can never unread that perversity passing as artistic expression.
T. W. said…
Part 2 of 3

Did you know Lucifer's original role was to sing and make music as a form of worship? He was the only angelic being that was able to do this. He lost this ability when he was kicked out and later became Satan (the adversary, the accuser).

Now you know why Lucifer is involved in the Music Industry.

As we know, Lucifer wanted to be worshipped, Lucifer became prideful. God cannot have sin in His presence,that is why Lucifer was kicked out of Heaven.

Goat Lucy, Baphomet, The Old One, Slew Foot, or whatever he decides to call himself today convinces people he is really God and he was overthrown.

Stop and think.

If Lucifer is the true creator of the universe and everything in it why does he not have power to prevent a coup and the power to punish those involved?
T. W. said…

Active shooter Attack near Tree of Life Synagogue in Squirrel Hill (near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania). Multiple fatalities. Carneigie Mellon University is on lockdown.

A law enforcement expert on NBC said terrorist acts occurs in pairs or in threes.

Christian warned us.


Part 3 of 3

I forgot to put this link in part 2:

"Who Is Baphomet?"

Researching Alistair Crowley can lead you into a black hole. Christian has told us plenty. Here are some easy to read articles:

Aleister Crowley: His Story, His ELite Ties and His Legacy

Report: George W. Bush’s Grandfather Is The Most Notorious Satanist In Modern Times - This Explains So Much

Alister Crowley and the Bush Connection

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