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A picture's worth a Thousand Words...


T. W. said…
Fuhrer Trump is going to intentionally start some trouble.

Friends, I voted today. I am disappointed because many people ran unopposed, therefore I could not vote out the old guard.

The local Democratic Party wants people to vote against NC State Constitution amendments that would help everyone.

Please vote. Your vote definitely matters at the local and state levels. You want the best person for the job but when in doubt, vote democrat.

Please consider running for office.

Christian for governor of California!
T. W. said…
Christian, can you comment on the following gossip:

1. Tom Cruise set to leave the Church of $cientology. I think you did predict that but a tabloid says it is happening.

2. Mary Kate Olsen is ALLEGEDLY sleeping with her adult step daughter
Laura O'Donnell said…
T.W. the Dems are our ONLY chance. You need to ignore the lies and distractions. No they do not want to do anything bad that would hurt people. That's a lie that the right wing morons are promoting it and you keep on falling for it. I have been politically active and a junkie of all things politics and believe me when I tell you that if the Dems don't want it....there's a damn good reason. It's also just as likely that they are straight up lying and the Dems are not going against the constitution of NC....uh, but you should read it because there very well could be some bad aspects to it. Does the name Jesse Helms ring a bell? He was a racist asshole and he was in congress for NC for decades.

Right now the reTHUGliCON party of WI, who have stripped half a billion dollars out of the public schools, refused to expand Medicaid to help others when it would cost the state NOTHING, continued to lie about Obamacare are now on TV making idiots out of themselves claiming they're going to "protect" insurance for those with pre-existing conditions. It's propaganda and a big, fat, despicable lie. They have tried to get rid of Obamacare from i's inception and have sought to strip it of all of it's positive aspects and voted to end it by staging "votes" in congress over 70 times, knowing it would not be repealed.

Understand something......the two parties are not alike and only the ignorant and the lazy repeat that talking point. If you want to end the hate, the violence, the unfair tax breaks, the Corporate welfare, the subsidies to Big Oil, the wars for more oil, and the corruption.....then you must vote them out and you must vote straight ticket blue. Period. This is a FACT. There is no changing it without committing all the way.

It's very, very, simple....the reTHUGliCONS are going around getting people killed, fomenting violence, stealing elections, spreading lies and propaganda it's just sickening. From the playbook of ...."let's stop the talented and progressive Clinton playbook with lies and bullshit" they've now moved their game over to Mueller......the better to stop the only investigation that is real, and that would remove that POS from the position he was installed. Not being very imaginative folks they go back to the same 'ole same 'ole....paying someone to claim they were sexually harassed by Mueller because their lies worked so great with Clinton and not a single journalist ever got off his or her ass to investigate just who paid those women to go after Clinton. I assure you that money exchanged hands. You will remember how Stone told the world Franken was next and he attacked him with a liar who exaggerated her story and then had to walk it back. Stone is such a moron he paid people to claim Franken harassed them but the so called "victims" refused to show their faces. Of course not....because none of it was true and they knew it. Franken never got an investigation and he was forced out. Not smart.

DON'T FALL FOR THE LIES OF FOX or other so-called CONservative people that don't know their arse from a hole in the wall. I could find out in 5 minutes flat whether something being claimed is true or not. I can even tell before looking into it just by the way it's worded that it's bull. I've been at this debunking of lies since Bill Clinton ....I spent 8 years fighting for him, defending him against name calling and mindless insinuations created by KKKarl Rove and I don't intend to stop now. I defend both the Clinton's now because I know who they are. I know their records. I lived it. I can smell spin a mile away and I grew up with a media, while not the greatest.....didn't have to contend with propaganda and lies by Foxy and douche bags.

T. W. said…
Laura Odonnell

Perhaps you misunderstood my comment.

the Democratic Party in North Carolina is paying for television advertisements advising people to vote no. They are passing out flyers telling people how to vote on these issues.


I vote for whomever I believe will do the job. If a Democrat is doing a piss poor job I will vote them out.

It is that simple.
T. W. said…
You need to learn some facts.

I do not watch FOX/FEAUX News.

I do not even have cable or satellite television.

I know all about Jesse Helms. Can't stand him or his policies. May he rest in hell. I was born and raised in NC, I still live here. White Supremacy reigns in North Carolina.

Jim Crow is alive and well in North Carolina, he is ruling this place with an iron fist.

Democrats and Republicans are different in theory and on paper. POLITICIANS just want power and the lifetime's worth of government benefits they receive from serving only one term.


No, I do not feel that way because of their politics.

Hillary Clinton just stated all black people look alike yet you still defend her.

Hillary Clinton represented a child rapist, got him declared not guilty, and then bragged and laughed about it, even making fun of the victim.

T. W. said…
Dear Laura Odonnell,

I am neither ignorant nor lazy.

If you called me and people like me lazy and ignorant because we think the DemoPublicans are the same so we can be ashamed and change our point of view I got news for you.

Normally I would ignore that and thank you for sharing your opinion.

I'm tired of swallowing my words so people won't treat me badly.

I'm gonna say it.

Your opinion is hurtful.

Your opinion is hateful.

Your opinion sucks.
Jules said…
Moe Othman tweeted that your vote doesn't matter, if it did, 'they' would not let you vote, I believe him, I think every election is rigged - I no longer take anything at face value, nor should anyone else.

TW - The absolutely disgusting comment that Hilary made in reference to people all looking the same spoke volumes to me, on one hand it was jaw-dropping but on the not unsurprising, the woman and her husband are beyond corrupt.
Unknown said…
In this election, we must vote for the party and not for the person, We are heading towards a society fashioned after Nazi Germany, and this is caused by the Republican Party.

We must vote for love and not vote for hate. We must vote for tolerance in all things. We can not vote for the Party of Hate - Republicans.

I have many friends who have gone down the rabbit hole, and I don't see many of them ever returning to a sane life. They've been brainwashed and thrive off of each other's hate. I've heard things that are unspeakable from people that I once believed were intelligent and free thinkers.

This election is very important, and voters are already complaining to election judges that their votes have been changed from Democrat to Republican (especially in Texas).

Lord help us if we can't stop this twisted madness.
T. W. said…
Thank you Jules & Unknown.

I an registered as unaffiliated. I don't vote in the primaries but I get more options in my ballot because I am unaffiliated.

I voted for all the Democrats on the ballot. Some offices are nonpartisan, I made the best decision I could with the information I had.

Some offices had only one option, I couldn't even do a write in. As you know I live in the south. I an tired of seeing people with certain last names having all the power.

I encourage others to run for office, I have no desire to do so. My life is busy as it is.

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