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YEP ......


T. W. said…
I needed that laugh this morning. Thank you Christian!
LM said…
Hi Christian, Could you please tell us what happened to the Indonesian plane crash. Some reports are coming in that this looks like it could be a terrorist attack.
Christian Dion said…
YEs... but in an odd/different way CDx
LM said…
Thanks CD. So not the usual group of suspects then?
T. W. said…
Maybe the terrorists were on the plane because their target was someone or somewhere else.

Perhaps there was some components to explosives and that luggage was put on the plane by mistake. Something happened to make the components explode.

Lithium batteries can spontaneously explode. Maybe this happened & that set off a chain reaction.

In other words:

1. The people and possibly the components were on their way elsewhere. Explosive device or the components went off by mistake.

2. Deadly luggage got onto the wring plane. Could have had a timer on it.

3. Deadly luggage on wrong plane but device/components went off by mistake.

4. Lithium batteries exploded, causing a chain reaction.

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