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Next 27 club member... ..

Travis Scott who is currently "dating" Kylie Jenner.
If he marries her..........................
He's signing his death warrant.... 
If that does get him...........
The drugs will..................


Letty said…
A blood sacrifice for the Kardashians
quiet said…
I am all over this baby Stormi that is suppose to be his daughter.
There is no way. I know it is her old body gaurds, Tim Chung who now works for kim k ..another way to stay close to the family of his biological daughter.

If you look at baby pic and pic of tim, even the hair line above the ears and temple are exact of her fathers with straight asian hair. the baby is beuatiful but no way it is this guys daughter.

Think CD also predicted neither this guy or tyga are the real father.

Now all this sacrifice talk I dont know much of but wonder if he is one and thats why he leaves earth? Like why else would kylie hide her pregnancy for 9 months right after tyga break up?

quiet said…
Kris PMK better hurry up and film the wedding to her daughter so she has one last episodes left of something exciting before he passes. Then she can create his funeral and a 2nd year episode, then kims divorce.. this may never stop for generations.

I just cant believe they have not cancelled their show after all these years with the dropping viewers below 1 million per show now. use to be like 2 million, now like 800k.. if anyone cares. They are just so annoying starting from OJ, too many generations of bad news.

quiet said…
and he is on saturday night live right now. I am going to observe every move on this travis. he is musical guest

ok nite y'all
quiet said…
I have read on some sites that his mother is demanding he take a DNA to prove baby is his. He wont becuase kylie in love with him and her fame and fortune making his music big rn. his mother will take this hard if he passes.
T. W. said…
Oh no!

Haven't the black men learned about the KKK?

Kartrashian Killer Koven
T. W. said…
Anyone else notice Ivan's Trump has an Adam's Apple and looks like Marina Abramovic?
T. W. said…
Christian, can you please comment on Harry and Meghan being forced to move to Frogmore Cottage?

I read Wallis Simpson is buried on the property, the property was used to house the "colored" help, and the house itself is in disrepair.
T. W. said…
Christian, he signed it:

Confirmed: Travis Scott & Kylie Jenner Are Man and Wife

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