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2019 Predictions........

Christian Dion’s
 Psychic Gossip
Predictions 2019… 
Completed 12/30/18 
Blackpool UK

As those that know. 
A couple of years ago I didn’t do yearly predictions.
As they were very dark.
Well, almost same this year. 
So dark, I almost didn’t do any. 
But then a thought. 
Do them Nostradamus style. 
So here they are. 

Sometimes neighbors drive us mad.
But racing forward is just as bad.
Best to talk, not rush to judge.
Cake and cookies, isn’t fudge.

One in power.
One is not.
Both are fading..
Last one should.

Little Island that thinks big.
Needs to learn what history did.
If they don’t, they’ll pay a price.
Bigger than the seas at night..

Golden man goes to those.
That are it’s said, Best in show.
But, this time, I’m afraid to say.
Fixes are in vogue today…

High above the rest of us.
Someone sits, but not to judge.
But, the one who waits, they think too long.
Needs to limit their, childish tongue.

When he crosses North to South.
Don’t expect his friend to frown.
Watch the skies for fireworks.
High at first, then close to Earth.

There’s a man who thinks he knows.
What the world and future holds.
Well, if he did he wouldn’t be.
Shiny bright and full of glee.

When the cursive is ignored.
Then the troubles start the wars.
Worse than history has endured.
This one, really slams the doors.

North n’ South.
East n’ West….
Mother Nature has had her rest.
Once awakened wont be good.

Death and taxes come to all.
Even those that ignore the call.
Someone brave, does let slip.
All the numbers, very quick..

There’s a mountain far away.
Really ready to have her say.
Time to get your things together.
Otherwise, you’ll hate the weather…

Unknown monster from the past.
Back to say Hello at last.
Daughters safe, but Sons are not.
Near the line, but not forgot.

One of two, close to crack.
Mother struggles not to smack.
Not the other, just the Dollymop.
Once she does, the Pikey will drop.

Money lenders close their doors.
Leaving people on the floor.
Keeping all their hard earned cash.
Leaving ones in all that crashed.

No wall built that’s a fact.
Then the other has a crash. 
No not Humpty.
Best to dash.

Missy Rapper not her name.
Needs to check her hand this day.
If she doesn’t it may not last.
No longer able to grab the cash.

Old style music wife.
Needs to check out her life.
No longer can she enable.
Time to take her plate from he table.

A-list actor loves his leathers.
Maybe also a few feathers.
Not so much the thigh high boots.
Well, not on a honeymoon soon.

There’s a mogul, who did not listen.
To my Psychic prediction.
Oh well, then let us see.
Just how long, before he’s on his knees.

Credit/debit cards all the rage.
So no cash will be made.
Then when they control it all.
Then the truth will so be told.

There’s a wall, no not Trump’s baby.
Needs securing, soon I hope not later.
If not then the 2020’s.
Will be like the 1930’s.

In a sitting room of wealth.
We are told to tighten our belt.
Yet they spend on plumbing.
What would cure the people begging.

If you think the Drones to blame.
Think again, change your aim.
Not below, but up above.
Some are watching. Not all good.

If you think 18 was bad.
Just wait till 19 is sad.
Worse and worse the path goes down.
September brings the biggest frown.

When his papers are released.
Then you’ll see through the creep.
From this he can’t get up.
Thanks “#3” for being so tough.

If you think that clingy works.
Time for all to change your ways.
Wait and see the riots ahead.
Way above the experts heads.

Water, water everywhere.
There’s a City in despair.
Legs are buckled, beyond repair.
Say Goodbye, “Captain Sir”.

Plowonidon, really needs to be.
More alert, than has ever been.
Not just from outside forces.
Some inside are more important.

In the East the winds are strong.
Making clear that man. Is wrong.
Mind you West,don’t be smug.
Or, you may not last too long.

Though down under, still important.
To let the right not take over.
Or you’ll get back the days.
Of empty pockets, plus no raise.

Gotham City, stands so proud.
Looking skywards, but not to ground.
There’s a problem brewing fast.
Won’t catch this one, before the blast.

In the middle of the desert.
Stands a City, looks so pleasant.
Don’t believe it, for in a blink.
Comes an issue, that’ll make “US” wink.

Across the water, awaits more troubles.
As the numbers more than double.
Overland and overseas.
Nothing stops this tragedy...

On a little island not far from home.
Things are nowhere near what we’ve been shown.
No in fact they are worse.
Than the movie showed.

Up and down, side to side.
Never knowing how to decide.
Which direction, one should ride.
Help is the one, not suicide.

In the mountains far from here.
A group is training, fear to send.
Last time, towers side by side.
This time, they have more to spend.

Now we can send anyone to space.
Doesn’t mean that it is safe.
Not that those with the fee do listen.
What else can one say, “Sad Mission”

If you think the French are done.
Time for you and yours to run.
Now that borders soon to move.
Closer to the cliffs, not blue.

Quiet the bombs this year have been.
As against recent times.
But, for not, more to come.
Closer and much bigger ones.

Oh so lazy humans are.
So much so to wear a Scar.
Once a key, then a card.
Now a chip, handy yes, BUT....

Not that those with arms.
Really ever consider others.
Always telling us be calm.
Little willies, lousy lovers.

Two good actors, bite the dust.
One through drinking, one from drugs.
Both remembered, both not old.
Welsh and English, Scottish wood.

There’s a river, close to home.
Swelled with water, not alone.
Many houses plus the rest.
Gone forever, best not test.

There’s a city, known for lights.
Has its problems, not all vice.
Close by secrets, soon be told.
Then watch faces turn so cold.

On a hill full of history.
Old men quake but not from victory.
When the columns tumble.
Watch them scatter, tails asunder.

High streets are heading for a fall.
Major problems, more and more.
Don’t believe the government hype.
Only worse from side to side.

Little City surrounded by nightlife fab.
Soon to lose it’s gilded gab.
Why, you ask?  You’ll be glad.
Check out the outfits rad.

Pop Princess once shocked.
Nearly wedded but then not.
Shame, maybe then I think not.
Wait till Xmas rocked.

Show biz host and many things.
Now on track to darker times.
Seems he believes the hype.
Well, not this time, secrets out.

KKK and Nazi members.
Seem to think they have won.
Oh not now or anytime.
In fact Karma has the Sun.

Copyright Christian Dion LLC
No reproduction without permission.




T. W. said…
Christian, you write beautiful poems and riddles! We are still waiting on your book and comedy tour.

I'll be back in several minutes with my take on your poems and riddles.
Letty said…
I could not understand most of the predictions
Oh well
Anonymous said…
These are kinda hard to decipher lol.
Anonymous said…
#6 is scary....especially to those of us on the west coast I can only guess this is speaking of Korea. thank you for doing this Christian
Kate said…
You are a genious.This is going to be fun to try to figure out.Thanks!
T. W. said…
DISCLAIMER - These are my personal thoughts. I do not have inside knowledge. This is in 4 parts due to Blogger character limitations.

1. First, be kind to one another. Second, good fences do not necessarily make good neighbors, The US had better not build that wall.

2. Too cryptic for me, maybe this is about North Korea? Maybe Trump and Pence, because Pence is the Vice President. We know what his vice is. Just kidding! If this is about Trump & Pence, the “Last one should” could mean Trump is ousted from office or resigns, leaving Pence to take over the presidency. They both should go.

3. Cuba came to mind first, then Great Britain. Windrush is shameful.

4. The Oscar god, uh, I meant the Academy Awards are rigged and 2019 is not the first time. We know Weinstein fixed things. I believe that when we watch these award shows we are watching an occult ritual. The MTV awards and the Grammys are the most blatant. THEY don't even try to hide this.

5. This riddle is good. I am stumped. My mind went to the US Supreme Court.

6. My first thought is Kim Jong Un, the friend being either the Chinese or the Russians. My second thought is some kind of testing for space travel but I doubt this.

7. My first thought was Pope Francis, however I think the man could be a high-ranking religious or political figure. Could even be someone like Warren Buffet.

8. Either an existing treaty gets broken or a new treaty yet to be passed gets broken. I am thinking North Korea or Syria. Notice the prediction does not say when the wars will start. This is a lesson for us. Sometimes we do things that have consequences that take effect in the future. Don't forget, The Antichrist will make a treaty and then break it...

9. Wait, you mean Mother Nature was resting this year?! Devastating hurricanes. Bizarre weather patterns that may or may not be man-made. The Pacific Ring of Fire has been very active this year. A Hawaiian volcano was spewing lava for 2 months, I think. Wildfires and mudslides in California. Earthquakes in Indonesia and Philippines. Tsunamis this month. I think Alaska had an earthquake. These were but warnings. Don’t forget, Mount Etna was active too.

10. I think this has to do with Donald Trump. The brave person is most likely Robert Mueller, but could be someone closer to Trump. I wonder if Trump’s attorney fell on his sword and is keeping some secrets so he can stay alive. Don’t forget, the current owner of The National Enquirer and other American tabloids is a personal friend of Trump’s. The Enquirer is known for getting the dirt on people, they ruined John Edward’s presidential campaign. I wonder how history would have been different had he become president, the presidency was his to lose. Men, no woman’s pu$$y is that good.
T. W. said…
Part 2 or 4:

11. Maybe Mount Etna is gonna blow?

12. My first thought is a war of some sort as women are not drafted. I do know some countries force males and females to perform military service (conscription). Israel requires both males and females. For some reason I am thinking genocide of some kind, I do not know why.

13. I don’t speak British, had to use Google. All I can figure someone has a mistress. I wonder if this has to do with Prince Harry or William?

Oh! There is a rumor the Queen allowed Harry to wed Meghan because Harry and Duchess Catherine have been having an affair and he is the biological father of Prince Louis.

14. Thank you Christian for answering my question. I guess people will commit suicide because they can’t pay off loans, can’t get new loans. Banks loan money so expect bank closures. I think one of the Swiss and/or German banks is currently in trouble. Wells-Fargo is in big trouble for defrauding customers, opening accounts and making investments in their names without their knowledge, etc. The mighty will fall. I am not into astrology but I think some kind of transit with either Pluto or Neptune signifies mighty institutions that deserve to fall will do so.

Remember Americans, if your down payment on a home is less than 20 percent you have to pay Primary Mortgage Insurance (PMI). This means that if you default on your loan, the mortgage lender will receive money from the insurance company even though you are the one paying the insurance premiums! I do not understand the economic collapse under President Bush #2 and the bank bailouts. I guess a lot of people did not have PMI, so the banks could not recoup all their losses. This makes sense because I heard many people were extremely close to paying off their loans. I personally know one person who was one payment away but the bank foreclosed anyway. America has programs to help the homeless but has barely anything to help people keep their homes.

15. No border wall between US and Mexico but Wall Street is going to crash. If you can’t afford to lose the money you have in the market, cash out now. Can’t go wrong with silver and gold. Silver is cheap now.

16. Is this about trouble for Nikki Minaj?

17. I do not know if “Old style” is referring to the type of music the husband makes or is a reference to their ages. Michael Buble just popped into my mind, that is an old style of music. In any case, the husband needs to drop the wife because she is enabling his behavior for her financial benefit. For some reason Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin just popped into my mind. Interesting.

18. Some actor in the closet. Tom Cruise is shopping for a wife, blind items claim $cientology has already fixed him up with some poor woman. They should have called me, I need the cash so I would have been discreet and not told the secrets provided they don’t try to convert me. Plus, I do not get star struck. Actually, I would have made both Tom and $cientology look better because they could have claimed they don’t discriminate against people who practice other faiths and do not force people to convert. Call me!

19. Elon Musk gonna be begging soon. I hope he reads this prediction. I think the guy is weird but I cannot shake the feeling he was meant to do good on this earth with his business endeavors.
T. W. said…
Part 3

20. Christian, thank you for telling the truth.

Want to make a slave? Control the people’s food and money. Don’t believe me? Ask those of us who live in the American South. Ask people who live in impoverished areas. Ask a historian. By the way, in America, dogs eat better than humans. Just compare the food labels.

THEY can control your bank cards via that rfid chip. Think this is science fiction? Ask the Greek people what happened when they tried to withdraw money from the bank after their economy collapsed. Look, if there is a “national crisis” THEY will say, “we are turning off your cards so people won’t burden the system” or “we are controlling the cards so that people will not take out more than $20 a day from the banks.”

Oh! The rfid chips are also used as tracking devices. Don’t believe me? Ask a military service member, a veteran, or their dependents why their identification cards have rfid chips. Ask the state department why your passport has an rfid chip. If you live in certain states, ask your government representative why you have to get a Real ID and why you will be unable to enter ANY government building without one. Ask them why you cannot leave the state by bus, train, or plane unless you have a valid passport of Real ID.

21. If this is a physical wall then the only thing that comes to mind is the Great Wall of China. This could also be Wall Street. Otherwise I am stumped.

22. Same song different dance. They call for austerity measures yet they give themselves pay raises. They lay off workers and expect those who remain to perform three times the work for no increase in pay. They call for austerity measures but they pass budgets to spend money on space shuttles while the nation’s electric grid continues to deteriorate. I just read that Her Majesty the Queen of Great Britain asked for a brand-new yacht. Bitch can have one if she pays for it with her own money. SHIT.

Able-bodied people with sound minds want to work. Being on public assistance is embarrassing enough, then people treat you like $hit. There is dignity in work. People need to study what President Roosevelt did during The Great Depression.

I thought Trump was going to create jobs. I saw a news report yesterday about how Cummins Engine Plant is suffering because of tariffs. Cummins does a lot of work. I want to point out Cummins works on military vehicle engines (including aircraft). Way to go Donald Duck, uh, I meant Donald Trump! Yes.

23. Who is doing the watching? The government? The shadow government? Extraterrestrials? A combination? Who watches the Watchers? Where is Duncan McLeod?

24. Troubles during 2019 but the worst of it will take place during September.

25. Robert Mueller and Donald Trump.

26. I think Christian is talking about the prison system, could also refer to the detaining of the immigrants. I also saw a news report about Abu Gharaib prison. Those people are being treated horribly. There is no scientific proof that torture works.

I feel bad for prisoners. Yes, I understand many of them are guilty of the crime. I also know that many people have unusually harsh punishments, especially if they are African-American. Not only that, people get raped, some men just give up and have a prison boo. Then they go home to their women, can’t get a job and pass on HIV/AIDs to their women.

By the way, the United States never outlawed slavery. According to the Constitutional Amendment, prisoners can be forced into slavery. Think about that when you buy that designer purse…

27. Flooding. When I saw “Legs” I thought that a major bridge would collapse because of the weather. “Legs” could refer to human legs. Fear does make them buckle.

28. London facing attacks from both outside and from within. The enemy that is already in your home is the most dangerous.

29. Either winds of war or bad weather. Or both. Maybe not.

30. Australia, your future is in your hands. Please vote. Please speak up. Please speak out. Don’t be like us Americans. We are slowly becoming American’ts.
T. W. said…
Part 4, another part coming:

31. Gotham city is patterned after New York City. Word has it some terrorists plan to attack during the New Year’s celebrations. Whenever this happens, there is some kind of explosion in a place the people did not think to look. If I were a terrorist I wouldn’t attack during New Year's because the people would be expecting it. Plus, the fear of trouble is just as effective as the trouble itself. Ya’ll better be glad I have been a Christian since childhood. Imagine all the havoc I would have wreaked. $cientology needs to call me, I got student loans to pay off.

32. Las Vegas came to mind first. Sedona, Arizona has healing energy vortexes. Is Roswell, New Mexico in the middle of the desert? Who will blink first?

33. I am thinking about forced migration and refugees for some reason.

34. I don’t watch movies like I used to. All I can think of is Haiti or Cuba. Did you know some children in Haiti are trained to be witches? Some children are high-ranking, high-powered witches. Now you know why celebrities adopt all them black babies.

35. I don’t know if Christian is referring to a specific person or to humanity in general.

36. Afghanistan and Pakistan have a lot of mountain ranges. They share several, including the Hindu Kush and the Western Himalayas. I wonder why they are called the Hindu Kush. The Bible talks about a man named Cush. The modern-day nations of North and South Sudan were the ancient Kush Kingdom. Interesting. Ask yourself why black Africans are the most hated people on the earth.

37. Remember that prediction about Sir Richard Branson and Virgin Galactic and Christian warning Leonardo Di Catch A Ho not to go on the trip because it was gonna blow?

Can anyone with scientific knowledge explain how the American flag waved on the moon despite the alleged fact the moon does not have an atmosphere and you need atmosphere to create wind? Can anyone explain who was operating the camera to record the footage, especially as the craft left the surface of the moon? Can anyone explain why Stanley Kubric worked on a moon landing film? Can someone explain how 1960s America had the technology to broadcast from the moon but the computers in present day calculators are more powerful than the computers that were used to send space shuttles to the moon? I am serious. If you know the answers you will help to either confirm or debunk the theories.

38. Does Macron remember what happened to Marie Antoinette? Isn’t he the one married to his elderly school teacher?

39. Christian is saying no one would have been surprised if bombs went off and war broke out during 2018. Expect wars and rumors of war to be like labor pains. You know, someone else said the same thing, some guy named Jesus. Don’t doubt Christian is receiving information from God. Every reading I got from him confirms what God tells me.
T. W. said…
Part 5. An unexpected part 6 is coming.

40. Why gain the world when you have lost your soul?

People in Europe have rfid chips between their thumb and forefinger. I heard China is doing the same for her citizens. Funny. You can’t buy or sell unless you have the Mark in your hand or in your forehead.

These things may not be The Mark of the Beast, but trust and believe there is a hidden agenda here. People, if at all possible, please do not get one but if you do get one please know that particular chip is not The Mark of the Beast. I advise the people to protest and blog about this because I feel that THEY are testing the people to see how complacent we are. If no one complains, the next phase of THE PROGRAM is all set to go.

I also advise the Christians to share the Gospel and to testify about what Jesus has done for them personally. If people do not want to hear it then stop talking about it to them. Even Jesus said that. Christianity is not a religion, it is a relationship with God based upon the finished work of Jesus Christ. People have the right to decide if they want this.

People have free will. The end won’t come until the Gospel is preached in all the world. I don’t know about ya’ll but I am sick of the way the world is now. Humanity cannot create heaven on earth. We lost it when we had it.

41. I don’t know if the “arms” are human arms or weapons but either way I am stumped.

42. I am stumped. I don’t now who the young Hollywood crowd are and I’m not that old. I just don’t care about certain things anymore. The last line is the key here.

43. Is the Mississippi River gonna flow backward again? Is Old Faithful finally gonna blow? Does fracking or some kind of government or environmental test have something to do with it?

The San Andreas Fault in California is not the only fault line in America. There are many throughout our country. Here’s some info form the Esurance site about the New Madrid Seismic Zone in the mid-west:

“The New Madrid Seismic Zone spans southeastern Missouri, northeastern Arkansas, western Tennessee, western Kentucky, and southern Illinois. It’s the most active earthquake zone east of the Rocky Mountains.

Between 1811 and 1812, this zone experienced some of the largest quakes in history. And although they originated in the Mississippi Valley, they rang church bells in Boston and shook New York City — over 1,000 miles away! Even then-President James Madison and his wife Dolley reportedly felt shaking at the White House.

After one particularly large rupture in the fault, the mighty Mississippi River was forced to run backward for several hours, devastating acres of forest and creating 2 temporary waterfalls. Fortunately the Mississippi Valley was sparsely populated back then. Today millions of people live in densely populated urban areas like St. Louis and Memphis, making this zone one of the biggest concerns for the Federal Emergency Management Agency.”
T. W. said…
Part 6, I think. I lost count. This is the final part.

44. Paris is the city of Lights.

45. Capitol Hill in Washington, DC?

46. I think this has to do with Great Britain and the United Kingdom. The government warns us about fake news but doesn’t tell us they are the ones putting it out. When are people going to get of the Soma?

What is Soma you ask?

“Soma is a governmentally provided drug to the people living in the Brave New World. It represents a way to escape pain, discomfort, embarrassment, sadness or anger and to enhance joy, arousal, and an overall sense of well being.


47. I have no idea. New York is not a little city. I hear Germany has good clubs. I don’t think London is little, but I have never been. I wonder what it’s like.

48. I think this is about Ariana Grande. If so, I do not know if the shame has to do with her relationships or with the fact she got groped by a “Christian” minister on national television.

49. Secrets out. Seacrest out! Ha ha ha…

Serves him right, he has treated people dirty and has ruined lives.

50."The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it." John chapter 1 verse 5.

T. W. said…
Friends, still need more predictions? Never fear, The Economist Magazine's "The World in 2019" issue has been interpreted! I will give some snippets and the link. Oh! A link to an article about Manly P. Hall's book "The Secret Teachings of All the Ages" is provided. You will never see the world the same.

1. “The Secret Teachings of All Ages”: The Ultimate Reference in Occult Symbolism


The Meaning of the Cryptic Messages on The Economist’s “The World in 2019” Cover

PS - Here are some snippets from the article. I am too lazy to use quotation marks. It's close to midnight here. The following are direct quotes.


A look at the cryptic symbolism found on the cover of the Economist’s “The World in 2019” which includes the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. What are they trying to tell us?


Every December, the reputed magazine The Economist publishes a special edition that predicts the trends and the events of the year to come. And every time, the cover of these editions is an elaborate collection of images referring to various people and concepts. While the meaning of some of these images is obvious, others appear to be coded for “those in the know”. This year’s edition is no exception. In fact, it is more cryptic than ever.

Why would anybody spend time deciphering these covers? Because The Economist isn’t just any publication – it is directly connected with the world’s elite. It is partly owned by the Rothschild banking family of England and its editor-in-chief, John Micklethwait, has attended the Bilderberg Conference several times. In short, the leadership at The Economist has inside knowledge of the elite’s agenda, and they do their best to promote it.


This is the description posted by The Economist on its official website:

The World in 2019 will build on three decades of publishing success: this will be the 33rd edition. It will look ahead to the Trump administration’s prospects with a new Congress, the reality of Brexit, elections in India, Indonesia, Nigeria and across Europe, tech disruptions from AI and China (could 2019 mark “peak Sillicon Valley”?), space travel 50 years after the Moon landing and culture 500 years after Leonardo da Vinci.

Note that the description emphasized the fact “this will be the 33rd edition”. Why emphasize this random numerological this fact? Is it because 33 is the most important number in Freemasonry? That would make sense because the cover features intense Masonic symbolism through the works of Leonardo da Vinci.


In Conclusion

The cover of “The World in 2019” is an apt reflection of the occult elite. It mixes occult symbolism with references to the control and manipulation of the masses. It also takes a bizarre pleasure at predicting catastrophic events while keeping people guessing with vague and unexplained references. The elite likes to withhold information and reverse writing emphasizes this fact.

At the center of it all is the Vitruvian Man, a symbol used by the Masons to represent a human reaching full potential. However, the 2019 version is blinded and distracted by things pushed by the elite. Will we allow ourselves to follow the bleak path that they predict?
Paty said…
I like ur predictions but I do not like these in riddles...not really helpful or clear. :-( Wats the point...
Talkgirl12 said…
Hi CD thank you for your predictions even thought they are jumble in a sense I think you are in a way protecting us from the darkness that we are about to enter but I have faith that mankind will get though this and hopeful be a little bit more wiser on the other end.
Talkgirl12 said…
Hi CD Opps I forgot to also wish everyone a safe and happy new year. See you all in 2019
Erika said…
Hi CD.

Thank you for your predictions. Thank you to TW for your insights. Mostly, thank you to Spirit for guiding the way.
Wishing CD ALL MY LOVE for New Year and beyond. May we all find peace, hope, health and happiness in 2019.
Girl from Oz said…
Yay! Thanks for the predictions, love the way that you’ve done them!
Happy New Years everyone. May 2019 bless you all with everything that you need.
Jules said…
TW - God bless you!!!! The time and effort you have put into deciphering the very cleverly written predictions is highly commendable!!!

Although I will admit my heart sunk when I first read them .. but I have to hand it to you they are genius! Very well done Christian!

I have to ask is there anything positive we can look forward to???
T. W. said…
Happy New Year to those of you who live in the future. It is December 31, 2018, 10:52 in the morning where I am.

How to Stay Positive in a Negative World (audio):


@Paty - Are you in Britain or America? Some riddles had clues that made them easy to decipher. For example, Plowonidon has to do with the founding of the city of London. Gotham City is a fictional city (think Batman) that was modeled after New York City. Some riddles were obvious to me. Read number 50 again and you will see.

@Talkgirl12 - Hope deferred makes the heart sick. I am on the Jesus Christ plan. He is the only reason I am alive. He is the way of escape. Evil has already been defeated.

@Erika Portlock - You are welcome! I had fun doing all that. Don't be a stranger here. All us Friends are stronger together. We all have valuable insight.

@Jules - Thank you, it was fun! My advice is to pray for the best but prepare for the worst. If you have been baptized in the Holy Spirit and choose to speak in tongues, Holy Spirit will show you things to come if you ask. Be sure to ask for the interpretation of the tongues. Ask and you shall receive.

1. Receive Jesus:

2. Receive the Holy Spirit:

3. The New You and the Holy Spirit (audio):

4. Christian Survival Kit (text):

5. Christian Survival Kit (audio):

6. Christian First Aid Kit (audio):
yep said…
Two good actors bite the dust? Hmm....
Letty said…
Thank you TW❤️
You are awesome ⭐️
T. W. said…
Thank you Letty, you are awesome too!

I'm gonna go eat some Columbian coffee ice cream as I wait to join the rest of the Friends in the future.

Just think, it is already 2019 in Australia. It is still 2018 here on the east coast.

Am I living in the past or are they living in the future?
Jules said…
Thank you so much, TW. I pray that everyone clicks on the links you have provided.
Anonymous said…
“Oh! There is a rumor the Queen allowed Harry to wed Meghan because Harry and Duchess Catherine have been having an affair and he is the biological father of Prince Louis.”

If this is true I have no words! It’s a terrible thing to even fathom!!! For all the trials those boys have been through?? I can’t even imagine a woman engaging in that type of sordid thing? If this is true God help them (Harry & Catherine) and those children! SMH
T. W. said…
Jules, I hope so too, even if they only do it out of curiosity.

Anonymous, I really think you are a younger person. I'm still in my 30s but I can promise you that reality and truth are often bizarre and unbelievable.
T. W. said…
Going back to number 14, a lot of people are saying the British Pound will fall due to Hard Brexit.

However, they are saying Britain got out while the getting was good and the pound will recover to the point it will be worth 3 times more than the American dollar.

Tony, help a Friend out here tee hee hee : )
T. W. said…
Correction, that was number 15.
Jules said…
TW - I am English, and I also heard that the pound will drop and then recover very quickly. A lot of psychics are predicted this.

I think you need to take a good look at the you tube channel of
Joseph Magi, link below. He has done a lot of readings on the royals with VERY very interesting results, that shocked me. Highly recommended viewing.

Link to his channel

Meghan Markle Lying about her Age? Playing Card Divination and Fortune

Kate Middleton & Prince Harry Affair? Playing Card Divination and Fortune Telling

British Royals Alien Hybrids? Playing Card Divination and Fortune Telling

Beyonce Accused of Extreme Witchcraft by Drummer - Playing Card Divination and Fortune Telling

Hollywood Feasting on the Blood of Children - Mel Gibson -Playing Card Divination

Tony said…
T.W there are so many things being said about the pound regarding Brexit! There is no way the pound will be worth 3 times more than the dollar. To the pound we get $1.22. When I was in North Carolina three months ago I got $1.34 to the pound. To be honest no one really knows what will happen. HMV record stores AGAIN went into administration for the second time in 7 years. Around 2-3000 people could lose their jobs. The so called experts say Brexit will cost us a lot of jobs. The High Street shops are suffering. They say Brexit will push prices UP. And meanwhile other so called experts say Brexit will be a good thing for us! Our PM Theresa May has been trying to thrash out deals to ensure we leave the EU on 29th March this year. If a deal does happen!! The stock market has suffered a big loss for the first time in a decade. There is a lot of uncertainty here. I have said to colleagues at work for the last few months a big crash is on the way. There's certain patterns with what I'm seeing from 2007 when things were 'so good'. People are spending and getting themselves into debt. People at work relying on overtime thinking it's guaranteed. But believe me it's not. A lot of companies including mine are cutting back on overtime to save whatever they can..whilst the bosses are STILL giving themselves big bonuses!! Nothing new there! I feel sorry for the younger generation because they are the ones who have big mortgages. But there are others who live from day to day with big mortgages who buy expensive cars on monthly repayments with high interest rates and also have 2 holidays a year..going on experience luxurious vacations..paid for on plastic! That's what I remember from 2007..And the crash it's happening again..although the banks are stricter on what they would offer before. In 2007 I was offered NINE times of what I was earning!! For a mortgage in previous years you only needed 3% for a deposit. But in 2007 I was offered a staggering 27% plus equity on my the property I had at that time!! I turned the offer down. A lot of people jumped for the offer. 12 months later everything crashed. And the bubble had burst. It happened first in the US. Then banks panicked here. In 2007 Northern Rock bank crashed. Outside every branch their customers queued up and withdrew ALL their money because of uncertainty. A lot of banks here nearly went out of business. Thanks to their greedy directors. The government at that time rescued the banks with taxpayers money. Otherwise a lot of people would have been out of work! So no matter what the experts think about Brexit and their predictions on the's must really a guessing game. But not just me..But a lot of people here can are what's coming. And I always remember Christian's prediction. What's to come will be worse than the great depression of the 1930's. The problem is..and will always be..too many rich greedy people getting every penny they can. I don't know if everyone will agree with what I say..But that's my take on the current situation.
T. W. said…
Jules, I watched several Magi videos. In one of them a card jumped out while he was shuffling. He picked it up and said he did not know why that happened.

I know why that happened. He should have left it where it was and read it. I know things that I cannot unlearn. I know a person who shall remain unidentified, S/he knows how to read playing cards. Magi has a lot to learn still.
T. W. said…
Tony, thank you for sharing this. You have much wisdom. You are correct in that the housing market trends are a clue to the economy.

I just thought, isn't the British pound backed by silver? If so, I would get a decent sum if money and buy some silver.

The US dollar is backed by faith in God. No joke. Get this, our government does not print the money, it has to buy it from a private entity. The Federal Reserve Bank is not even owned by the government. You know, the Rothschild family are bankers...

I remember Christian saying Britain is between a rock and a rock when it comes to Brexit.

I think he said a few years ago that if Britain wants to leave the EU they needed to leave during a certain time frame in order to soften the blow. That was a long time ago.

As for the other psychics, you are right. I notice they contradict each other. So who is right?

I'm sticking with Christian.
Anonymous said…
@T.W. Just wanted to add something to #20

All these things in Revelations is coming to pass.. the way Christian has listed his predictions are basically how the scriptures are stated!! If you read your bible on a regular you begin to understand what is written.


16 It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads,

17 so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.

18 This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. That number is 666.
Anonymous said…
@T.W. #23. Who is doing the watching? The government? The shadow government? Extraterrestrials? A combination? Who watches the Watchers? Where is Duncan McLeod?

The Duncan McLeod thing has me cracking up!!! Love it! Cause I’m wondering who else besides the almighty God is watching??
Anonymous said…
@T.W. #40 I also advise the Christians to share the Gospel and to testify about what Jesus has done for them personally. If people do not want to hear it then stop talking about it to them. Even Jesus said that. Christianity is not a religion, it is a relationship with God based upon the finished work of Jesus Christ. People have the right to decide if they want this.

People have free will. The end won’t come until the Gospel is preached in all the world. I don’t know about ya’ll but I am sick of the way the world is now. Humanity cannot create heaven on earth. We lost it when we had it.”

I agree with you %1000 x’s infinity!! My partner is asleep and doesn’t listen to me when I tell him. However, he prays to God. Go figure!
Anonymous said…
@T.W. Thanks for all that you try to do in this world of Chaos! May the one True God continue to bless you and keep you! Thank you for the links to prayers.
Unknown said…
Little Island that thinks big.
Needs to learn what history did.
If they don’t, they’ll pay a price.
Bigger than the seas at night..

I think this is Japan not learning their lesson with that radiation plant! Praying for them!

@T.W. I’m almost 40!! Lol That was me as anonymous, because the application was giving me hell signing in. : D
Unknown said…
#17. I think that’s either Russel Simmons who’s old style music and Kimora being the wife???

Or is it Beyoncé?? Old style music wife??? Maybe an old school songstress whose married??? This one has me stumped
Unknown said…
#32 could be in reference to Dubai!
Tony said…
T.W silver isn't worth much here. Last year it was worth more. You won't get much now!
Tony said…
And yes always stick with Christian. He definitely is the real deal!
Jules said…
TW - I agree, if a card falls out of a deck it has to be read.. you cannot put it back in.
Jules said…
TW - At various times, the pound sterling was commodity money or bank notes backed by silver or gold, but it is currently fiat money, backed only by the economy in the areas where it is accepted.

Fun fact .. Why is GBP called Sterling?
A pound coin originally weighed one troy pound of sterling silver, giving the currency the name "pound sterling". "Sterling silver" means mixed metal that has 92.5% or more real silver. One pound sterling was originally divided by 240 sterling pence. ... The Latin word for "pound" is libra.

The enitre banking system is owned by the elites and is constantly being manipulated by them to control and enslave society. The was a reason why everyone was able to obtain obscene levels of credit year ago and there is a reason why some banks went bankrupt'. The elites are currently messing around with the worlds stock market. Everything is leading towards a cashless society.

Regarding pound tripling in price after brexit .. given that the elites wish to cause utter chaos in america, I can see the pound rising to undermine the dollar.
T. W. said…
chocmint33 has posted some guesses under another blog entry.

chocmint33 is very sharp, item #33 is most likely someone from One Direction.

Read more here:
T. W. said…
@Anonymous - Thank you for your thanks and blessings. I pray the links are a blessing to you and all the Friends. I continue to experience God and His love. This is a most excellent faith builder. I pray all of you experience God and His love. If anyone is not sure about Jesus Christ, when you pray to God please give Jesus Christ permission to show you who he is so you can make your own decision.

Here are my other thoughts:

1. Yes, I and some others are aware of this. We have been saying this on the site for years. I even recommended a book by Dr. David Jeremiah pertaining to the book of Revelation (Agents of the Apocalypse). People have to make their own decisions to ignore those comments or to investigate further.

2. I am glad the Duncan MacLeod reference had you laughing! I wondered how many people will catch that. God is not the only one watching. Romans Chapter 8 verses 19-23 tells us all of creation is waiting for the children of God to be manifested and revealed.

3. Which God is your partner praying to? I will tell you a secret. People are less likely to accept Jesus when the person witnessing to them is a relative. They know all the good and the bad about you.

I notice you used the word "partner." This implies you are not married. If that is true, he has no reason to listen to you if the two of you are fornicating, he thinks you are a hypocrite. When you pray, ask God to prepare your partner's heart and mind to receive the Gospel. Ask God to send the right people to your partner so they can witness to him and can disciple him if he chooses Jesus.
T. W. said…
Mi Ri Jung

Hi! Wow, you come across as late teens, early twenties. Thank you for letting us know who you are. I enjoy your comments.

As for #3, I had not considered Japan. I wonder if the little island is Osaka.

About #17, Russell Simmons and Kimora divorced many years ago. Beyonce is an interesting guess. She and Jay-Z have been around longer than we realize. They are much older than they claim to be too.

#32, I had not thought about Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. See, this is proof that we all have valuable insights here. We are stronger together.

Thank you Friend!
T. W. said…
Tony & Jules, thank you. At least your currency has value.

I got the wrong kind of pounds...

Yes, gold and silver are very soft in their purest form. I was told that 100 percent pure gold is not yellow, if you were to have some and looked at it you would be looking into a mirror.

You are also right about the easy credit. When THEY give you something you can bet THEY will get their pound of flesh one way or another. Notice all these companies, pawn shops, and jewelry shops telling people to sell their gold and silver to them. Don't fall for it.
T. W. said…

I meant Okinawa, not Osaka. Osaka is a city, Okinawa is a small island.

My apologies.
Unknown said…
@T.W. Thank you for your insight in relation to my partner! Truth hurts but I totally understand where you’re coming from. Makes a lot of sense! Advice taken!
Jules said…
If you have money never leave it sitting around in a bank account, always invest it, in things such as property or gold.
T. W. said…
Mi Ri Jung - you are welcome!

Jules - I read Etherium is doing very well. I do not understand cryptocurrency.

Speaking of money, the IRS does not issue tax refunds during government shutdowns but it does collect money. That's what our government thinks of us. We are moneybags to them.
Jules said…
TW, I have no idea who or what Etherium is. I don't trust cryptocurrency at all.
T. W. said…
Jules, I agree. I don't trust any cryptocurrency.
T. W. said…
Mi Ri Jung, I just had a thought about your situation. You are a Christian, your partner is not. My advice is to move on because you are not equally yoked. The scriptures say single Christians are not to marry people who practice other faiths or no faith.

If the Christian is married to an unbeliever they are to stay together if there are children involved.

Having said that, using the fact that one has an unbelieving partner when there are no children involved as grounds for divorce is shady. If there is no abuse and such and you love each other then stay.
Dita said…
I don't like this. Can you please write it plain and simple. I love reading your predictions but I don't understand this version. Can we have the simple version, PLEASE....
Psychic Gossip said…
Data sorry. You don’t like this way of me doing the predictions.
But as TW and others have pointed out.
Doing them this way stops otherPsycics” stealing them. Which I din’t know was happening.
Before Antoine says “ Well, you are Psychic, you should know” I can never see things for myself. Imagine how shitty that feels CDX
T. W. said…
Dita, hi!

Christian is work, psychic gifts and the like do not work that way.

Elijah is considered by the Jews to be the greatest prophet. His companion Elisha performed every miracle Elijah did 3 times over, including healing and raising the dead.

Guess how Elisha died.

He died of a fever.
Aakriti singh said…
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T. W. said…

April 25, 2019

Prediction #20

Another psychic claims credit card companies will wait until the markets collapse and then charge people just to use their cards.

Have cash on hand!

I'm breaking my policy of linking to other psychics this time because I do not want to put words in the psychic's mouth. Scroll to prediction #9.
Anonymous said…
I think #25 refers to Speaker Pelosi as #3. (I hope) cause that would mean both Trump and Pence are out of office.
Anonymous said…
I am new.... was able to decipher the riddles that describe chip implementation/mark of the beast, as well a a few regarding Arab nations, Paris, and the enslavement of America.... I am now a loyal reader of your predictions and blog!
T. W. said…
UPDATE November 27, 2019

Prediction #13 is about Prince Andrew's pedophilia scandal.
T. W. said…

November 27, 2019

Prediction #27 is about Venice, Italy
T. W. said…
Anonymous November 19, 2019


Come for the predictions & gossip, stay for the friendship.

Please don't be a stranger here!

With love,

T. W.

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As you know I rarely do sports stuff. But, even though Kobe Bryant.  Seems to have been out of the limelight of late. I get the feeling there's something. 
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