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Go Rams....


T. W. said…
I hope the Rams win. I can't stand Tom Brady and his deflated balls.

The game is about to start. The commercials are super creepy. If you pay attention to them and you still don't believe in THE PROGRAM may God help you because no one else can.
Mother of an Angel said…
I won't watch the game or support either team. Rumpus is friends with the owner of the Patriots, and the owner of the Rams gave HUGE donations to his campaign. Will patronize PBS instead.
CyndiTx123 said…
I am with ya T.W. my hubby & I feel the commercials are strange....& we are not getting it. Go Rams! Majority of Texans ... want the Rams to win!!
Tom Brady... needs to deflate some.. like the balls he throws! My nephew almost got to be a player on the team of Brady's a few years back. He got cut at the last minute and he couldn't sign on with the first team that wanted him... long story short. he played arena football - got hurt . end of football career. I didn't like the brady team even before my nephew was trying to get on the team.
Anonymous said…
Yay patriots!!
T. W. said…
CyndiTx123 - I am sorry your nephew's football career did not pan out. The NFL is called Not For Long. Better to have a knee injury than a head injury. I pray your nephew lives out a different dream. God can give us one.
T. W. said…
Anonymous, you got your wish.

I wish the Carolina Panthers can win a Superbowl with Cam Newton as quarterback. Maybe next season.
CyndiTx123 said…
Thanks T.W. for your kind words. My nephew is now a proud dad with an adorable baby boy. All turned out good for him. I like the Panthers too!
But you know I do have a special love for the Cowboys....:):) I always like the underdogs. Hope your doing good and feeling good T.W. since your dad's passing. You have been on my thoughts and prayers still. As with Cd's dad for a speedy recovery from his operation. Much love & prayers. Cy
T. W. said…
CyndiTx123 - I am glad your nephew is doing well now! The Dallas Cowboys are very popular. I have been through Dallas a few times. I do not do well in the big city. This saddens me.

I thank you for your love and prayers too. I am still grieving but I believe a brighter day is coming.
Anonymous said…
Heh, heh, I'm with the OTHER Anonymous. Ditto, Yay Patriots!

Sorry TW, I happen to love Tom Brady and his inflated you-know-whats.

Will give a shout-out to the Rams, they played well, just not as good as the Patriots.
T. W. said…
Half-Time was $hideous.

Adam Levine showed us his nipples but did not get fined like Janet Jackson. That's alright.

Justin Timberfake kissed Les Moonves' butt to save his career. Karma has come to kick Justin's and Les' butts.

Janet got that Arab Money. Don't get mad, Arab Money is a song. I want some Arab Money myself.

Adam Levine should be fined for that nasty way he was dancing.
T. W. said…
Anonymous, in my opinion the Patriots were handed their trip to the Superbowl. A lot of people online agree. If you like them, no problem from me, I just don't like cheaters, uh, I meant Tom Brady.
Anonymous said…
Can't believe people were having a hair flip over Adam taking off his shirt and comparing it to Janet Jackson. Sorry, from my point of view, he looked great. What Janet Jackson did was completely different from Adam. There is no comparison. I think people have lost their minds.

The half-time show wasn't the greatest, but it wasn't that bad.
T. W. said…
Anonymous, I get your point but please allow me to answer your question.

People have been marching for equality between the sexes, women's rights, etc. If it is indecent for a woman to show a nipple then it should be indecent for a man to do so as well because we both have nipples.

Some men have bigger breasts than some women but they get to go topless on network TV.

As for Janet Jackson, she got a bad deal.

1. The incident was truly a wardrobe malfunction.

2. Justin Timberfake ripped Janet's clothing, which caused the breast to be briefly exposed but he was not penalized in any way. His career actually improved, although briefly.

3. Janet did not bare the breast but she gets black listed and her career has suffered ever since.

4. The only way you could see the breast was if you were recording the half-time show, played it back and then paused at the right time.

5. The breast flashing was less than 3 seconds but the nation was in uproar. Trust me, your kids have seen more than that. I am speaking in general terms when I say "your kids."

6. Janet was wearing a piercing called a nipple shield. Women wear skimpy bikini tops and bras on network TV and you can see more of BOTH their breasts.

7. Here is the kicker. The Victoria Secret Fashion Show is broadcast on CBS every year. Think about that.
Anonymous said…
Here are some quotes from Janet Jackson after the Superbowl:

Jackson took the blame but said on Monday her stunt went further than she intended: "The decision to have a costume reveal at the end of my half-time show performance was made after final rehearsals.

MTV was completely unaware of it. It was not my intention that it go as far as it did."

Whether or not Janet planned it to get attention and boost record sales or what, I don't know. Was she treated unfairly after that exposure? Yes and no. She could have kept touring, but her sales were down. Don't blame that on the exposed nipple. Fans are fans. Look at Michael Jackson. His fans loved him no matter what, and his situation was a gazillion times worse than an exposed nipple. So I don't believe the Superbowl played a role in killing her career -- she did that all herself, Superbowl or no Superbowl.

I hear what you are saying TW, Western society vs European have different viewpoints on sexuality. But I personally see female breasts as sexual. Yes, today, we see everything on television and children are exposed to nudity and sexuality. Back then, during the nipplegate, not so much. People's views are changing, society is changing, we are starting to see nudity and sexuality as something normal and beautiful, not something evil. That doesn't mean that if nipplegate happened today it would be acceptable, I do think it would be less of a big deal but the Superbowl is for all viewers, not just adults. There lies the difference. There are TV shows where there is more exposure and one can expect that, but not the Superbowl. The Victoria Secret Fashion Show is a beautiful celebration of the female body and it is very classy. I love it!

Let's just agree to disagree.

T. W. said…
Anonymous, where did you find that Janet Jackson quote? Did you only look at articles written around the time of the incident?

The Superbowl NEVER airs in cable television. It rotates between ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX. The Superbowl aired on CBS the year Janet and Justin performed.

As for Janet's star being in the decline, she was still popular at the time of the incident. Both she and Justin also suffered.

As far as Janet Jackson quotes, she has stated several times she was "encouraged" to take the blame, no one asked Timberfake to do the same.

History has proven Janet told the truth about that. When the Les Moonves scandal broke, evidence showed he had a hand in Janet's career decline.
T. W. said…
Anonymous - What is classy about parading around in your underwear that barely covers anything on national television?

Not only that, the Victoria Secret Fashion Show airs at a time children are still awake. Some CBS affiliates air the program at 2 in the morning. Your thought process disturbs me.

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