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Year of the Pig, how ironic...

The pig that is Harvey Weinstein.
is in the process of making a documentary.
About himself....
Totally from his point of view.
To prove he's innocent.


T. W. said…
Will the film make money?

Anyone else find it odd people are boycotting R. Kelly's music but no one is calling for a boycott of Michael Jackson's music?

When is Angelina Jolie gonna get exposed as a pervert and a human trafficker?

When are Oprah and her buddy David Geffen gonna get exposed?

When is Dan Schneider going to jail for pedophilia? Amanda Bynes and others deserve justice.

So many perverts in show business.

Watch the pig root out perverts and human traffickers.
Sana L said…
Who would watch any of his crap after what he's done? Really man, not even Oprah is gonna buy into this BS
Sana L said…
Year of the Pig, Yeah CD the irony is sizzling
T. W. said…
Sana L, hi!

Oprah was friendly with Weinstein, there are a multitude of photographs to prove it.

Oprah is a hypocrite. She hangs out with "suspected" pedophiles but she talks about being a Child Abuse victim herself and how we need to protect kids.

I used to watch her syndicated talk show. Every time the topic was sexual abuse Oprah appeared to me to get off on the details. She often pressed her guests for details.

She talks about #metoo but I remember her grabbing Patti LaBelle's breast while Patti was cooking on the show.

Oprah talks about being the Great I Am (she is not) and how we are to live an authentic life. Okay, when is she and Gayle King gonna come out of the closet as a couple? Oprah has said on her show she and Gayle would kick Stedman (Oprah's beard) out of the bedroom.

Oprah is a hypocrite and can't even hide it. Oprah is dragging people to hell with her. She needs to take her witches broom, shove it up her hole and let it rotate. Never mind. Based on what I have seen she might like that.
Jules said…
scum of the earth

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