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Take away his matches.....

So another week, for Trump to whinge.
Of, course........
Well, he better charge up his phone.
As Tweet rage time is on the list.
So much so he'll hurt his wrist.
Mind you if the Dow last week.
Was rough....
This week it'll be much worse.
Leading him to light a fuse.
That if not stubbed out.
Right away....
Then no stopping the World chaos...


T. W. said…
Dear Tony,

I pray you are well and I hope you can watch a home game in person. North Carolina welcomes you back.

With love

Letty said…
Breaking news
Money laundering allegations from deutche bank
In trump and Kushner accounts
T. W. said…
Letty, I hope karma is about to strike.
Louis said…
I really hope somebody stops him tweeting....It takes a lot to make the Iranians look the logical ones.....but he's managed to do it!

T. W. said…
Trump said he would retaliate and Iran would cease to exist.

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