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Chick'sOpinion said…
Can an English person please explain to Donald that its The Prince Of Wales.
Not the Prince Of Whales.
Is he that dumb??

Oh and that Donald Trump Junior is an animal killer. To the extreme.
He loves going on Safaris hunting big Game.
This is why im a vegetarian folks. Cause Donald Trump Junior makes me want to vomit.

I wonder if he gets that old slag gf with the ironed face, Kimberly Guilfoyle, to dress up in animal print cat suits. And hunts her round the bedroom.

Chick'sOpinion said…
Lets hope he's gone before this volcanic situation erupts worse with Iran.
This idiot wants a war. Why???
And the scary thing is, if it becomes a full out war. With Iran.
The rest of the international community has back the U.S and this idiot on this one.

And that Pompeo is a war mongerer.
Christian. Who did attack those Tanker ships in the Gulf? Pompeo claims emphatically Iran.
But i have my doubts.
Chick'sOpinion said…
We all know that Dickhead Trump withdrew out of the international nuclear agreement with Iran. ...Early this year i think. Right.
And then went 1 step further and tried to bully other countries into not buying Iranian oil. And threatened sanctions.

Then he parks a U.S aircraft carrier in the Strait of Hormuz.
Well the Srait of Hormuz is the issue. Big issue. Its a major shipping lane for oil export. For Iran. And the world. Think like the Suez Canal. But more important.

Trump didnt get his way in bullying other countries to cease buying Iranian oil. So looks to me hes trying a new tactic.
Military intervention. And... Saudi Arabia (a U.S ally) lies on the shore of the Strait of Hormuz. As well as Iran.
Get it.
Anonymous said…
Taylor Swift released a new single today: “You Need to Calm Down”.
Chick'sOpinion said…
Calm blue oceans, calm blue oceans
T. W. said…
Did Trump really say/Tweet "Prince of Whales"?!

I'm American and I know Wales is a country.

If Prince William becomes king will Pronce Charles still carry the title Prince of Wales?
Letty said…

US Presidency for sale!!!
Make your $$ bid!

Chick'sOpinion said…

Good question about Prince Of Wales title.

Hopefully someone who has studied Monarchies. And Hereditary titles posts an answer.
T. W. said…
I wouldn't pay 2 centavo be puppet king.

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