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Drive Through Saturday..


Anonymous said…
“I’d like a double cheeseburger with fries and a shake. Hold the shake, the fries, and the cheeseburger between your knees and put the bag over your head.”—Jack Nicholson, in the movie “5 Easy Pieces, 2 Wandering Eyes”.
Chick'sOpinion said…
The price of savage ambition.

Shes been obsessed in politics (Republican) since she was a kid apparently.

Helping daddy (when she was a kid), in his campaign for the U.S Senate. What kinda kid lives like that?

T. W. said…
I see Faux News is making its minions wear uniforms.
CyndiTx123 said…
Glad that I do not eat at McDougal's... oh wait..I would eat at McDougal's (Movie"Coming to America" with eddie murphy) Just not McDonalds.....
I would be sad if she had a Sonic outfit on... I love me some Sonic!!
T. W. said…
I don't eat McDonald's merchandise. I lost 40 pounds so that makes not eating delicious slop easier for me.

Yes. McDonald's sells artificial slop. Ain't enough cows, chickens, and potatoes in on the planet for them to serve as much "food" as they do.
T. W. said…

Please be careful on Twitter. People still hack accounts.

OJ Simpson 'Admits' To Killing Nicole On Twitter!! (Wow)
T. W. said…
When are Taylor Swift & Karlie Kloss gonna announce they are a couple? It is Pride Month you know. Tom Cruise ain't proud...
Letty said…
She is disgusting!

She has such a dark stagnant energy...thick like mud
She is always for sale at the right price!

To me her aura is worse than the lady
with Keanu Reeves. Sarah’s actions impacted all
The people in this country!
Chick'sOpinion said…

Ive heard of that movie 5 Easy Pieces.
Ive always wanted to see it.

Love movies from that era too. They dont rely on ridiculous annoying special effects. Just straight up solid acting.

Seems it had Karen Black in it.
She was a fantastic actress.
But sadly passed away i think last year.
Chick'sOpinion said…

If shes darker than Alexandra Grant. Then thats dark.

Wonder if she has a political future.

Or. If Shes off to flip burgers in Arkansas.


I dont eat Macdonalds either.
I know, Its part of a pathway to inevitable obesity for alot of people.

They need fo change otherwise they'll go broke.
I think They need to tap into the vegans as a market.
Chick'sOpinion said…

OJ Simpson is as guilty as all hell.
Didnt Christian predict OJ Simpson is going back to jail. Eventually.
T. W. said…
OJ Simpson's guilt is a moot point.

What I choose to focus on is the fact he got what few black people in America get - a fair trial.

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