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Oh what a week it’ll be....

So here we are another week.
This is going to be the worst week.
Yet for Babyfart.....
So bad.....It may just bring on a stroke.


Susan Miller said…
Will Madam Pelosi ever move to start impeachment hearings?
Chick'sOpinion said…
And out of his mouth hes screaming

'I wanna war with Iran, i wanna war with Iran, now

now now'

'And get those allies on the phone ... the ones we call partner countries. Like Saudi Arabia, Australia, the U.K. Cause i want them to agree they're in with us, on military intervention asap ...against Iran'

T. W. said…
Yesterday on the news it was reported a poor alligator was spotted swimming with a knife in its head. What monster did this?
T. W. said…
Is an earthquake coming? Is Old Faithful at Yellowstone National Park finally gonna blow?

Hundreds of dolphins stranded, wash up dead along US Gulf Coast, officials say
Anonymous said…
Can’t wait for what makes Trump “pop”. Another pregnant porn star? His tax returns released? The entire Mueller report? The Pee Tape? His real weight exposed? The Apprentice “n” word videos? Melania”s affair? Sarah Huckleberry Sanders and Kellyann Conway three-way with him? Ooooh there’s soooo many possibilities!
Chick'sOpinion said…

Are the dolphins stranding themselves on that coast. To try and tell us something?

If so, what?
Chick'sOpinion said…

So does Corey Booker have much of a chance?

He ought to stop with bearding.

Its a waste of time. Cause the public will sniff that out in a nanosecond.

And tellin lies tends to make you unpopular in politics. Eventually. And historically.


Louis said…
Hmm...let me guess ....Donald Trump discovers that D-day is not named after him then hits the twitter only to discover the "Prince of Whales" isn't a character in Disney's the "Little Mermaid????

T. W. said…

Something is going on in the Gulf of Mexico.

Historically, dolphins, whales, etc. beach themselves when the tectonic plates shift and an earthquake is forthcoming.

The oarfish appears when an earthquake is due. The fish appeared on the coast of Japan and South America this year. Earthquakes occurred as predicted.

Don't forget, a lot of oil drilling takes place there. Oftentimes the companies can extract natural gas from the same place they drill oil.

Also, the Gulf never recovered from the BP oil spill. President Obama was crazy to swim in that water weeks after it was allegedly cleaned up.

Humanity has been destroying the planet. It's just a matter of time before it destroys us. Be careful what you eat. Genetically modified food has NO life in it. Animals that eat GMO plants get sick and die. The honeybee population has been decimated. What do you think Frankrnfiid is doing to the human mind and body?
T. W. said…

I don't see how Booker has a chance to be president. We need a black woman in office. Our women have been doing double duty since we were kidnapped from Africa. We have been doing both men's work and women's work for multiple reasons. Not by choice. Our women don't scare easy. We don't take no $hit. If you see us take out our earrings, you need to walk off cuz you about to get beat.
T. W. said…
I forgot to say that dolphins are mammals. Dolphins and whales beaching themselves are a VERY bad sign.
T. W. said…
The prediction is coming to pass. More to come.

Scroll to the 5 minute mark for the cough:

Trump asks Mulvaney to leave ABC interview for coughing
T. W. said…
Susan Miller

We have midterm elections this year, so unless something major happens the impeachment proceedings will not begin this year.

Some psychics claim they will never happen.

Two psychics that I know of claim Trump will be assassinated this year. One of them said unsuccessfull attempts will be made this summer but the successful attempt will take place in the autumn.
Chick'sOpinion said…

Interesting to what you described about the behaviour of dolphins and whales before a natural disaster.

Animals seem completely in tune with nature.

We have lost that as humans. Which is why i hope to move to the country ...eventually.

Your comment reminded me of what I read years ago, the locals said happened. In the period before a very bad cyclone hit Darwin, in The Northern Territory, Australia. In 1974 i think.

They said the birds disappeared days before the cyclone. And so did the Aboriginal Australians.

They knew to follow the birds. And go someplace else safe.

I think its a sad thing, that a majority of humans, have lost this connection to source. The earth.

But I'm so happy that alot of E.U countries are banning single use plastic.

And Canada. They are banning plastic straws and single use plastics by 2021.

16 cities and cities countries have signed up to do this. This is a major breakthrough for the ocean. And marine life.

Is this also what marine life are trying to tell us ? End plastic.

Well. It will be interesting to see what happens in the Gulf of Mexico.

Lets follow it.
Chick'sOpinion said…

Im mystified how he could mistake The prince of Wales. For the Prince of Whales.

Thats seriously bananas.
Melic21 said…
TW you are so funny, you made me laugh so hard about your comment regarding black women! so true they are not afraid to speak their minds, I love that, where do you think that comes from ? we as white womens are trained to look pretty, not cause trouble and be nice.
Cd, can you write on kamala, beto, and pete buttigeig? I like them. Do they have any chance?
T. W. said…

There was a time humanity could communicate with animals. Even the Jews teach this. How else would Adam know what names to give them?

Adam and Eve walked and talked with God. Very few humans in recorded history have spoken with God face to face. I suspect many of us have done so, not realizing whom we spoke with.

The Eurocentric way of doing things is not superior. All peoples and all cultures are valuable. I don't care what the white supremacists say. That kind if thinking caused European people who knew about herbs and other "indigenous" knowledge to be burned at the stake.

Kidnapped Africans passed along the knowledge as best they could. Shrewd Europeans observed their slaves and took credit for our knowledge. Did you know Africans have been practicing immunization since ancient times? Did you know a white slave owner observed his slave girl immunizing other slaves against smallpox and he took the concept and claimed he created immunization?

The Native American population has been decimated. They tried to share their knowledge with the Europeans but were condemned as witches. The Native Americans learned not to cast their pearls before swine.

As far as the birds, I suspect The earth releases gases into the air. The birds know to fly away. They may also be picking up vibrations.

Pigs try to get away before an earthquake too.

People need to observe their pets. Young children and mentally ill people will act strangely before an earthquake.

Do you know any schizophrenic people? Not everything they say is nonsense. Their brains are wired differently and they pick up on things the rest of us cannot.

When is a hallucination just that?

When is a hallucination really contact from the spiritual realm?
T. W. said…

I agree with your comment on the plastics. Even microscopic amounts are harmful. I do not believe in coincidence. I have noticed a large amount of news reports concerning plastic waste in the oceans and inside the bodies of ocean life for the past 3 months.
T. W. said…

Thank you for the compliment!

You answered your own question.

Black woman says, "The squeaky wheel gets the grease."

White woman says, "Not true. The squeaky wheel gets replaced."

Black woman responds, "A closed mouth doesn't get fed."

White woman says, "You can never be too rich or too thin."

Black woman is perplexed.
Chick'sOpinion said…

Black woman is perplexed. I couldnt stop laughing !

Yes. I think you right. The birds feel atmosheric pressure changes acutely. And respond to them.

But what interested me is the indigenous people of Darwin noticed the birds disappeared. And left because of it.

Would us the average busy suburban or city dwellers notice the birds had cleared off? Some might. Most no.

This is the connection we've lost.

Yes. Agree herbal medicinal herbal knowledge was understood by many.

But the quackery started. And the quacks found out early they could make money from potions lotions and pills.

And the quacks got richer. And ultimately turned into Merk, Roche, Glaxosmithkline.

Well personally, i'm thrilled those maggots the Sackler family. Who own Pudue Pharma, which produces Oxycontin.

Were sued like all hell in march 2019. And settled on a U.S 270 million Pay out. Chicken feed for them.

And Not enough in my opinion. As they are fully resposible for the opioid epidemic of deaths. in the U.S.
Melic21 said…
TW I hope you have your own blog seriously 😒 love what you have to say x
T. W. said…
Melic21, thank you for your kind words. I do not have a blog. I have foot in mouth disease. People tell me to start a blog. We'll see.

Chick'sOpinion, you have plenty of opinions and I love them all! You have a nice way of saying things.
Chick'sOpinion said…

Thankyou TW.

You also have a nice polite way of communicating. A long and trusted commenter.

I guess its the way of this blog. Something to be proud of. Jealousy, hateful and envy based comments to commenters.. are not tolerated here.
And thats good hey.

We are respectful to eachother. Always.
Even if we disagree. We never insult eachother. With sarcastic remarks or replies to our comments.

Regardless of any rudeness. If we have to respond to that. We are all polite about.

Thats what makes this blog the exception.
Everyone is entitled to their say.
If they say it nice.

And you TW read alot of interesting books. And we benefit from that knowledge.

Overall, We all have knowledge/research to contribute.
And i want to benefit from that as much as anyone. Even though i post alot at times.

So hey guys, lets all commit to working on the same vibration when we're here.
Good vibes.
Not hate to eachother.

T. W. said…
Chick'sOpinion, thank you for blessing us with your words.!

I like that we are all Friends here. I enjoy reading all comments. I wish people posted more often. Everyone here is important. You never know when your comment is a blessing to someone.

Tony, how are you. I love you and I miss you. I'm sending out the Thunder Cat signal...

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