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Oh what a week it’ll be..

Another bad week ahead for Trump.
Promises, promises, then a dump.
Onto another set of lies.
All distractions.....
Of course FAKE NEWS.
But, the coat he spoiled.
Years ago......
Now, the Lady doth bring forward.
From, her dated, but so posh wardrobe.


Anonymous said…
I 100% believe e Jean Carroll; very smart, good writer. To any who doubt her - or any other accuser's story, please remind yourself that we have our "President" on videotape stating that: " can grab them by the p***y"
Letty said…
The statue of limitations has passed on
The new rape accusation
He did rape her but she waited too long and she
Has a book out and wants publicity

I don’t think it will effect trump.
T. W. said…
I wonder what Monica Lewinsky has to say...
Chick'sOpinion said…
Oh here we go again.
Another Monica Lewinsky.
I cannot believe for how long ( decades ) we have had to listen to Monica Lewinsky discuss her 9 sexual encounters in the Oval Office. With Bill Clinton.
She's been at it since 1995.
She's even made a career out of it.

Yeah i know.. this one is makin an accusation of rape.
Quite different.
But funny how the context is the same.
Let me say straight up. I cant stand Trump.
But I'm sorry i dont believe this new accuser's story.


Cause accusing very rich men is very profitable.thats a fact.

Anyone who remembers.. how good looking a guy Trump was back then in the 1970's, 1980's. And rich.

Would know that he had no motive to rape. Chicks were flinging themselves at him.

I know i know. Ya gonna say 'oh but rape is actually about power'

Yeah well, he was born with plenty of that already. He didnt need more. Hes not very respectful to women. But having to rape them. Nope.

This new accuser has kept that item of clothing with semen on it. For decades. Since what 1987. Who does that?
Cause she's been Waiting for her 'financial' opportunity.

Before I'm criticised for my veiw. I want to state clearly. What I'm attempting to highlight is...

In the current media driven 'hysteria' about rape, Well It sells lots of stories in newspapers. ...innocent men are being accused EVERY DAY somewhere.
And its time innocent men started to get protection from this hysteria.

The fact that Trump has been accused is only a way of me raising the general topic.

But i'd like to add that, according to the U.S National Registery Of Exonerations, 203 people have been exonerated of wrongful adult rape convictions.

203 probable Liars!

And I further say. What about the defendants who never achieved exonerations.

You are often the legal eagle. Whats your thoughts on this?
Chick'sOpinion said…
The Liar that is Jill Harth

Jill Harth is another one of Trump's sexual
harrassment accusers. One from way back.

She claimed Trump touched her thigh, 'knickers' and crotch area at dinner when out with him and her then bf, George Houraney.
And that he later tried to kiss her when she and her bf were at Trump's Florida place, Mar-a-Lago doing business.

So in 1997 she filed a lawsuit over it. But withdrew when she had reached a separate financial dispute with Trump. Thats fishy in itself.

In a New York Times article published just before the the 2016 Election Jill Harth admitted that 'even after she had accused Trump of sexual misconduct, she had briefly dated Trump in 1998.'

Now if you had experienced a traumatic enough episode of sexual Harassment from a man. That you went to the cops about. And court. Would you willigly date him? A year after your courtcase with him. No.

It gets more fishy. (In their knickers)

In 2017 Jill Harth admitted sending Trump emails.To get him to give her a job.

Also, during the 2016 Election Campaign, Jill Harth publicly aired her allegations against Trump.
And lo and behold..Soon after doing this, an unidentified donor stepped foward and paid the balance on her mortgage.

Its clear to me that alot of these women are just out to get money. Big money.

And quite frankly. Im tired of their
'He touched my thigh, bajongas and knickers' stories.

Dont mind if they are true. But some are just not.
And their lies undermine the credibility of real serious incidents that affect/happen to women.

Anonymous said…
Oh goody , what will come forth out of the cupboard .
Anonymous said…
What this does do however, is prove beyond doubt that Trump is the liar. There is DNA proof that he was with Jill Heath. Didn't he just publicly say that he had never met her ?
T. W. said…
Chuck'sOpinion, Trump outed himself as a sexual predator.

Here are the rest of my thoughts:

1. If Trump is a rapist, he does have motive. Rape has nothing to do with sex. Rapists want power and control over their victims. Rape is an act of theft and violence. Rape is also used as punishment, degradation, and humiliation. That is why some soldiers commit rape, sometimes against women.

2. Trump is a verified sexual predator. He is on camera saying it is okay to grab women buy the pu$$y. Grabbing women by the pu$$y when you are not engaged in consensual sexual activity is sexual assault.

3. Some news outlets are reporting the woman did not say Trump raped her, she used the words "sexual assault." If those reports are true, the woman is credible to me. Any kind of unwanted sexual touching is by definition sexual assault. This includes grabbing pu$$ies.

4. If Trump has been paying her hush money since the alleged incident occurred he can be charged with a crime. Ongoing payment of hush money indicates the crime is still ongoing in some jurisdictions.

5. All is not lost if no criminal charges can be filed. If the claims can be proven true then Nancy Pelosi will have the rope to hang Trump with. Poor moral character is an impeachable offense. So are incompetence and dementia. Maybe that is why some "psychics" predict Trump will fake his death.
T. W. said…
Monica Lewinsky is on record saying she wants to move on with her life but she is always asked about the presidential blow job. She says she does not mention it, she gets asked. I don't blame her. No sane woman wants to be known as "The Blow Job Queen."
Anonymous said…
Chick's Opinion makes a lot of sense. Jill Harth probably took a page from Monica Lewinsky. No way Trump is a rapist. He's a bonafide misogynist asshole, but he's no Bill Cosby.

CAP Anonymous
Chick'sOpinion said…

Very interesting legal points you raise.
Thank you for that.
And how the hush money can be seen as an ongoing crime. Intriguing.

And how the law defines sexual assault. The time limitations etc.

Yeah Trump always been a bit of a sex pest. Sexually harrassing women. Thats undeniable. Im not claiming he isnt.

Alot of men were/are from that era.
I know, cause they used to pester me. And my friends at times. It was very annoying. But it was outrageously tolerated back then. By society.
And shouldn't have been.

Times have changed. And Trump has not.
He only reigned it in lately. Cause he's President.
But the chicks he's fondled in the past are cropping up like mushrooms.
Some with big money on their minds.

By todays moral understanding and legal definition ...Trump is a sexual predator. And he doesn't get that. Nor does he seem to care.
And yes, agree Anonymous, he's nowhere in the league of Bill Cosby.

But I still maintain. That certain women have identified weakness in Trump.
And a way to profit financially from that weakness.

Monica Lewinsky participated in Speaking Tours on her experience.
I remember in the mid to late 1990's you couldnt shut her up going on about it.
Eventually the media. And the public got tired of it. And her.

Im just very padticular who I view as victims.
Because some 'victims' who go to the police.. the media are far from victims.

Some are profound liars. And manipulators.
And men today, need protection from them.
T. W. said…
Chick'sOpinion, I misspelled your name earlier. Please forgive me for that.

Yes, some people lie about being assaulted
However, I will stand with alleged and real victims unless and until there is proof of lying. Sometimes you get a sense of these things. Maybe these 2 women are lying but I bet someone who isn't will come forward.

Oh, speaking of which, Trump has been svrewing his daughter Ivanka since she was a kid. That is rape.
Chick'sOpinion said…
Anyway guys. Its all gettin too serious.
And ive gotta go shoplifting.
The cupboards are bare.
T. W. said…
Something is wrong when Justice Brett Kavanaugh is doing a better job than Justice Clarence Thomas on the US Supreme Court.

Here in America, we have the right to have a jury trial, the jury must be made of our peers. Define "peers." Justice Thomas decided it is okay for black people to be tried by an all-white jury.
Chick'sOpinion said…

Forgiven for mispelling my name.
Yes. And as Jared Kushner is so effeminate.
I wonder if Ivanka is actually sleeping with him. Much.
Theres something about him that wouldnt induce women to consider it.
Personally i think they fight over hand bags and
Yes Ivanka, those Calvin Klein knickers you cant find.
Jared is wearing them.

Chick'sOpinion said…
Personally i dont agree with a Black person being tried by an all White jury.

Theres so much that can go wrong there.
Very wrong.
And anyway. Theres no need for an all White Jury.
And CAN be prevented.
T. W. said…
LOL Chick'sOpinion!

Satan worshippers love androgyny. Their beloved Baphomet is a she-she. God made Male and female.
T. W. said…
*He-She, not she-she
Mother of an Angel said…
Don't know if this will make it out of the closet and into DeBlasio's hands, but it's possible.
Chick'sOpinion said…
Mother Of An Angel

Isnt De blasio the gay Mayor of New York who writes poetry.

T. W. said…
De Blasio is married to a black woman and they have kids. I do not know if he is bisexual or in a Lavender Marriage.

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