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Tomorrow tomorrow..

His Royal Highness Incarnate Mad Man Boris. I throw things Bitch


Anonymous said…
So Bojo the clown is a Thatcherite ? Queen ? Entitled ? I prey to the dieties of the universe that this episode as he is PM will be very short-lived.
Chick'sOpinion said…
Oh no. Not another Margaret Thatcher.
God help the UK.
Chick'sOpinion said…
Yah. Hes been throwing things. At home.
At Carrie Symonds, the girlfriend.

Its this current divorce from Marina.
The Barrister wife. And the stress shes putting him under.

I'd say shes bustin his balls.

She'd be such a monumental headache as a barrister.
You'd be down the shop buying boxes of Paracetamol every afternoon.
To cope with divorcing her.

And then theres the fact he's just become Leader of The British Conservative Party.
And all the arseholes in that.

Boris Johnson needs to stay away from the ladies.
He's on record claiming that he thinks monogamy is an unreasonable expectation.


Perhaps this what the UK can expect from Boris as Prime Minister.

As...Hes not big on loyalty.
The thing is, Loyalty is not far from dependability. Dedication and integrity.

And hes gonna find he's under far bigger scutiny on how he approaches obligations. And his duties. And yes. His colourful sex life...
If he becomes Prime Minister.

Should have stayed with the wife.
Cheating men are enormously unpopular with female voters.
Look how they hated Bill Clinton in the U.S.
Such a liar.
Unknown said…
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T. W. said…
I would laugh if I weren't tired right now.
Chick'sOpinion said…
Christian. We need clarity.

We know Boris Johnson has developed a big fat headache over the pressure from Donald Trump.
And his determination to force partner countries the possibly go to War with Iran.
As Allies.

And in May, poor Boris stated that he supports the UK staying in the 2015 Iran Nuclear Deal.
A deal that eased the crippling sanctions on Iran. In exchange for Iran stopping the development of their nuclear program.

As ive mentioned before. As is well known, Trump sees this 2015 Iran Nuclear Deal as 'defective at it's core' and hates it.

So, Boris' attitude and his current position on this diplomatic nightmare isnt making Donald Trump very happy. He wants absolute backing from the UK on it.

In fact, Dear busy Boris even went to the U.S recently to talk Trump outa withdrawing from the 2015 Iran Nuclear Deal
Didnt work.

The odd thing is...
Watchdogs have reported that Iran is actually complying with the terms of the 2015 Iran Nuclear Deal. So WTF?

It would be interesting if we could know if this is actually true. Or theres a sub plot here.

Because the former UK Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon. Who was there when the 2015 Deal was designed and signed... said the following recently,

'The U.S President is right in his criticism of the rather flimsy aggreement and it should have never been called comprehensive'.

Someones lying here. In this dangerous Political Dillema.

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