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Birds of a Feather....


Anonymous said…
I wonder how Melania, her family and Ivana feel about that statement ? In fact how do his children feel about the statement considering their mum is an immigrant ?
Letty said…
What is happening to the democrats
They are a mess and is no wonder trump
Is successful in causing division among them

They all need to grow a back bone
Chick'sOpinion said…
And the Northern European countries are..

That Trump prefers the U.S focus on for Permanent Migration applicants.

Include Latvia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Iceland, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden and the U.K.

This is either part of his Aryan racial grouping dream.

Or he wants to introduce balance into the U.S population.

In terms of Ethnic Groups.

I have my own view of what he's up to.
Chick'sOpinion said…
The new U.S rule is...

Migrants who failed to apply for asylum in the countries they passed through before they crossed the border... into the U.S.

Will no longer be eligible for Protection from the U.S.

This new Govt rule will effectively deny all Central Americans fleeing persecution and poverty any protection.

Made worse I guess by the fact that Guatemala and Mexico have refused to participate in the this new rule. In what way I do not know.

I'm assuming this new rule has been introduced due to the unusual amount of migrants arrested crossing the U.S border lately.

Last count, 363,600 of them.
Jules said…
This sickens me to my very core.
Chick'sOpinion said…
On the bright side. There has recently been passed a Bill in the White House. To restrict Trump accessing Military Funding.

To go to War with Iran.

Or anyone.

The Restriction is not on solid ground yet. And may be overturned. Ammended.

To suit the War Mongerer faction in the Whitehouse.

That have wanted Military Intervention in Venezuela.

And North Korea

There definately seems to be a movement within the Whitehouse to take authorization of off Trump.

Thank God.

Principally I think because the U.S has been at War with someone for 10 years. Or more probably.

And no one wants another War in the Middle East. Specifically with Iran.
T. W. said…
That is not racial balance.

When he says Make America Great Again he really means Make Amerikkka Lily White Again.

Northern European nations rank higher on happiness and education scales. Why on earth would they want to come here?
T. W. said…
Click in my name/pic to know how I really feel about this.
T. W. said…


Keep praying. There is still hope:

Democratic lawmaker introduces articles of impeachment against Trump

Rep. Al Green to force impeachment vote against Trump

'Unfit to be president': Full text of House impeachment resolution on Trump


Congressman Al Green Files Articles of Impeachment for a Third Time

Congressman Al Green Will Force Vote on Impeachment of Donald Trump
Chick'sOpinion said…

I don't think it has anything to do with Racial Balance either.

It's just straight up Racism.
T. W. said…
Hi Chick'sOpinion! I read between the lines you wrote and figured you thought that.

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