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TOLD YA!!!!!!

No morals.......

The Uk's cheap version of Kim Kardashian.
Katie Price is engaged to still married Kris Boyson.
It's just a PR job.
So when the split happens.
That will be the truth...


Anonymous said…
She known for and excels at being outspoken.

Yes. It's a skill in my view. Cause, lets face it. some people just can't do it.

And unusally...she's a kinda Working Class abrasive character. While still holding down polite English manners.

How does she do it? Beats me.
And puzzles me.

But can she handle someone tellin her in a straightforward manner... very directly ...

That she needs to stop using drugs.
And fighting with ex's.

And havin fake PR relationships.
Chick'sOpinion said…
I've been following up. On what happened in the end ages ago...with Rapper, Nelly.

Who I love. Yeah I know. It's crazy. But seriously, I really like him. And his music.

Anyway. You will know he got accused of rape.

Well the interesting thing is. The girl who accused him of it very quickly asked Auburn Police Dept. (Wherever that is in the U.S)?

And King County Prosecutors Office.. to halt the investigation.

And she will not testify against him in criminal proceedings.


He's that hot. I hardly think he'd need to rape girls.

Pretty certain he has so many girls lining up.

I know I know. Rape isnt about that . It's about power. Anywho...

I was suspicious about this girl's claim from the start.

And he up and down claimed he's innocent.

Your thoughts on this TW.

Did one of Nelly's heavies put a gun to her head. And say...' continue with this and you will end up floating in the Missouri River?'

'Cause Nelly aint goin in the slamma',..

Maybe. Especially if it's made up crap.

And you know. He's 'from the Lou and he's proud'.

Sorry guys. But I love how he sings that.
T. W. said…
If anyone believes Katie Price was engaged to a boy-toy then I need to write my memoir about the time I was Barry Manilow's lesbian lover. I am serious.
T. W. said…
Either Katie Price is a biological Male or all them cosmetic procedures ruined her face and body.
T. W. said…
I know little about the Nelly rape case except his career has been ruined.

As for being too hot to need to rape people, if a person changes their mind after agreeing to sex acts, then everything needs to stop. I don't care how far they have gone.
Chick'sOpinion said…

Barry Manilow’s Lesbian lover. That’s soooo funny.

Love it.
T. W. said…
Chick'sOpinion, it's the truth. I swear.

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