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Anonymous said…
Please send this photo to all those that openly support the orange Buffoon.
Chick'sOpinion said…
So the Parade is over.

It has been described as 'a Salute to America. Displaying Military mite. And historical Triumphalism'.

An all round no holds barred, 'Military Fashion show'.

Well theres signs Melania is getting better at the clothing thing. But not the speaking. (Shes barred from that).

For a start, Melania, at Trump's Parade.. wore a white dress with a Rainbow stripe through it.

This has turned out a success. Because the Gay communuity are wondering if this a nod to Gay Pride. Perhaps it is. Who knows.

But one thing i do know is. It maybe would have pissed the U.S Ultraconservatives off.

So maybe Melania did get it wrong again.

All that matters is she didnt insult anyone directly. With a logo,

Sayin 'I don't care, do you?'

And in 2017, on Bastlle Day in France she got it right.
She wore a White dress with blue Cornflowes and Red Poppies on it.

Symbolizing the French Flag colours.

See everything they wear to Events has to be Symbolic guys. And definately not offensive. To anyone. Anything.

Trumps speech at the Parade. Mmmm.

Well if I was American. Id go for the

'We are all one together' part.

Cause that attitude is good for any country, Right?

But him sending out the plea to Americans.
To sign up for Military Service.
Trump would have fared better had he stood there and confessed that he solicited and got 5 Deferments from participating in the Vietnam War.
And is ashamed of it.
So dont do what i did.

But. Nope. He didnt admit or say anything like that.

T. W. said…
Threesomes with Ivanka...
Chick'sOpinion said…
Yes. And what worries me. Beyond his adoration of his self and his family.

Is how, because of the U.S Republican's aims and policies, children today are seeing on TV. So much argument over race.

It's often enough that they cannot possibly NOT develop a 'race awareness'.

And the concern is, sometimes born from this. Is Nationalistic fanaticism.

That's the worry.

It will be interesting to see then, in 2 decades.
What kind of people the Trump era produced.

So far, the Trump administration doesn't seem to have many extreme type goals for the education of U.S kids. Maybe thats a good thing.

Cause quite possibly the U.S could have ended up with something close to Nazi type ideology with Trump's ideas. And those nuts who follow him.

One thing I am aware of in regards to education..anywhere..

'a healthy democracy requires an educated citizenry'

But it's WHAT theyre learning though that counts.
And definately no nationalistic fanaticism.
T. W. said…
Donald Trump is the worst president Amerikkka has ever and will ever have. Subsequent presidents will not be unable to do his damage. Watch and see.
Anonymous said…

Trump and Ivanka are visiting Churchill's War Room, standing next to the twin bed where Churchill would take naps.

"Note the placement of Trump's hands. His thumbs are hooked behind the waist of his pants, gripping his belt. More specifically, his right index finger is pointing directly at his genital region. Trump's nonverbal behavior in this moment is dramatic and profoundly out of context. It's a Hyper-Alpha Sexual Display wherein Donald Trump is attempting to project an amalgam of his perceived virility and sexual dominance - along with his anger and sexual aggression.

Ivanka's head and neck are bowed. Her shoulders are slumped while her eyes are looking down - fixed and staring - primarily center-down, but slightly to her right. This is the direction of gaze associated with guilt, shame, regret, and sadness. She is caught off-guard and emotionally distressed. Donald is pointing at his genitals - while Ivanka is protecting hers. Donald is projecting sexual aggressiveness and anger - yet Ivanka is feeling submissive, shame, and sadness."

T. W. said…
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