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Get ready for the BIG ONE ..

So it seems according to the rumor mill.
That the wedding plans for,
Are going well...
Isn't that just delightful.
Well, if they get to the Altar..

It won't see the 2nd Anniversary.
Just think if the listened to me.
All the money he would save.....
Let alone the drama.....


Chick'sOpinion said…
Yeah well. Ive always said. Liam Hemsworth is a shameless user.
The only reason he started dating Miley Cyrus. Was to get Super A List Hollywood famous.

He told a cast member on the Australian soap opera Neighbours when he was very young and on that show. That 'he's going all the way to the top, thats what I want'.

Without Miley Cyrus... he would have got nowhere in Hollywood. He loves money too.

Once the marriage is done. Miley Cyrus and her use is no longer required. They may have a kid.

He would do that so his child is connected to a famous American family. He's that shallow.

Miley Cyrus has probably finally realised he's not in the least in love. Faking it.
She's grown up alot lately in some ways. And deserves better. Anyone does.

Sorry but nothing and nobody will convince me this superficial git. Is anything other than an aggressive social climber.

He fakes everything. He's an actor guys.

AND you only have to look at the size of the house his brother Chris Hemswoth built in an important bushland area, in trendy Byron Bay, Australia.

The house is the size of a Hospital. I'm not kidding.

The Hemsworths. Are well named. They are into anything and anyone... for what they are Worth.
Chick'sOpinion said…
Miley. Learn from Pat Benatar. She was right. Love is a Battlefield.
Anonymous said…
She is weird !
Anonymous said…
Liam Hemsworth, a shameless user?

Chick's Opinion, I don't think so! I think he would have made it big even without Miley Cyrus. Miley is a piece of work. During their first split, it was Miley who went loco, not Liam. Liam continued to work while Miley unravelled and got heavily into drugs.

So Liam's older brother built a huge home, so what? All famous people live in 10, 20,000+ sq. foot homes, all of them. He earned the money so why can't he live in a home the size of a hospital? To each his own.

Wow. Well, I mean, come on. How anybody could possibly think that Miss Cyrus would ever settle down and behave herself as Mrs. Hemsworth or anybody's Mrs. for that matter? She's lit on dope 90% of the time, she's got more money than she knows what to do with. I mean, she is just living in a fantasy land. High all the time.

I like Liam. Surprised he married her, they are so opposite. He seems to be calm, responsible, stable, normal.

I am not suggesting that Miley is a bad person, because I don't think she is. I do think dope is messing with her head and she is going to get crazier and crazier and crazier. She looks so much older than her real age.

I don't feel it's going to end well for her, sadly. I think she's going to die young.

CAP Anonymous
Chick'sOpinion said…
Obviously Liam just got his U.S Right to Work Green Card. And residency based on his spouse.

That wouldn't surprise me.

And that is why it's over. He's an Australian.

So is Nicole Kidman.
Her career took off in America cause she had immediate U.S residency. Cause she was actually born in Hawaii. Which is U.S territory.
Anonymous said…
Liam did not have to marry Miley Cyrus to get his Green Card. He could have married ANY American girl.

I can't speak for Nicole's situation, her career seemed to really take off after she divorced Tom Cruise. I think she received an Oscar shortly after.

Also, getting pregnant is usually a woman's game to trap a man, not a man's game. Men generally take marriage and having children quite seriously. Women, on the other hand, do not.

CAP Anonymous
Chick'sOpinion said…

I view Liam Hemsworth as what he is. A fellow Australian.

You are right on many points... that calm, stable image of Liam (don’t know about the responsible bit, Australian men aren’t known for being very responsible the majority)

Anyway those qualities you have noticed in Liam, is why I don’t believe he’s ever been in love with Miley. Your observations rather prove my point.

That his relationship with Miley... was a career decision. She’s not his type at all.

And I disagree I guess too too with your belief he would have succeeded without Miley’s Influence.

Hollywood is full of young blonde blue eyed hot men tryin to crack into the big time of Hollywood.

Liam Hemsworth’s chances were low. Principally because you need the right to work in the U.S as an actor.

And he is an Australian. With no known American ancestors. He would need to marry an American.

I guess. Look over it. I never claimed Miley was a great gf /wife catch. She’s shambolic I know. With drugs. I agree wholeheartedly with you on that.

Also, famous Australians don’t build Mansions the size of hospitals in my country. His brothers mansion in Byron Bay, Australia....shocked Australia.

For it’s ridiculousness. An Ostentatious rejection of the down to earth image those Hemsworth brothers claim to possess. And project.

Well I’m not buyin it.
Never have. Never will. They are total bread heads.

That’s what we used to call, them. Now it’s materialistic people. Hooked on money.
T. W. said…

Nicole Kidman might have dual US and Australian citizenship.
T. W. said…
Miley Cyrus has publicly stayed s/he will never have children.

I don't feel sorry for her. She is busy living her best life and posting pics and video on social media. You can watch her dance like a stripper in her thong bikini on her Instagram. You can also watch her kiss and stuff with Brody Jenner's ex-wife online if you want.

I think Miley cared more about Liam than he did about her. I have made comments here, asking y'all to notice the body language. Miley is always touching Liam, while looking very happy. Liam is always looking off to the distance, his head pointed in a other direction. Body language doesn't lie.

Also, Chris Hemsworth is more famous in America than his brother Liam. I have read that the Hemsworth Family is more conservative and Miley had to tone things down to get Liam to marry her.

I think Liam dodged a silver bullet. Miley Cyrus has permanent psychological issues. That's what happens to MK Ultra victims. Laugh and call me crazy if you want.

Miley Cyrus Says Being Married To Liam Hemsworth Makes Her A New Age Queer Person

Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth Split After Less Than A Year Of Marriage (And She Was Seen Kissing Brody Jenner’s Ex)

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth break up after less than a year of marriage
Chick'sOpinion said…
CAP Anonymous

Pretty certain nothing you say will make me change my mind about Liam Hemsworth. Or his brother.

They are not the simple life ‘surfy’ Australian dudes they claim to be. There no evidence to support that ‘image’. It’s P.R crap.

I know REAL down to earth Australian ‘surfer’ dudes. Plenty of Aussies do. And they wouldn’t build mansions the sizes of hospitals in Australian virgin bushland. Even if they had the money.

If you like him so much. My suggestion. Flick him an email.

Cause as know, Liam’s just become available.
T. W. said…
When it comes to the Hemsworth Brothers I I'll defer to Chick'sOpinion. Her opinion has been spot on before. Also, she's Australian just like them so she understands better than I do.

I have no problem with CAP Anonymous sharing opinions. We are friends here, not a cult.

I pray we all remain friends.
Melic21 said…
Very convenient that miley is caught the day of the split kissing a girl, I mean they are as bad as each other and both were in a contract arrangement to improve each other's PR, it's Hollyweird after all! Thanks again CD spot on xx
Chick'sOpinion said…

Yeah it wouldn’t surprise me if Nicole Kidman had Dual Citizenship, Australian And American. As I doubt the U.S would have asked her to relinquish her Australian passport as a requirement for residentcy in the U.S.

Yes. She had practical things on her side to succeed in terms of being able to apply for American citizenship. But the crucial one too was Tom Cruise noticing her in her first big movie, 1989 Dead Calm. With Billy Zane and Sam Neil. And Tom Cruise immediately cast her in his next big movie.. cause he fancied her. And then he married her.

Suddenly the world discovered Nicole Kidman.

Unknown actors need to be seen as a couple with big famous actors. It’s never been any different.

Had Tom Cruise not married her. And given her the next big movie...seriously, she would never made it in the U.S I don’t think.

She was an Australian nobody.

There’s way too much competition.
Someone as feisty and determined as Cate Blanchett would have. And did. She’s like Katherine Hepburn. So much so. She played the part of Hepburn in a movie with Leonardo Di Caprio. But she has the added talent of doing Theatre as well. She made it on her own.

Without coupling up with anybody. Or having pretend PR romances with established actors.

And anyway, she married already. To an Australian. Who is a director or producer. Quite unknown outside of Australia.
T. W. said…

Nicole does not need US residency as she is a US citizen by birth. Unless she denounced her Australian citizenship then she is a dual citizen with two passports.
T. W. said…
I want to say again, people born on American soil do not need to apply for US citizenship. It does not matter if one or both parents are not American citizens.

Nicole Kidman was born in Hawaii. That makes her an American citizen. She obviously did not denounce it once she was legally able to do so because she lives and works here. A person cannot regain American citizenship after they voluntarily relinquish it.

Parents cannot take away a minor child's citizenship.

Some countries do not allow dual citizenship. For example, Japanese law requires citizens to make a decision once they turn 21 years of age.

I hope this clears confusion.
Chick'sOpinion said…


Yeah the kissing a girl stunt by Miley on the day of the split was a carefully planned media stunt. I agree.

Agree agree. T.W about Passports right to work.

The interesting thing is. In some countries being born there and growing up somewhere else. Automatically may define you a citizen. But it doesn't give you the automatic right to apply for a Passport there. Or residency.

This is true for the UK.
For a start you have to have been born in the UK by a certain date. But grew up in a British Commonwealth Country or British Territory.

AND one of your parents must be British and a British Passport holder.

AND... your parents were married prior to 1988... I think the year is. AND were married at the time of your birth in the UK.

So sorry, children of illegitimate birth. Need not apply.

And. Even if you get the UK Passport, you may not get residency. That's a different application altogether.

Yesss. The devil is in the detail. And all these passport/residency rules are designed to keep people OUT. And so much discrimination is involved.

The U.S... like all Western Counties, are also becoming totally intolerant of applicants with criminal records.

And another thing i want to note. Liam Hemsworth could not 'have married/dated any American' as someone in the comments said.

For big fame...And get finally noticed by Hollywood... he needed to marry/date an established super popular famous American. One who is constantly in the news. And working.

Miley is perfect for that. Controversial, kinda stupid, cause of drugs and clear psychological issues.

And i agree, yes. TW, Liam Hemsworth's family would have been worried/horrified by some of Miley's more extreme behavior.

I feel sorry for Miley Cyrus in many ways. She thought she was loved.

Nope. She was used. Happens to all people at some point. But not in such a public embarrassing way.
T. W. said…
I agree.

Miley is a product of the Disney machine. That means she has handlers. She could not have married Liam without permission from the handlers.
Chick'sOpinion said…

And yes. Agree. Miley' s body language and Liam's always demonstrates, he's not as into her. As she is into him.

Can't blame her. He's a good lookin guy.

But 'ya better watch out for the skin deep'. As the song goes. Or that more recent song, by G.R.L applies here too, Ugly Heart.

'Okay you're pretty, your face is a work of art...But it's such a pity a boy so pretty with an ugly heart'

You just have to face that fact in life. That good lookin people's faces hide a shallow hearts. Sometimes.

Miley's, no different to anybody else. In her experience in this.

But what Liam isn't prepared for. Is, how many people are gonna take Miley's side in this. Her family have influence. And he may lose popularity a bit.

Most younger people will not know this. Older people may. But actor, Tony Curtis and his career. Were destroyed when he left his wife, Janet Leigh.

Janet Leigh was much older, an established famous actress. When Mr pretty boy unknown actor, Tony Curtis married her in 1951.

Once uber famous, he left her. Her friends in the Movie industry saw that it was just exploitation. Of Janet Leigh. So they ensured he didn't get a decent movie role again.

He struggled as an actor from then on. By his own admission in his autobiography. There was a clear ban on him.
Anonymous said…
Chick`s Opinion August 12, 2019 at 7:15 AM,

YOU SAID: Pretty certain nothing you say will make me change my mind about Liam Hemsworth. Or his brother.
MY RESPONSE: That`s fine, I respect that. I am not trying to change your mind, I was only offering my thoughts on this subject.

YOU SAID: They are not the simple life ‘surfy’ Australian dudes they claim to be. There no evidence to support that ‘image’. It’s P.R crap.
MY RESPONSE: I agree with you, they are not the simple life `surfy`Australian dudes anymore. They are famous, wealthy and have lucrative careers. Surfy dudes, usually do not have much money. No wonder they cannot afford a mansion. Just because one is wealthy does not mean they don`t love the things they did prior to being famous, such as surfing. You can still love your hobbies and still live large. Surfy dudes do not generally have a lot of money unless they are well known. American surfer, Laird Hamilton (one of my faves) and his lovely surfer wife, live large. $$$$$$$

YOU SAID: I know REAL down to earth Australian ‘surfer’ dudes. Plenty of Aussies do. And they wouldn’t build mansions the sizes of hospitals in Australian virgin bushland. Even if they had the money.
MY RESPONSE: Well, to each his own. Whatever makes them happy. If I had the Hemsworth income, I too, would build a large home on a private estate. I like space, privacy. I like horses, dogs. The dudes you know probably aren`t famous actors and aren`t rich. You really don`t know what people would do with money until they have some. People say things sometimes because they can`t imagine having money or being rich.

YOU SAID: If you like him so much. My suggestion. Flick him an email.
Cause as know, Liam’s just become available.
MY RESPONSE: Not sure where this comment comes from, but let me just say this. I may not always agree with you or others for that matter, who post on this site, but I think I do so respecfully. I am not a fake person, I`m real, and I am the nicest b*tch you`ll ever meet. Please do not take it so personal if I do not agree with you. Once you post on this site, it`s up for review and discussion. People may not agree with things I post, and I respect that. I really enjoy reading your posts, yours, and TW, are my two top poster faves. Sending you a big cyber hug!

CAP Anonymous
T. W. said…
Didn't Jamie Lee Curtis say Tony was an absentee father?

Prince was right about The Beautiful Ones
Chick'sOpinion said…

If Tony Curtis was absentee. It was because he split with Jaime Lee Curtis's mother very early.
T. W. said…
That is true. I remember them not being very close.
T. W. said…
1. Failure to Change

2. Toned Down Fast for Wedding
T. W. said…
Hi CAP Anonymous!

Chick'sOpinion was joking when she said to send Liam an email. I've read enough of her posts to understand her writing style.
It's easy to take this gas the wrong way online. I should know. Ha ha ha!

I'm glad we are all still friends.

With love,

T. W.
Chick'sOpinion said…

Thanks for that. But this isn't the first argumentative outburst here for CAP Anonymous.

CAP Anonymous demands tolerance and respect. But sadly. Does not feel she is obliged to return it. Offer it.

It's a glaring double standard. And I find it rather odd.

I recall... a similar outrageous, unpleasant outburst directed at you, by CAP Anonymous, on this blog. Not that long ago.

And it disappointed me.

From here on....I'm neither reading. Or responding to posts by CAP Anonymous. Because I find her idiotic argumentative responses to my comments....a time consuming bore.

It's been pointed out to her before. This is a friendly blog. We dont insult eachother. And or, argue for the sake of having conflict. If we disagree. Rarely. We know how to do it with tact and manners.

She doesn't. And Is worryingly paranoid too.

We are friendly and fun here. Always.

I feel CAP Anonymous is trying to change the friendliness of this blog.

The motivation for doing that I'll leave up to CD.

Is she a troll? Or something darker. Don't know.
Chick'sOpinion said…

I will quote you. We are friends, stronger together.

This is a great blog. As you know better than me. Everyone who participates. Reads it. Has a good time. And it has good vibes.

People who participate, read it, have a light hearted sense of humour. Not an agenda.

Even when the predictions are not positive. We keep it kind. Or amusing, factual or interesting.

You excel at all these.
T. W. said…

Thank you for your kind words!

I agree with you. I was trying to salvage friendship, but you are right. Sometimes we have to walk away.

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