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Told ya #1 Social Climber by Tatler..


Chick'sOpinion said…
The Editors of Tatler Magazine must really dislike her. Its a pretty low blow to say that so publically.

And outrageous to say that about a Royal. That would be usually off limits.

Well I think Meghan Markle has her eye on the future.
A future without being married to Harry.
And not being in the Royal family.... who clearly dislike her.

I can imagine they are being quite nasty to her. And it would be hell. But they would feel fully justified in the nastiness. Because they know shes a shameless Gold digger.
With no breeding.

I think Meghan's focussed on her financial future, lifestyle and her identity after all of this is over.

She's all about money. And I don't beleive her aims are normal. She just doesn't just want an ordinary middle class level of affluence.

She wants billionaire level extravagance.

I agree with Christian. She's looking to revive her career. Or keep the flame of it alive.

Cause if she has maybe one more baby. She will bail. And then re-marry.

She'll be scanning glossy magazines and sites like Vanity Fair, Vogue,Tatler, for names of Billionairs she can net. Later.

I doubt she'll get a career back in Movies, TV shows again.

Little matter. She'll marry again. To a very wealthy man. Someone who has real money.
And with that there'll be no limits on her personal freedom.
Or opinions.
She will be a socialite. The type you see in magazines like Tatler. Who does Charity functions. To look 'good'.

I don't think Prince Harry has the kind of income level she wants. Or thought he had access to.

Its a shame shes so money orientated. Because she would make a good female politician for Women's issues.

Ask yourself. Why is she branding herself? Through social media and magazines? Royals don't do that.
Answer. Her future.
Without Harry.
Chick'sOpinion said…
And she's the wrong age.
Meghan Markle is too old to acheive the social media saturation point she wants. To earn big money.

And she's old in Hollywood terms too.

I know I know, shes only 39.

But that's old for the market level shes aiming at.
Cara Delevigne is a good example as to why Sussexroyal is ever going to have limited success.

Cara Delevigne is young. She appeals to a whole generation. And one coming up. And makes a huge amount of money from modelling for major brands. And she makes a huge amount from her Instagram.

There's no way Meghan can compete with a younger generation on these terms. She's dreaming.

And once shes no longer married to Harry. As a woman in her 40's. Really...Who will be interested. The interesting thing about her that shes a Royal.

I'm not sayin life ends at 40. But marketing people look directly at these circumstances.
They have to.
Chick'sOpinion said…
So is it a coincidence? Or perfectly planned.

Because the Editor of Tatler magazine, Richard Dennen is a personal friend of Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge.
He studied Art History at St Andrews University at the same time as Kate. Yes. They're well known good chums.

Did this Tatler Editor, Richard Dennen and Kate hatch this plan. This article? To expose Meghan. Well I have my suspicions they did.

The article in Tatler uses pretty heavy language about Meghan.
Saying of Meghan, 'she has reached the pinnacle of the greasy pole'.

I had a visual of Pole Dancing when I read that.

Anyway. This Tatler Editor, Richard Dennen, would have definately run this article idea past Kate before he even thought about running it in Tatler.

Because it's about a Royal. And smears Meghan's character. And intentions.

Also, it was Tatler magazine... who was the first to reveal that Palace staff referred to Meghan as Me-Gain describe her

Wonder who he learned that bit of info off.

Well, I think Kate.

I think she moans to her friend Richard how Meghan is driving them all crazy.

And he says, 'OK, wouldn't it be funny if I ran an article'.

I don't think Kate is naturally bitchy. But I think her patience has been tested with the amount of things Meghan has been allowed to get away with.

And the conflict shes caused.

Seems its Karma Time in the glossies.
Letty said…
She did climb to the top marrying Harry!
Quiet said…

Noooooh !!!

Her name is Me-Me Me-Again
Chick'sOpinion said…

I think the extent of her Me Me Me way of operating. Is facing a big challenge. For once in her life I think.

She's not used to havin to consider anyone but herself in decisions. Which is normal when you are single and childless.

The Palace laying down the law would have been a shock to Meghan's system. Especially at her age.

Perhaps this is why she finds herself in this circumstance. To learn something. About considering others.

She's become a parent quite late in life. Unfortunately being childless till your late 30's can produce a lack of maturity in some people I've noticed. I said some!

And also complete self involvement. In some.'s very common.

Also. Meghan seems from my research to be a typical only child. The focus has always been just on her.

She had alot of stepsiblings right? ... who were much older. But rarely lived with them. If ever.
And she is the only child of the union between her father and mother, Doria.

So she would have been the centre of their universe growing up. And now.

Does she have 'Only Child Syndrome'? I think so.
Having brothers and sisters forces you psychologically to learn to share attention, general sharing and consideration of others. In a variety of key ways.

I think Meghan missed out on that development. The majority of only children do. Simply because of their circumstances.

So its not just Meghan being a Leo. And the negative 'attention loving' aspects of that sign. It's her upbringing too.
T. W. said…

I thought "greasy pole" was a reference to men...
T. W. said…
Dear Duchess Catherine Cambridge -

If you are behind the Tatler story, GOOD!

This makes me like you more. Never be afraid to tell it like it is.

God bless you always.

With love,

T. W.
T. W. said…
I don't know about step-siblings, but I do know Meghan has half-siblings. None of them have anything nice to say about her.

She is making us Lovely Leos look bad.
Chick'sOpinion said…

Greasy poles.. pole dancers And men. It all conjures up a vision of sleazyness to me.

Yes. I firmly believe Duchess Kate has been planting the story in Tatler magazine.

Meghan has no idea how connected the British upper Classes are. And how full on they network. When they have to.

'Can you hear the drums Meghan,

I remember long ago another starry night like this.

In the fire light Meghan.

You were humming to yourself and softly strumming your guitar

I could hear the distant drums

And sounds of bugle calls were coming from afar'

Sorry guys !!! I just went all Abba for some reason.
T. W. said…
No worries Chick’sOpinion!
T. W. said…
No worries Chick’sOpinion!
Chick'sOpinion said…

Yes agree. Meghan is defiling the image of Leo's around the world.

It's got to be stopped.
Anonymous said…
Kate is a gold digger who changed schools to stalk William. She also wore that dress walking half naked knowing he would be there showing her male body. They are the same. All faked pregnancies. None of the royals are decent human beings. She joined a group of vipers. So if she is one, like attracts like.

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