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Friday thought....


Anonymous said…
Typical ! Expect nothing more of the misogynist.
T. W. said…
1) I hoped he was averting his eyes but now I don’t think so. Only he knows.

2) That is not the appropriate way for a human being to sit down into a chair.

3) Seems like Paula is looking for husband number 4.

4) If Christ makes us (Christians) beautiful then why does she keep having plastic surgery? Oh. That’s right. People that have demons in them have bizarre facial features. They do not look quite human. They get the surgery and blame the surgery. They forget that demonic possession shows in the eyes. You can’t alter the window to your soul, the lamp of your body.
T. W. said…
Minister Paula White allegedly wants Donald Trump Sr.’s rod and staff to comfort her...
T. W. said…

Please go to DListed news & gossip site. Just watch the 3 videos, skip the article.

Christian is right. Trump family are grifters.

Donald Trump. Jr is childish, hateful, ill-informed, dumber than a box of rocks, and needs his handler, uh, I meant his wife to handle him.

T. W. said…
Christian told us about the Trump Show...

1) Open Post: Donald Trump wants to host another Apprentice TV series

2) Donald Trump In Talks To Make 'The Apprentice: White House'

3) Kanye West Asks Crowd 'What Y'all Laughing At?' When He Announces 2024 Presidential Run
Unknown said…
Kanye West claims he's changing his name to Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West
🤔.Thats funny lol. Any prediction on Kanye? He wants to run for president in 2024.
Chick'sOpinion said…
It wouldn't surprise me all to learn that Trump is shagging Paula...that so called Spiritual Adviser.
Chick'sOpinion said…

It just gets funnier and funnier with Kanye.

I wonder if his Gospel influenced new music does well.

I'm fearful he's got a Cult Leader vibe.

Which he doesn't really deserve.

And I feel that's not his intention.

He's just gone crazy about religion lately.

He doesn't seem to have a nasty bone in his body.

Just seems high on life and religion.

I'd say money problems are plaguing him.

And as Christian mentioned ages ago. The starting the Church shit. Is a money making venture.

And that's wrong.

Does Kim share her wealth with Kanye?

I'm thinkin no.

Because why would he be thinking up ridiculous ventures like this church of his.

Perhaps that money hungry Vulture, Kris Jenner. Put it in Kanye's head. To start a Church.

For money.

And like a fool that he can be. He agreed.
T. W. said…
Kris Kardashian is his Illuminati Handler.

Kanye and his children are trapped in the Kardashian Kult Klutches (kkk).

That ends today.

I asked for a prayer circle for Kanye & the children here:
T. W. said…
Kanye West considering changing his name to Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West

Kanye West’s Vision Of The Future Is Both Hilarious And Horrifying
Chick'sOpinion said…
So another woman claims she was raped by Director Roman Pokanski. Back in the 70's.

This time French actress, Valentine Monnier in Switzerland in 1975.

Well. I believe all of these claims by these women.

Principally because I watched an interview with Roman Polanski. And Clive James.

The interview was about in early 80's.

Old Clive James casually confronted Polanski about the 1977 rape of a U.S minor that Polanski admits he did.

And Clive James asked for some explanation for the incident.

As they had been talking about Polanski's wife's murder by the Manson Family.

Polanski said, words to effect of,

'You know...a man in grief does all sorts of things'.

It's the first I've heard.

That a man is affected by grief so rapes young women.


Lame excuse.

Like Polanski's rapes. There were alot in this period. And the majority went unreported.

Roman Polanski, like alot of rapists in that period would have known he would get away with it.

And most did.

What I find odd about the astonishingly talented Polanski. Is that you would think after such a horrific life.

He'd seek peace.

All forms of it.

He started life in the Krakow Ghetto in Poland in World War 2. I say started. But really before 6 years old he had a normal life.

But never again.

He escaped the Krakow Ghetto by passing through a small hole in the fence. After both his mother and father had been taken to Concentration Camps.

He did everything to survive as a kid after this.
In hiding. Until the War ended.

Then with all his fame in the U.S as a director. His marriage to a American actress...Then suddenly his pregnant wife and all their friends are murdered by the Charles Manson Family killers.

I believe he had a personality change after those murders. Even by his own admission.

He became a permanently sour pessimist. And drove himself crazy for 2 years trying to establish who murdered his wife and their friends.

Director, Stanley Kubrick tried to help him in this period. And did to a degree.

I believe Roman Polanski should have been seeing a psychologist for years after those murders.

But he didn't.

He just went on working , boozing, taking drugs.
And clearly raping the occasional young girl.

And he harboured a deep anger and hatred for the Press. Because of how they lied about so many things during the reporting of his wifes murder.

He has been a fugitive, if that's the word. Since his 1977 trial for the rape of a U.S minor.
He fled to Europe before the next Court date.

When he learned that the U.S Judge was gonna jail him. Despite his Plea Bargain.

Roman Polanski has had an extraordinary life. Extremely sad. But also incredibly lucky.

If he remains in Europe till his death.
He will never have to face the charges in the U.S

Further, even though he is a part time resident of France. And his new victim is French.

The French Statute of Limitations prevent Valentine Monnier getting justice for the 1975 rape.
Chick'sOpinion said…
Roman Polanski has survived death innumerable times.

How many people can claim that? Not many.

He survived a bombing as a kid in WW2.

Survived being shot for fun by German soldiers when he was picking berries alone.

Survived the Krakow Ghetto liquidation

Survived being stabbed 5 times in the head by a 3x times murderer over the sale of a bicycle in Poland.

There more but I won't list them.

I wonder if after what he experienced as a young person. It has caused him to think gettin raped is no big deal.

He would see it as something you won't die from.

But even that's debatable.

From what I know about his life. He definately used his real life experiences in one of the movies he made, The Pianist.
T. W. said…
No one becomes a rapist overnight. Perhaps the stabbing in the head altered his brain? Perhaps he is just a creep? I don’t know.
T. W. said…
The latest rape allegations are credible.

Roman Polanski Has Been Accused By French Actress Valentine Monnier Of Raping Her In 1975


Variety reports that, in an interview with French daily Le Parisien on Friday, Valentine Monnier, 62, accused Polanski, 86, of raping her when she was 18 at a ski chalet in Gstaad, Switzerland. She says that she was motivated to speak out due to Polanski’s latest flick An Officer and a Spy opening in France next week.


Brace yourself for horrid details. Valentine says Polanski was naked when she got there. She claims he hit her and ripped off her clothes before raping her. She also says that he tried to force a pill down her throat.


In the interview, Valentine talked about how what allegedly happened is always with her and how it’s fucked up that France’s 20-year statute of limitations means Polanski can’t be charged with a crime. By the way, Le Parisien spoke with witnesses who corroborated Valentine’s story, noting that she told them about the incident right afterward. Polanski’s French lawyer says that Roman “strongly denies the allegations.”
T. W. said…
Roman Polanski Accused of Raping French Actress in 1975

The new Polanski case: a French woman accuses him of rape
Valentine Monnier assures that the filmmaker raped her in 1975. Several witnesses confirm her story. This is the first French to accuse the director, who disputes the facts.

La nouvelle affaire Polanski : une Française l’accuse de viol
Valentine Monnier assure que le cinéaste l’a violée en 1975. Plusieurs témoins nous confirment son récit. C’est la première Française à accuser ainsi le réalisateur, qui conteste les faits.
Chick'sOpinion said…

Valid point. That the stabs to the head changed Roman Polanski's personality. Very possible.

Brain injuries can change people to highly sexualized behaviour too. That's a fact.

I've never doubted any of the accusations. Roman Polanski is definately a predator.

But unlike Harvey Weinstein. Roman Polanski stopped this behaviour at some stage.

He appears to have stopped when he was charged in L.A in 1977.

What is shocking. Is how violent the rapes he did are. Thank you for including the article from Vanity Fair etc. About it.

He definately drugged the U.S minor he raped, 13 year old at the time, Amanda Geimer. In L.A all those years ago in 1977.

She's weird though. She communicated with him. Over the years. After it.

And her parents, like alot of parents who want their kid to have fame, left her willingly at that house that night, with 2 men. Jack Nicholson and Roman Polanski.

In hopes they could get their daughter in the movies.

I'm not blaming the victims. I'm blaming the choices of parents.

This issue about Polanski is saying alot. In the timely era of #metoo.

But it should highlight also. How savagely ambitious 'entertainment' parents will put their kids in clearly at 'risk to paedophiles' situations.

Regardless of the risk.

Hollywood is full of Pedos. And as you know, that's been proved over and over.

But no. The parents. And often the kid too, want fame and money more than life itself.

And will literally risk anything to get that.

Kids are total victims in the entertainment industry in my view. It's always been that way. Sadly.

Well as i said, unlike Harvey Wynstein, Roman Polanski stopped raping. Seems so...after he was charged in the U.S in 1977.

But perhaps some more Europeans will accuse him.

What a sordid unpleasant end. To an amazing career as a successful director.

He's been expelled from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Roman Polanski's character was portrayed in Quentin Tarantino' s most recent film about Polanski and Sharon Tate. I refer to the movie, Once Upon A Time In America.

A polish actor, Rafal Zawierucha plays him.

And he definately looks like a young Roman Polanski.

It's also sad that Roman Polanski's Polish filmmaker friend was murdered too, in Shsron Tate's house that night.

But Polanski, being the unluckiest and luckiest man ever. Was in London filming at the time of the murders.
T. W. said…

Polanski didn’t quit, he just hid it better. Some rapists rape only when they have been under extreme stress.

Besides, I think the French actress was raped in the 1980s but I do not recall.

I agree with you about the parents too. They know what will happen.
T. W. said…

I apologize to you. Please forgive me.

The French actress said the attack occurred in 1975.
Chick'sOpinion said…
The creative world won't miss Harvey Weinstein. He had no creative talent. He was just a producer.

In fact he more often destroyed Creative people's talent and opportunities.

All the time.

Roman Polanski on the other hand is hugely creative. And talented.

And alot of directors. Directors like him, do not get enough protection in the film industry. From abusive characters like Harvey Weinstein.
When a director needs funding from them for a film.

And Harvey Weinstein not the only one. Not by a long shot. And many directors are just as dangerous.

I want say too. That Roman Polanski has become the scape goat for all who are currently doing the same thing in Hollywood and music industry.

And alot of them getting away with it. Even now.

I believe they are putting the total focus on Polanski. Because he's a foreigner. And he's old.

There are currently a huge number of Sexual predators currently active in these industries. That they are either deliberately hiding. Or are being protected. By the media.

And I've done some research on who some of the known predators are.

Let's name names.

TEEN Vogue researched and came up with a list of people in the Entertainment and music industry who have been accused of Sexual Harassment. Or Assault.

Andrew Kreisberg. Suspended for sexual harassment of women

Andy Dick. Fired from the film Raising Buchanan for groping and unwanted kissing, licking and sexual propositions to people on the set.

Anthony Anderson. Assaulted a woman when she met him to discuss business.

Aziz Ansari. Tried to force a woman into sex after Emmys Party

Ben Affleck. Groping women's breasts

Ben Veeren. Forced a women to perform oral sex on him. Frequently naked around cast at a theatre.

Bob Weinstein. Sexually harassed Executive Producer Amanda Segal

Brett Ratner.Forced model to perform oral sex on him. Sexually harassed actress Olivia Munn

Charlie Sheen. Raped Corey Haim when he was 13. And he was 19.

Chris Savino. Sacked from Nickelodeon for multiple instances of Sexual harrassment.

David Guillod. Drugged and raped actress Jessica Barth

Danny Masterson. fired from Netflix for multiple unwanted sexual assaults.

Dustin Hoffman. Harassed groped and sexually harassed actress Anna Graham Hunter in the 1980's

Ed Westwick. Raped Gossip Girl actress Kristina Cohen

Gary Goddard. Molested E.R actor Anthony Edwards when he was a child actor.

George Takei. Drugged and tried to rape Actor and former model, Scott R Brunton

James Franco. Pushed actress Violet Paley's head towards his penis. Then tried to lure a 17 year old to his home. He actually did that to another 17 year old.

James Toback. Sexually harassed actresses, Ellen Pompeii, Rachael McAdams and Selma Blair

Jeffery Tambor. Improper behaviour towards a transgender person

Jeremy Priven. Fondled model Ariane Bellamar. And sexually harassed her. Also rubbed his genitals on till he ejaculated on Advertising Executive, Tiffany Bacon.

John Lassetter. Sacked from Pixar for sexual misconduct

Kevin Spacey. Unwanted sexual advances

Louis C.K. Exposed himself and masturbated in front of multiple women

Mark Schwahn. Cast and crew of the Show, One Tree Hill accused him of multiple incidents of Sexual harassment

Matthew Weiner. Told his assistant Kater Gordon that they must be seen by him naked.

So as you can see guys. Roman Polanski is far from the only one.
T. W. said…
Teen Vogue forgot to mention Dan Schneider. Interesting...
T. W. said…
Why aren't any females listed? Women can be sexual predators too. Ask Miley Cyrus about it...

I've read some gossip about Jodie Foster too. Ask Kristin Stewart about it...
Chick'sOpinion said…

Good question

And I think Miley Cyrus is a sexual deviant.

It's only my own view.

But kick on a few years.

And imagine how sleazy and disgusting Miley Cyrus's sexual deviance is going to be perceived when she is 40.

It's not about her being gay.

It's about her deep interest in S and M.

And high risk abhorrant sex acts.

And it wouldn't surprise me in the least to learn she has sex with animals.

Her most recent video of her song, Mothers Daughter is a clear window into how she conducts her sleazy life.

Plus shes addicted to drugs.

So perhaps in some merciful way she won't make it to age 40.

Cause 40 is gonna look seedy and skanky in her.
T. W. said…
Hi Chick’sOpinion!

I agree with you.

Madonna looks like a nun compared to Miley Cyrus. I honestly think Miley does have sex with animals. That is a feeling I have.

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