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Only in Hollywood Prince Harry... Script Writer ha ha...

As if the Netfizz deal wasn't enough of a farce.
Prince Harry, has been writing scripts.
Two of them comedies. 
No need to wrry tough.
All of the scripts are CRAP...


Elegant Elephant said…
Why are you so HATEFUL??!!
T. W. said…
But, I thought he was starting as a hostage in a new show called "The Runaway Prince"?

Perhaps he should write scripts about randy royals, boring royals, and backstabbing royals. Wait. Isn't that Downton Abbey?
T. W. said…
I meant "starring", not "starting."

And no, I have never seen Downton Abbey. Nor do I want to.

Also, pointing out facts is not being hateful.

We are praying for Prince Harry & Baby Archie. Duchess Meghan is using them. She has turned Prince Harry into a laughingstock. Just read any American tabloid. Also, notice that fewer people want anything to do with them since they left England to live a private life as ordinary citizens in the public eye while living in the paparazzi capital of the world.

Duchess Sussex meets the Clinical definition of having a Cluster B Personality disorder. Those people are dangerous. I will not rehash this as we have discussed these disorders on this site in great detail already.
Sally said…
Sally says,

Hi Christian,

Did Harry and Meghan really pay off tax payers for Frogmore or was it Prince Charles?

Will Harry still give Meghan divorce papers for Christmas?

Thank you,
Apple Monkey said…
Elegant Elephant - welcome. Christian is simply being honest. Harry did not study English. I am sure there are many exceptional writers who deserve the chance more than Harry
Via said…
I agree with Elegant Elephant, spreading hate is not right CD and it’s not just with Harry. You are full of hate to many celebrities including President Trump, how can you have such hate for people you don’t know and have never even met!
Psychic Gossip said…
Via Truth isnt hate.. Now apart from Trump whom I haven't met. How did you know I haven't met Harry? When I lived in London I literally lived down the street from Kensington Palace. CLUE? Plus I do tell famous people to their faces TRUTH.
Please don't accuse me of spreading hate.
TRUTH isnt an opinion.
Perhaps if these people behaved they wouldn't get into trouble.
Exapmle the Irony of Jerry Falwell and his sexapades CDX
T. W. said…
Hello Via!

How do you know Christian has not met these celebrities? Most of his clients are celebrities. Some of his friends are celebrities. Some of the visitors to this site are celebrities.
Chick'sOpinion said…
CD Totally agree.
I guess....If you talk about the facts of war as an example.
Is it hate?
Is it an opinion?
No. They are facts. The truth.
And in the example of war, every war has it established outcomes.
Who establishes the truth? About how a war started?
Well alot of people. Alot of different nationalities, eyewitnesses.
Using the evidence that is available.
And there's usually plenty of it.
Yes. It's the Fog Of War that sometines causes wars.
But it's not too long before the truth emerges during a war.
And after it.
I find it really annoying. That evidence based information is being ignored these days too.
And replaced with nonsense.
Well all I can say is...nonsense doesn't stand up for 5 seconds in a court of law.
Actually it doesn't even get lodged at court.

CD I'm glad you defended your truth.
Because there is a complete separation with the meaning and purpose of truth.
And the emotion of hate.
Quiet said…
Via Truth

Did you know or ever meet trump or harry between 1989 and 1999?i have met them BOTH. Donald always was a rip off artist asshole and Harry was a little shit when I met him with his mother and he is just a big shit now.

If you only know trump from the apprentice tv show from 2003 to 2015 when his show got cancelled then please GO some historical research before you speak.
Apple Monkey said…
Via - this is Christian’s blog. He has the right to air his views. The last time we checked, it was a democratic world. CD does know celebrities.

Omg Quiet - that’s amazing you have met both Trump and Harry. They say it is the quiet ones you have to watch. Are you surprised by Harry’s behaviour?

T. W. said…

We need details!

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