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RAGE Donald Trump by Bob Woodward... TRUMPS OWN VOICE...

Bob Woodward

Is really going to
It's in 
his very own voice...


T. W. said…
Watch people deny this. The book isn't even out yet.
T. W. said…
Christian's Q-Anon reading:

AP Exclusive: Pence to attend event hosted by QAnon backers
T. W. said…
Christian, you have a Told Ya already!

NBC Nightly News played portions of a recording of Trump saying he downplayed the seriousness of the pandemic on purpose & he will continue to do so.

His press secretary is full of $hit.

People are telling us not to believe our own ears.
T. W. said…
More Told Ya's:

1) One thousand Georgia residents caught double-voting in primaries may face felony charges

2) Woodward: Trump admitted on tape that he downplayed the seriousness of coronavirus

3) Cardi B hired private investigator after teenage Trump supporter posted her address online

4) Report: ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ Canceled after family demanded pay increase

Chick'sOpinion said…
Prince Harry isn't the only one who currently believes they can write screenplays.
Madonna is currently working on one about her life.
She's doing this with Diablo Cody.
Diablo Cody, real name Brook Maurio really IS talented as a writer.
But she will have her work cut out for her in a collboration with Madonna.
Cause Madonna is a full-out control freak.

If Madonna has a big hand in any story about her.
I won't bother watching it.
Because she will NOT allow anything negative about her on a screen. In a book.
Madonna is tough. Defends her truth and image admirably.
But unfortunately she's quite an ego maniac.
And that gets in the way of truth.
Especially in autobiographical things.
Chick'sOpinion said…
Diablo Cody wrote the movie Juno and United States Of Tara
Lovely Libra said…
It’s hard to believe in the credibility of “journalists” these days - but Bob Woodward is a first-rate old-school journalist who does it right - checks his facts, does his homework - makes certain the quotes are accurate. This a true, damning, important piece of work — thank-you Mr Woodward ...thank-you!
Kristy said…
TW I've already had people who support him try to justify his actions and say no matter what he does he's screwed. Acting like he's the victim. It's mind boggling
jele6 said…
Trump supporters don't care about his lies. This book won't change anything.
Anonymous said…
Wow CD - you nailed it. I love when your predictions come true - it gives me even more faith in the rest of your predictions! (like please can Meghan Markle go away?! lol) Have you made predictions about the elections? One word ones like you did for September might be fun!
Chick'sOpinion said…
Lovely Libra

Absolutely. He's an outstanding journalist.
T. W. said…
Hi Kristy!

This year keeps getting worse. The US west coast is in flames. Joe Budden admitted he helps his male dog get “relief.” No, that’s not a typo. Joe Budden is a real person.

T. W. said…

But see, I thought Madonna already released that film?

From Wikipedia:

Medusa: Dare to Be Truthful

In an interview with celebrity columnist Michael Musto of The Village Voice, Brown recalled how Madonna first reacted when saw the film: "At first I heard she really liked it. Then I heard she didn't like the scene where I rolled around on my dog's grave. She'd rolled around on her mother's — like that wasn't offensive enough? Then she didn't like the scene with the dancers suing me, because that really happened to her."

Shortly after seeing the film, Madonna sent over a half-finished bottle of warm champagne as a dubious gift, to salute Brown's deadpan impersonation. Brown's reaction upon receiving the gift was surprising: "It was really expensive champagne, but it had Madonna spit in it!"
Chick'sOpinion said…
This author Journalist Bob Woodward wrote the famous 1974 non fiction book, All The Presidents Men.

He wrote it with fellow journalist, Carl Bernstein. When they both worked for The Washington Post in the 1970's.
All The Presidents Men is about how these 2 journalists, and how they investigated the 1972 break-in at the Watergate Building, then the Democratic HQ at the time.
These 2 Washington Post journalists went on to reveal to the world, what is famously known now as the Watergate scandal.
Which led to U.S President Richard Nixon resigning.
It was until now, the biggest Presidential/political scandal in U.S history.

All The Presidents Men was made into a very successful movie in 1976.
It is considered an iconic movie. With naturally Robert Redford as the star (he loves ethical based movies) and Dustin Hoffman.
If you want to understand Watergate, these journalists key role in it. And the Washington Post's role in it too. Cause they had the courage to go ahead, risk everything and publish. And you don't want to do alot of reading on it.
Then....This is the movie to watch.
But a little back up reading is required.
Because when that movie was finally released in 1976.
Most of the world knew and understood about the scandal. To a degree.
In the same way as the world knows about the failings of the Trump Administration today.
And there will be so many more books on the Trump Administration.
Our grandchildren will study it at school.
And in college/university...... in the future..
Chick'sOpinion said…
Lovely Libra

I kinda respectfully disagree.
Journalists still can be trusted.
It wasn't Journalists who changed.
It was the political administration in the U.S that changed.
Journalists from all the top newspapers with long solid reputations have been pointing out Trump's lies.
From even before he won the election. Is that fake behaviour? In journalists. No, just a commitment to democracy. And the Free Press aspect of it.

You have to consider....Is revealing alarming facts about Trump something to distrust? Well no.
It's having the courage to reveal the truth.
Trump has attempted to completely dilute the power of journalism and the Free Press in his time.
Because they are his main opponents.
He knows he will live and die by what they discover about him and his family.
This is why Trump invented the dangerous term 'fake news'.
There's always been some fake news around. Far less than people realise. But he has attempted to bring fake news into the mindset of people as fact. About every journalist. On the planet.
And it's just not true.
Would you or anyone do what or think what Trump wants you to think? No.

Well I for one refuse to do that. I'm not buying his 'fake news' act.
It would actually be harder work for journalists to invent 'fake news'.
Because journalism is subjected to scrutiny.
In the present time. And as years go go.
All the conspiracy theorists in the world. Cannot sparate journalism from laws and the scrutiny of academics. Eventually.
Trump lived through the U.S Watergate scandal.
He was an adult when that happened.
And that's why he focussed on the destruction of the public's belief in solid journalism. Or any journalists. From the very beginning.
Because he saw Journalist's bring corrupt former U.S President Richard Nixon down.
To resign.

The art of dictatorship, well first you control the media, journalists.
Trump is as CD describes so well. As straight out of Hitler's playbook.

My advice to people is....Start trusting the Free Press with reputable history again.
Re-claim your Democratic right.
Trump loves how all these people believe conspiracy theorists and not real journalism.
It feeds into exactly what he wants.
Distrust in facts.
The Far Right actually love it.
Chick'sOpinion said…
Trump will be reflecting remorse at ever agreeing to cooperate with Bob Woodward in the writing of this book.
Apparently Trump said to Bob Woodward at first
'I hope you write it better than your book on Bush. You made him look bad'.

Bob Woodward has written books on 9 Presidents.
There was plenty of material for Trump to make an informed decision.... to decide whether he can trust Woodward to write a book on him, as favourable or otherwise.
And it's very well known apparently ...that Bob Woodward can't be charmed into writing about someone as wonderful or innocent. If they are not.
I think Trump's ego got the better of him when he heard the famous Bob Woodward wanted to write a biography on him.
Mmmmm ego takes people to dark places.
And legal problems.

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