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Monday, August 12, 2013

TOLD YA Here we go again....Hello Granny.....

Now the cracks really are appearing......

March 7th 2013 

This kid is so far gone towards the edge 
of the cliff.
He's in danger of falling off.....
If he does he'll never get back up.


Kayla Studavent said...

What the ? What is up with that lol, I heard about the pic of him in front of his gma but now that I'm seeing it, it's just so ridiculous. Somebody needs to come get this boy.

Anonymous said...

WTF? I doubt that lady ordered a naked baby singing gram

Anonymous said...

I want to see if the gossip about his willie is true. Oh well. Maybe next time.

Judiciary Report is claiming Justin Beiber is swinging both ways. I hope all the Brits know what this means. I am not talking about his willie. T. W.

Christian Dion said...

Oh TW those Brits do get what you mean...ha ha and you re kinda talking about his willie ha a ha CD

Anonymous said...

Hi Christian! I am glad I do not have to explain that. I do believe the willie gossip is true. Thank you for a wonderful blog! T. W.