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Well done Canada .....

Our cousins to the north have signed Michael Sam, to a two-year deal to play for 
Canadian Football League's Montreal Alouettes.
Bight people those Canadians.
He'll be a smash.
Well, that's the NFL's loss.


T. W. said…
I am very pleased Michael has been picked up by a team. Shame on the NFL.
Anonymous said…

Good for him!
Tony said…
Hi CD. On the sporting front here in the UK. My team Arsenal are in the FA Cup final next weekend. In 2014 you predicted they would win the cup and they did. For this year you said more of the same. They are playing in yellow and blue next week. Can you see those colours on the trophy next week? Many thanks to you. Tony
Christian Dion said…
2015 Predictions
Composed between
Nov 14th noon & Dec 1st 7pm 2014
In Hermosa Beach Ca, USA.

Arsenal football club
I predicted success in in 2014
and they won the FA Cup.
More of the same ahead.
Tony said…
Thankyou CD. Blessings to you and keep up the good work. Tony

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