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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

TOLD YA, All time low ..

Monday, September 19, 2016

He'll be a SMASH ......

Tonight's Emmy Awards.
Are to be hosted by Jimmy Kimmel.
He's going to be  a great hit.
The show however not so much.
Oh well........


T. W. said...

There are stories on the internet saying these award shows are Illuminati rituals and that is why people refuse to watch. Plus football airs Sunday nights on NBC.

Anonymous said...

They are TW, and we've got another told ya CD with bieber your fave lesbian XD

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that people really think that the Illuminati exist. But then again there are people that believe that Obama wasn't born here.

Perhaps it was the fact that people were tuned into the Jon Benet Ramsey special?

T. W. said...

They are not who we think. These celebrities are not Illuminati. Christian has said the Illuminati are real. Someone asked a few months ago and he answered.

Develyn Quinn said...

They killed another one CD Terrence Crutcher, murder by cops. :(

T. W. said...
Thursday April 21 prediction.

April 23, 6:55a.m. comment: Christian confirms the existence of the Illuminati.

Anonymous said...

And what Jamie dornan and his wife ??? And Chris Evans and Jenny slate ?

Anonymous said...

President George HW Bush is voting for Clinton!!!! Today's Daily Mail.

Anonymous said...

CD , Angelina Jolie filled for divorce. You predicted this but I think for 2014 year but you are right, it seems. Can you tell why she filled for divorce?

Common Sense said...

An all-time low... hmmm, interesting. Personally, I am tired of these shows and their political correctness. I think people are tired of black, white, brown, yellow, gay, straight and politics being shoved down their throats. The Oscars will be even worse and I predict an all-time low ratings for the 2017 Oscars as well.

The Emmy and Oscar award shows used to be a classy, elegant, and beautiful experience to showcase artists and their incredible work no matter which country they came from or the color of their skin. It has become so political now, it's fake and a joke.

NicQuerica said...

I haven't watched any of this nonsense (Emmys Oscars or Grammys) for 20+ years now.

Charlene Bullock said...

Lmao have you seen what people are talking about now that Robert Pattinson has come out saying he's GAY lol this was said a few years ago. I'm guessing this has come from RK fans.

Anonymous said...

Common, you're the one who has made these award shows political, in your own head. What was PC about the Bill Cosby joke made by Kimmel? What was political about the snack kits his mom made? Get out of your head, it's become a dark place.

T. W. said...

This is the first I heard of it.

Anonymous said...

Me too, TW. Maybe it's just trolling.