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To those that have asked to keep the site up.
Which is 99.9%.
Many thanks and blessings.
For your kind words and thoughts.
There are still a couple of "Nighs".
But as you see I posted them too.
In fact if you watch this site, 
for a small amount of time.
You will have seen that I post,
 Almost every comment.
But it those that think Equal Rights aren't perhaps the most important of all rights.
Then you are in for a "Bloody Shock"
Of such proportions, you'll be happier to go live in Russia than to stay in the USA.
These right wing monsters, are out for your blood and anything else you may have left.
Read about Hitler and his mob of cronies.
In fact in the present day, 
we have progressed so far 
(ha ha). 
That you only have to. 
Switch on your 75" flat screen TV.
Turn off The Kardashains, 
turn on the BBC World News.
You'll see.
Ask your Grandparents.
People over 50 they'll tell you.
I also suggest you seek out why America was formed.
For people to be FREE of the very thing we are heading towards.


Anonymous said…
CD...could you move my comment from the Rant post to this's the Lin-Manuel quote...thanks...(from Johanna)
cecilia bryant said…
Oh gosh CD and everyone, we need to fight. I hate that Hitler even existed and I wish to Archangel Michael that I could go back and destroy that man. So much damage. But I recall the Universe took Hitler out too. Which will happen to Trump. How this all came about I don't know....I can't even get a read on it...all I can think is that the darkness has to be put away for good. Keep your site up CD. This will all definitely unify us, if not completely than towards that way. I pray to Archangel Michael to protect and give you clear insight as to what is going to happen in the future.
Develyn Quinn said…
They act like it doesn’t pertain to them it does... they'll be the ones crying the most when equal rights they said weren't important burns the skin off their back lmao. I guarantee it lmao... we lower class "how they see us" already know what's up. Xoxo boom quinn.
Tony said…
CD. Your site is absolutely brilliant. Don't let a few idiots spoil it. As you know I live in the UK and next year I'm coming across the pond to visit the US. I Love the US and I'm so looking forward to visiting that wonderful country. My last visit was 21 years ago and I loved it!! Your site is something we all look forward to seeing everyday. Keep Up your Wonderful Work..its an Inspiration to us all
Anonymous said…
Equal rights is paramount. God bless you CD for taking a strong stand on this, for reminding us of this. This isn't just a 1st world issue, this is a whole world issue. We can sort our own houses & contribute to that so never think your participation towards that doesn't matter. It does. And lives can be changed from fear, derision, outcasting into standing as equal, different but equal. I needed to say this out very loud because for goodness sakes, hasn't history shown us what hell there was & is where equality does'n't exist. We're going to have turbulence for equality to grow. May our children & children's children have better because we were brave enough to show equality for all. Sorry I sound preachy but I'm very very moved by CD's posting. LH
Anonymous said…
I know what it's like to be in the closet! I know what it's like to be bullied and attacked because someone or some group thought I was different or below them... so, I'm coming out of the closet as an ally of equality for everyone; as an ally to hope. Jason Alexander
CyndiTx123 said…
RIght on CD!! God Bless America and God bless you CD!! I know you have been having it rough lately with these "trolls rudeness and ugliness" - hold your head up high and keep on doing what your doing…. I know it stings, but at least we are in the know and we can move on from these trolls….

Hugs & Love!
Anonymous said…
May God bless and be with us all ... LOVE AND ACCEPTANCE FOR ALL ... understanding that we are ALL ONE ... this is why we're here on this earth plane - at this time. Let's be a shining example of what the best of humanity can be --- regardless of other's behavior. LOVE always wins. Sending you love CD ... and thanking you for all that you are ... all that you do.
Anonymous said…
Site sucks...CD not so much on my sacky sac. He could improve.
Anonymous said…
"Until everyone is free, noone is free." You can quote me on that.
Anonymous said…
Jon Stewart was right, this is the same country that voted Barack Obama into office. The difference being that he ran on hope, and a vindictive political party chose to dethrone him as their prime objective instead of governing or overcoming a financial crisis facing us all. The people of this country who voted for Rump didn't get the lesson. They want change, but they keep voting in the same people into other offices, who have obstructed any change. They blame Obama for the actions of congress. They keep doing the same things and expecting a different outcome-which is one definition of insanity.

Now out of spite, frustration, loyalty to their fractured party, or whatever rationale they used, they've shown in this election that power and believing themselves right is more important than what is good for all. In spite of lessons they teach their kids on sharing, equality, etc., they didn't see that voting for an individual who espouses all these things has taught their kids that it's ok to say one thing and do the opposite, or that these negative things can be overlooked for percieved personal gain. It has emboldened those who hate others to speak up and show themselves. I think ultimately, that is the goal of all of this from above. Most people who voted for this man are not racists, xenophobes, homophobic, etc, they are misguided. However it's a given that all of those who are racist, etc., voted for Rump.

Many here in the US do not feel the lingering effects that Hitler had as they feel it in Europe. Only our servicemen who fought then saw it up close and personal. The rest saw it on film or in the papers, which is a far cry from experiencing it, or having lessons on it's evil taught from those who were there first hand. This is why people here are quick to dismiss the Hitler references as Godwin's Rule.

It was clearly communicated to me last night in my dreams that the light that this country once gave off has been dimmed. Not extinguished, but shaded-blocked. The inner light is there in all it's glory, but it is obscured externally. Americans were sorted into categories stacked vertically, and while it was not made clear what comprised these groups-it wasn't sorted by color, religious affiliation, or orientation from the brief view I was given- but across all groups there was sorrow and buyer's remorse. Here again, I can't tell you if this was present or future, as in the moment it was now, which without other context makes a timeline hard to obtain. This is what is so troublesome to those who are spouting hate, they can't extinguish the light. The best they can do is to block others from temporarily seeing it.

I think many here are looking for answers and insights into what is to come. Some are clinging to hope that things will change before we have to suffer through 4 years of chaos. Others are trying to figure out how to best cope and break their light through the shades that have been drawn. The others are are just feeling liberated to now spew their bile, not realizing that the tides will turn, and their day to take up residence in the closet will be at hand.

I'm straight, female, and white, but I've been targeted by hate groups in my life. I'm still here, and I'm still proud of the things I've done to incur their hate, but it is the reason I always post anonymously.
Anonymous said…
CD thank you for schooling these 3rd Dimensional idiots!
These idiots should move to Russia or North Korea then they will appreciate equal human rights!!

T. W. said…
All of you have spoken so well. Therefore I have nothing to add except to continue fighting the good fight.
chris said…
CD We need you and your insights. The world is in turmoil. Jeff Sessions as Attorney General is a frightening appointment -- voted down 30 years ago for his racism, he will be ushered in this time. We are going to see our truth in full exposure very soon. And it will not be pretty. Thank you for fighting for ALL of us. AmeriKKKa is going to get real very fast. I am truly frightened for what is ahead.
Anonymous said…
I pray we will be able to impeach,"The Donald." He won't eliminate just foreigners; he will target the poor, sick, uneducated, and the gay community. Their race will not matter.
I would love to hold him down, and look through that stupid comb-over to see if he carries the mark of the beast!
Anonymous said…
Yes, keep the site up. I read it every day.
Anonymous said…
This is so unfortunate CD

Watch the video. When will there be a truly happy world?
Kristy said…
Thank you for this post! It's everything I'm feeling!
Dianne Kalk said…
Dear CD:
Please keep on what you're doing. I enjoy the forecasts, the commentary especially, and photos of sweet little Lady Gaga. What a cute photo where she was wearing her witch hat. It's cute also when a pooch wakes up and stretches. Bow to the east, bow to the west, bow to the one you love the best.
Now to the horrid reality coming up.Today is my hubby's BD. He was born in Berlin, Germany in 1939, and spent the entire war there with his family. He told me the entire time that Herr Drumph was campaining (sp), that that was exactly how Herr Hitler did it, even to the extent of turning his audiences against anyone who dared to complain. Suddenly, Herr Hitler was Germany's Head of State. My hubby's family was decimated with the men of the family in the German Forces. Nobody won in that war. My hubby and his year older brother were alone with his frantic mutti, his dad having been killed in Yugoslavia, I think. They were constantly moving to a so-called 'safe place'. Once, mutti was shopping and the air raid siren came on. She hesitated, and the others in the crowd urged her to seek shelter in a large apartment building kitty-corners to where she stood. A huge bomb came down square on that building. All there were killed.

The President of your country is not a King or Queen. The office is that of a servant to the people. You the people can tell a person who is President-elect, to blow it out his ear if he or she is trying to form a Dynasty, let alone dictate his or her terms towards where to live, who to allow into meetings, and so on. The present scenario is that of a slap-stick movie. Mr. Putin is ROTFL.
If the president-elect is unwilling to go by the norms, that person can withdraw himself or herself from the future office to allow the next person in line to proceed. I suggest that, in future, political parties of any size, vet their candidates. It's not necessarily the person with the loudest mouth who is what your country needs.

Christina G said…
I'm 55, so count me in the Over 50 crowd. Women and gays have come a long way in the US, for sure. I remember when, back in 80's, I was reprimanded for wearing a PANT SUIT to the office at MCI (the phone company) because secretaries were only allowed to wear dresses in my department--the shorter the better, no doubt, for the perverted male chauvinist pig director, Eric Thompson (but I won't name names).

When I was in elementary school, girls weren't allowed to wear pants, even in the dead of winter. But they weren't completely heartless. We could wear pants on snow days, as long as we wore them under our dress. This was public school, folks.

I still say we're nowhere near a Hitler regime, since we have too many checks and balances in place. The Establishment will impeach or assassinate Trump before that happens. You'll realize, in 2-8 years, that you've worried over nothing--unless you're an illegal who has committed additional crimes.
Christina G said…
"I suggest that, in future, political parties of any size, vet their candidates."

We already tried that, and The People weren't having it. They wanted to vet their own candidates within their parties. That's when the rules changed and we started voting in the Primaries.
T. W. said…
Hi Jason. The closet exists because we as an American society tend to other people's business. We like to know who is sleeping with whom and how. Is it really my business? No.

Please know you are loved.
T. W. said…
Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
T. W. said…
Thank you for this.
Norah Black said…
To anony 3:12. I have been targeted most of my life too, because I'm a little different, so I get where you are coming from. I want to tell you that I think you are very insightful. I do a lot of lucid dreaming myself, but nothing psychic. Fear really messes people up badly, but I agree there are those that are gleeful about hate and chaos. All we can do is hold on. I just don't understand why they are letting Trump take the WH and everything when they know our election was hacked and therefore; we don't know the actual tally of the votes, so we don't know who won. Why does he get to proceed? I don't understand. Well, anyway, I'm not really asking that question of you, so much as I am asking the Universe, the U.S. and the Justice Dept. Thanks for your input.

Melic21 said…
I still cant believe in 2016 we are still discussing equal rights what a joke we are going backwards as a society it is up to us to stand up and speak out thank you cd for doing that for us!! Yes keep going CD perhaps a facebook group would be better then these anonymous cowards wouldnt show their faces when writing absolute rubbish xxx
Anonymous said…
CD: Please Stay for Equal Rights

Equal Rights will not be broken
By evil doers who have spoken
A scourge for them will be their token
Anonymous said…
Christina G,
For the record "we" did not decide to "vet" our own candidates. That has always been the responsibility of the press. We have primaries so the next president will become known throughout the U.S. so they run an effective candidate and answer the questions the public has. The people decide based on what the candidate says, what the news corps digs up on them and what impression the candidate gives to the public. Does he inspire trust, respect, etc...

In addition to that and even before running for office, or accepting the nomination as it used to be done, the candidates party or sponsors would do the vetting. They would check his record, ask him all about his personal record, was he hiding anything, etc.. That way when the press digs up their past, the are ready for it and can respond to the questions. The GOP did not vet Trump. In fact, they don't bother to vet anyone. They don't even care. They just want power at all cost, which is evident that they did not run him out of the party when he started lying non-stop. His own party and the press, failed so miserably in this and failed the American people and especially the American voter. It's a disgrace.

Christina G said…
L.O., you don't have to school me in how our political system works. I was there, going all the way back to JFK.

If you think we can trust the MSM to vet our politicians, or report anything else with honesty and integrity, than you need to research the fake mass shooting called Sandy Hook. The MSM is very much a partner in crime with The Establishment, and they will kill any investigation or story that threatens The Establishment's agenda. Just ask the lead investigator on the Sandy Hook case, a Connecticut State Trooper. Oh wait, he's dead. He died of a sudden and undisclosed illness at the age of 46 in the middle of the investigation. Or ask the 27 year old journalist who was first on the scene at Sandy Hook. Oh wait, he's dead too. He drowned in a pond while doing his own investigation, because his bosses told him to stop investigating the Sandy Hook "mass shooting". Or ask why Bob Simon, who was investigating the Ebola "crisis", why the famed lead Ebola doctor in Dallas financed a Sandy Hook documentary that attempted to show Sandy Hook "truthers" in a bad light. Oh wait, he's dead too.
Anonymous said…
I hope you are not disheartened CD, lots of us who follow you have nothing but respect. anyone posting negative comments here have their own fears and insecurities, theres zero reason for hate
Anonymous said…
Personal note to CD (vs being intended for publication). Not sure why you chose not to publish my comment-that is your business, and not my concern. If you assumed that my comment about psychics and channelers infusing their predictions with their personal opinions, first-we all have a certain amount of that which happens, it's normal. Second, to clarify I wasn't referencing you-I was talking of those who claim that Clinton was operating child porn ring, or that she was looking to start a war, that the spirits wouldn't allow her to be president because she refused to give up nuclear weapons (no president or candidate is going to give that up), etc. There are those who have said that Bernie was still going to win, even tho he wasn't on the ticket, and that it was a last minute change because of the ill will both candidates whipped up, creating the energetic flow to divert. Then there are those who are right and claim that there was a shift in what transpired, but claim that it was to get rid of corruption in office (which does exist-even with Clinton), seemingly blind to the corruption that may be installed instead. These are the types of things I noted that will incur their own form of Karmic debt-not the subtle things that slip into most predictions of all psychics. Enjoy your visit home.


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