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Todays tantrum .... from a Christian ????

Babyfart has decided to block,
 "SOME" refugee's, from entering the USA.
Feels a bit like, we at the gates to the concentration camps.
Where people were divided into live don't live......
Well, hope he knows......
That this will just wind up,
 those other monsters Isis.
Look out, there are terrorists about......
PS But not all....... are banned .......


Susan Miller said…
I noticed he hasn't banned any country he is financially invested in like Saudi Arabia.
T. W. said…
I see. If a Muslim nation has done business with Trump, they can send immigrants.

Does Trump not know the majority of illegal immigrants are Europeans who stay beyond their tourist, student, and work visas?

A compromise would be to block all immigration for a short period of time, say two years. I feel like that is not fair to people who need asylum. Asylum is granted willy-nilly.

Trump is picking and choosing who he wants in Amerikkka.

Did the Native Americans ban European settlers?
T. W. said…
Hi. Just talked with sister and thought some more.

1. Many illegal immigrants are victims of human trafficking. Will they be deported?

2. The countries on the banned list have populations that are people of color. Not all Muslims look alike. There are many Asian and white Muslims.

3. Countries on the list have persecuted Christian populations. Who will help them?

4. Many missionaries help people in these countries. If the country's name is on their passport, will they be put on a watch list?

5. Trump is acting like Hitler. Muslims today, me tomorrow.

6. Didn't Spain put a high tax on foreign imports hundreds of years ago (1400s?) and the rest of the world refused to buy their goods? Yes. Their economy is still suffering because of this.

7. Watch Trump quote the scripture that says a man who does not work should not eat. Trump needs to create jobs in Amerikkka that pay a living wage and revamp and/or create programs that help the helpless and the down and out.

8. Immigrants gladly do the jobs other people think are beneath them.

9. Watch Americans have to work the fields.

10. Work until you die because Trump will get rid of welfare.

11. If you can't make money for the state you are considered worthless.

12. Miss Obama yet?
T. W. said…
13. Trump believes all terrorists are Muslim. This not true.

14. Is he going to deport the KKK?

15. Law enforcement terrorized blacks and Latinos. What will Trump do? Nothing.
Letty said…
The White House has turned into a circus since that evil man has moved in. God help us to get him out fast. The country is just not the same.
Sana L said…
omg he so ugly.

Well you now folks, Trumpetere is all about business and racism, and what HE can earn from that - hopefully he'll fall deep into oblivion and infamy were he'll never reappear after his 15 minutes of presidencial stay.

What on God Green Earth has possesssed anyone( in power as well) to choose and vote for this moron/racist/ and become president?

I think the Asylum is missing a patient... his name is Trump
This is true but no one is doing anything to change it, that is most telling.
Johanna said…
Bringing up a descriptor I posted a while back...fragile ego structure. Good grief, this is nearly an impossible job for someone who is solid, well-balanced and thoughtful. For this man, who's been able to control his world to a remarkable degree, I can't imagine him ever being comfortable. For every gleeful experience with the applause, his every utterance will be parsed and undergo critique.

Meanwhile, I miss you coming on and posting in the commentary block here, CD. Sending you hugs as you cope with your visions for the future. May you find peace with folks who can provide you enjoyable distractions during this turbulent time of deep polarization.

Molly said…
So far Trump thinks the job of president is to sign executive orders, do media interviews, give speeches and meet other heads of State oh yeah, and tweet. He is truly an angry, vengeful human. If it doesn't concern him -- he doesn't care. The scariest part of his admin are those you do not see -- Pence, Bannon, Kushner, Guiliani, Erik Prince (who is Betsy DeVos'brother), Mike Flynn. They are all conspiracy loving power hungry greedy men who hate anything that is not White like them. It's only day 7...we really need prayers.
T. W. said…
Hi Molly!
Trump is running America as a dictatorship. Mark my words. By the time people do something about it, it will be too little, too late.
Laura O'Donnell said…
Well one things for sure....there is a village missing it's idiot, because he's installed in the WH as we speak. LOL!! OMG....I can't believe we are where I tried to tell those third party voters we'd be. Stupidly they claimed it would be us Hillary voters at fault (rolls eyes). How the think that is beyond stupid, but they are attacking Dems and blaming us all over the internet. Deep down they know they caused this.....
matilda1960 said…
@ Sana L. I think it's more like the inmates are now in charge of the Asylum.

Trump doesn't have the slightest idea of what it's like to be excluded and persecuted. I also can't help but wonder what his son in law and key advisor Jared Kushner is thinking.

If anyone should have compassion for the plight of people fleeing their country because of persecution and other human atrocities, surely it would be Kushner but sadly, money and power seem to TRUMP everything.

Matilda x

Norah Black said…
Oh Lord.....

Did you guys see what a fool this douche canoe made of himself today. What a disgrace. I can't get over this dumb freak trying to insist Mexico pay for his stupid wall. Would it hurt the corrupt GOP to....gee I don't know....maybe try to talk sense to him and failing that put him in a cage like the baboon he is?? I hope that the public blames each and everyone of those Republicans for this because they are enabling hm. This is the sickest thing I've ever seen. They literally are so hungry for power that they don't care if this fool gets us in WWIII. Insane.

Well they may think they're on top of the world right now.....but their nasty control of the gov't is going to be short lived. Believe that. I just hope that not too many people get hurt. Looks like they're poised to go back after that DAPL again. WHY isn't the media constantly hounding them about him being an investor in it?? This is a dangerous conflict of interest.

What's that saying about "good people allowing evil to happen by doing nothing".....yeah, it's happening, except those allowing it don't have good intentions and the press are cowards. Dems need to step up their game too.
Norah Black said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
CyndiTx123 said…
I just can't believe what is happening in our World!! Trump is Hitler!!
Yes, TW - I miss my fav President Obama!!!!

T. W. said…
Sending love your way!
Well we now understand what the psychic said about Obama being the last... Praying for a brighter future.
Kay said…
Steve Bannon is a self-described Leninst. He states, "Lenin,,” he answered, “wanted to destroy the state, and that’s my goal too. I want to bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of today’s establishment."

So perhaps they want these upheavals.

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