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TOLD YA Mr & Mrs Beckham

Mr & Mrs Beckham 


Dear David & Victoria ...........
You may consider roping in your Son.
Before he does something really silly.
Or, does great harm to himself.
He's already out of control.
But, he's starting to .......
1. Mixing with the wrong crowd.
2. Beginning to believe his own PR.
3. Think he has an IQ higher than the norm it is. 
4. Believes his looks will carry him through life.


kiminicki said…
what good looks shouldn't be mean but don't think he is good looking.
To much money
He gets it from his parents and I hope he finds his way. Kardashians believe their own hype ad it is all falling apart. They never thought it would end and can't parle what they have into anything else.
T. W. said…
I wonder why he believes these things. I hope he gets his head on straight.
Alex S said…
It may well be down to the parents why he is on the track he is on at the moment. Fame and does not always help the children. Keep them grounded and out of the spotlight until they are 18 years of age at least.

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