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Farage & Trump, Bromance ???

As Britain debates, 
if they should stay in the EU, or not.
This maggot, Nigel Farage, 
so called leader of UKIP.
(United Knutter Party Pissheads)
Is claiming,
" That if Britain stays in the EU.
There will be bodies on the beaches".
What a Pratt.........
For those of you not in the UK.
Nigel is Britain's version of Trump.
But without the money or class.
He's in real danger on inciting riots.

He'd like that....
For those of you that think the above is my opinion, it isn't it's a prediction.
Here's my opinion.

" Britain should never have joined the EU in the first place. 
Having said that if they leave now, it would be the worst thing ever to it the UK"


Tony said…
Hi CD do you think we will stay in after the vote? Thanks Tony
Anonymous said…
Yes it's too late and island heavily in debt like the rest of the union.
Michelle said…
It's the UK's problem. I've been reading the Daily Mail comments. They are all insane. They imagine that after the 23rd, they are heading for a Utopia. The oiks are in for a shock! There will be no crock of gold at the end of the Rainbow! Why, because the political leadership to lead them forward in a post EU world doesn't exist. They are going to vote out, I just know it in my bones. They are jealous of Germany. It's their own fault. If they didn't cave into the unions and focused on being competitive with Germany, things would be a lot different now. I'm talking about manufacturing, the one area they were world pioneers in. It will take a full generation after leaving before they move forward. I just hope that some prophecies regarding the UK don't come true. Big trouble is brewing with Russia and Europe are going to need the Brits on side when it finally explodes. Then again the Brits, in general were never the most sensible of folk. Hard to know whose side they will fall with in the end.
Anonymous said…
Jeremy corbyn (labour nutter) has voted against the Eu his whole life and now decides it is the best thing since sliced bread. What a pudding!
T. W. said…
Thank you for your prediction and opinion. I agree, why would a sovereign kingdom join a group of countries to form a new union? Trouble coming.
Anonymous said…
The UK is stuck between a rock and a rock! Baby Hitler is doing what the original tried to do: secure British allies for world domination. If The two keep it up, they will give the terrorist what they want: An excuse to bomb something. Then it will be bodies on the beaches:(
cecilia bryant said…
Damned if you do, damned if you don't.
Anonymous said…
Britain will not join the superstate. Why should we give up our sovereignty. We have 1 million poles, lots of Bulgarians and Romania coming every day. No more room on this small island!
Anonymous said…
Believe me. The world must learn a lesson soon. A hard one. Transformation is possible when people learn it. Horrible times ahead when they won't. It's no longer time for power games. It's time for learning, changing and maybe surviving. Don't forget our children and grand children deserves to live on this planet in peace as most of us did 'till now.What gives humans the right to dominant other humans? Nothing and none. We are building so much KARMA at the moment that it will lead in dark times if we don't stop instantly. Look back at history. Nothing good came ever out of power games and wars. It's really simple to get it if you know and want. Power isn't the goal of God. It's unconditional love.
Anonymous said…
Trump's changed his easyjet booking [joke]. Now he's arriving the day before the referendum, not after. Talk about media circus. If CD's prediction is true, it's really going to be a crazy few days. A political bloodbath. Just hope it isn't a literal one. Oh, and as for Farage, it now emerges that his failed attempt to become an MP may be back on the cards, there's a funding scandal and the result of the election may be declared void.

I like the comment that we're between a rock and a rock. And even if we stay, the EU is not going to carry on as normal. Other countries are now grumbling that they want a referendum too. And if there's another migration crisis like last summer, the gloves will truly be off.

Buy shares in popcorn. Things are going to get interesting...
Jane Uk said…
I don't know which way to vote and anon Jeremy Corbyn is not a nutter. Most people in Labour want to stay in EU, he is not a dictator so even he has to go with want other people want sometimes. At least he cares about the poor and needy. Wants no nulclear weapons,he says we are all part of 1 world .I love him. Sorry spelling not that good.
Anonymous said…
For those who have missed CD's point as an opinion not a prediction, We (UK) are already in the EU and getting a chance to vote "Out". I have made my decision now firmly - we stay In and negotiate from within. An example of EU support: my friend received EU grant ££ to start his fishing business & it provides jobs, +ve new ££ inflow to UK so contributes to GDP recurrently not just one-off and feeds an African market with a low cost high protein product. He could not have done it without EU Fishery funding. An example of EU concern: for last 5yrs, it is reported that NO audited accounts to report on how they used public funds. But we can resolve issues. UK IS liked/admired by so many of the World countries people, it is also blamed for it's past Empire building when exploitation was used. But let's now do the future. We can keep the principle of Sovereign (should we wish)as it would take a Revolution to overthrow it and not likely for foreseeable future. LH, London.
Anonymous said…
He looks like a horse's ass, for sure. I'm always suspicious of people that talk crap about unions are a bad thing, because they are the only thing that helps workers have any rights. It's ignorant to suggest they should be ignored. I don't get the mindset that doesn't understand that the need for unions is much more important today than any other time since we got them how important they are. With the wealth inequality, they are more than necessary, they are essential. Why don't people worry about kowtowing to the 1%ers instead of worrying about if working people are getting too much. Makes no sense. I don't know, maybe the unions are different in the U.K. than they are in the U.S.
T. W. said…
Not every state has unions and even so not all occupations have unions. Unions are involved in politics here in the US.

I feel like we are being set up for the New World Order, especially since the fix is in for Hillary. Watch and see.
Anonymous said…
Ha ha ha ha hah ha. Oh C.D.....please correct poor, misinformed (but well-meaning) T.W. on the "fix" being in for Hillary. Only those that believe those lies are listening to the most uninformed in the U.S.....sour grapes from Bernie's campaign and nothing more.

Unions are the best thing that ever happened to this country and they went from being very prevalent in the U.S. to being scarce, lower stagnating wages have followed and that's what those that ignorantly seek to derail unions do. The "new world order" has nothing to do with unions and never has. Again unions = representation for working people, not for the plutocrats.

Hillary is going to win, but not because there was any wrong doing. She's the most sane and best of the bunch and has the votes, while others don't. Period. It's also very, very, difficult to "rig" a primary....with both primaries that are sometimes open and sometimes closed. Laughable in fact.
T. W. said…
I did not mean to say unions have anything to do with the NWO.

As for the fix, Hillary is going to be president and we the people will get what we deserve. I don't know how she will govern, people can change.
Common Sense said…
Yup, T.W. is correct, the presidential race is most definitely rigged. Has been for years. Hillary the best of the bunch?

"Nothing could be more mistaken, or more dangerous, than the perception that Hillary Clinton is the “safer” candidate for president. She is nothing of the kind, and voting for her will not save us from Donald Trump — or from anything else."

Jane Uk said…
Take no notice T.W loads of people think it's be fix for hillary to win. Nothing to do with who support Bernie. I disagree that the people deserve it though.
Anonymous said…
TW, from what I've read, Hillary wants to concentrate on domestic issues. She wants a federal law giving mothers and fathers paid parental leave when they have a child, including adoptive parents. An initiative where people regularly visit poverty stricken mothers to help them care for the children's basic needs. She wants Adult children to receive paid leave to care for aging parents in times of crisis. She wants a childcare program that has fees based on parents income. Education that helps young children understand the value of learning the basics.

She wants to ban bankers from serving on the board of the federal reserve.

This is all I can come up with off the top of my head.

As for us getting what we deserve, I don't agree. We always get what the lowest of the low want us to get. And it's not what we deserve. Jesus could be elected president and he'd be hog tied by a legislature that would demonize him and refuse to vote in anything that actually helps. Poor fellow would be re-crucified on the National Mall for daring to try to enact tough gun laws.

I welcome posts saying what Bernie and Trump want to do, since I really don't know.

Anonymous said…
The UK can vote out. But then there will be no help and no money from the EU any longer. Think about that before. And research how many financial support the UK had yet. It was a lot, believe me. UK is not London, don't forget. Other parts of UK aren't wealthy. More the opposite.
T. W. said…
You made excellent points. Thank you for sharing this.
T. W. said…
Sounds like the UK is between a rock and a rock.
Anonymous said…
Hmm....I asked quite sincerely for some responses about Bernies plans and Trimps plans but no one bothered to answer. One would think some of the ardent Bernie folks could fill me in on his plans. Or The Trump trumpeters could give me a clue. No wonder I don't know what either one of them have in mind. Their supporters don't either!

Good luck to all in Britain, that the right choices are made, and the apple cart isn't upset or the baby thrown out with the bath water or they don't end up between a rock and a rock.
Anonymous said…
Common sense has no common sense, or political acumen. It's not rigged. That is what they have tried to claim, but there was no evidence of it. If you are talking about the system as a whole, yes, it is rigged to assist rich people and hurt the poor. That is true, but the primaries are not and were not rigged to help Clinton. Sorry to say, but sometimes it's just math, numbers. A lot of democrats don't go out to rallies, we just vote and that's how she won.

C'est la vie!
T. W. said…
You hit the nail on the head.

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