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As the saying goes......

Be very careful what you wish for, 
or in this case vote for.
Donald "Babyfart" Trump, 
is a Grifter/Conman/Snakeoil salesman.
He tells you it's Snakeoil.
So you know it's con.
Yet people bought his BS, and voted for him.
If any of you who voted for him.
Think for one minute, 
that he'll do what he has said.
Just like his playmates, he's a Politician, granted not till Jan 20th a professional one. But a politician never the less.
But it is a long way to the Jan 2017 deadline.....
Why don't people like a black President?
Yet vote for a man who's 3rd wife was a call girl....

Oh, just a minute Trump, hates immigrants.
Oh, yet married 3 of them.
See the pattern here.
It's a case of "Do as I say, not as I do".
I know, those that voted for this moron.
Are still in the Honeymoon phase.
But, trust me, buyers remorse will set in soon.
But this time there's no return policy.
Other than that.
"He never get's the keys to,
 The Whitehouse.
Stayed tuned......


Anonymous said…
I totally agree. He is due in court in the coming weeks over his many thousands of fraud law-suits. Nice huh? So many people are still screaming for Clinton to be locked up over some silly e-mails that were marked "C" for Confidential...not Classified and yet you have a man here that has THOUSANDS of law-suits for fraud and rape and gosh knows what else and not a word is said about it in the election. WTH? He is the biggest con-man of them all. I remember Trump declaring that if he were to be elected he would put a "silence" on the media from saying anything bad about him. I believe it.
T. W. said…
Thank you. I am sorry you are being attacked Christian. Why can't we all civilly state our opinions and respect that?
Maria said…
In addition to my comment below I forgot to say the utter confidence of people like Giuliani and other poodles following Trump seemed disproportionate to polls and reality. They seemed to KNOW with some unseen certitude that they were unbeatable. HOW? How could they know unless they were privy to something behind the scenes? Why else would people like McCain and Rubio refuse to turn against him. Is it because they needed help with their own precarious races. Is it because they were told the outcome before it even happened?

Too many unanswered questions and unknowns right now.
Lucy G. said…
So what I am gathering here is that he will still be president, but just won't live in the whitehouse? So,he'll be living in one of his hotels?
Anonymous said…
Although Donald Trump liked to claim the election was rigged against him, an anonymous hacker on 4chan may have literally helped rig the election against Hillary Clinton.

On Sunday night, a post 4chan’s /pol/ board declared that it would perform a denial-of-service attack on any tools used by the Clinton campaign using a Mirai botnet code. This was not the first time 4chan had intervened in the campaign to help Trump and hurt Clinton, most notably in October when a 4channer used the password to John Podesta’s iPhone (as published by WikiLeaks) to locate and remotely wipe the device.

“List targets here that if taken out could harm Clinton’s chances of winning and I will pounce on them like a wild animal,” the post, written by someone dubbed Sparky, proclaimed. “Not sleeping until after this election is over.”
Common Sense said…
Christian, after it was announced that Trump won the election, I wondered...

Is Trump the... antichrist?
T. W. said…
There are many antichrists, but I understand your question. Time will tell.
Anonymous said…
What is scary is how many people bought his BS!
So many gullible people! They will regret it!
Anonymous said…
Not sure if we're all on board here, CD. You're making some big claims and predictions.

I am definitely anti-Trump, but was his wife really a prostitute? (call girl?) Furthermore you continued to say he 'won't get the keys to the White House.

I'm really hoping that's the case, but wouldn't that mean that Pence ends up there instead? Or is that not what you are insinuating?

We're all staying tuned CD - I just hope your big prediction is right.
Anonymous said…
The election wasn't rigged. Many white people (not all of course) were closeted Trump supporters from the beginning, but were openly lying and pretending to abhor him.

The data shows which gender and race voted for whom. We were deceived from the very first Republican primary. You guys were rooting for him from the very beginning.

I'm deeply disappointed in the percentage of women that voted for him. I expected this from the white males, but not the females. It turns out many of you don't want equality extended to everyone, but want to keep and preserve it to yourselves.

I was born here, but I will no longer stand up to pledge allegiance to this flag, nor will I ever participate in the national anthem.

You cannot take away people's rights, and then expect then to be complacent as SECOND CLASS CITIZENS. The founding father's were fighting against this very ideal.

Hillary is a flawed candidate, but never as bad as Trump, and never as CORRUPT as the spread of MISINFORMATION by extreme right/left media wanted you to believe.
Anonymous said…
I read another prediction that he gets assasinated in 2017! We will see if this happens
Christian Dion said…
Re call girl/hooker 1st Lady elect That's the only type of women that these men get, so that hey can trade the=m in for younger models she's his 3rd must be coming up for review haha CD
Anonymous said…
This keeps getting better, I hope that the general public knows that we are in a heavy karmic year. I really feel the best is yet to come. JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL.
Anonymous said…
CD, when you say he does not get the keys to the White House are you saying he never makes it to the White House in January 2017??? Or are you saying he does not last too long in the White House??

Some of the comments are a bit confusing.
Anonymous said…
I bet trump is ready to trade Melania in. Trump has said that he does not like women past 35 years old!!
His first wife has said that he told her he did not love her any more cause she got old!
Anonymous said…
I live in chicago and we currently have thousands of people protesting downtown the Trump presidency! Not a good sign for Trump!!!
Maria said…
Okay with respect to anon 2:25 you may be right and I'm totally wrong.

I just saw a chart from the LA Times and it was done in conjunction with USC. They showed a clear uptick for DT that was widening the closer we got to election day. I guess it's undeniable now and I need to face the real reality and stop blaming hackers. Man.

But I did have migraines and I do blame this election. Fucking American racists.
Anonymous said…
CD - Give it up. You sound like a bitter loser
Trump WON,
You were WRONG.
Move on!!
Anonymous said…
Three thousand people protesting in New York against Trump! I can see how he will not make it to the White House the people in America will not rest!!!
Anonymous said…
A prostitute has sex for money. She did porn with other women for money. She had sex with a highly unattractive billionaire with a flabby, gross body for money, honey.

2:25, I like your idea. I'm not standing for the national anthem or singing along. If I wasn't so damm fat, I'd take a knee, but I wouldn't be able to get up, lol.

1:28, Old Sparky took his name from slang for the Electric Chair. He is not as smart as he thinks he is. Even the most thorough "burn" leaves a wisp of smoke behind.
Anonymous said…
Michelle Obama, 2020. Landslide. Racists climb the Wall to get out of America. Buh bye, rednecks.
Common Sense said…
T.W., I know that people thought that Obama was the antichrist, who else is on the list? Thanks!
Anonymous said…
I'm glad they'll have buyers remorse. Some bitch said he's the Ronald Reagan of our time.. da fuq?? God bless cd. Xoxo
Anonymous said…
To Anon 3:54am /November 10th ----.. CD explained supporters/skeptics like you would come a commenting lol... but I honestly feel like he only allowed your comment for the ridicule you feel later once everything about trump comes to light the truth always comes out..always.
muaawwww many kisses anon...

besides shouldn't u be happy and out celebrating that Trump won. Instead of commenting here on this post lmao. Yup ur one of those, kisses. To cd hey boo hey lmao. To cd: does the group anonymous plan on outing those celebrities that are linked to the kkk anytime soon given trump and the elections? That u mentioned....looking forward to what careers will fall and never recover. Xoxo
Anonymous said…
Yeah, but as I've already's only a small consolation that he doesn't get the WH, because if it's run by GOPigs we're still all fucked. Without the Dems there will only be austerity, attacking Social Security, big tax cuts for the rich, etc. I would like a little bit more detail. The teasing/riddles are well and good when you are talking about celebs because who cares anyway....but lives are at stake this time.....hints/riddles just won't do this time, surely you can understand that, Christian.
T. W. said…
Hi. I am reluctant to call out a specific person but what I can tell you with certainty is the biblical answer. Any person or spirit who denied Jesus Christ was God in a flesh body is considered an anti Christ. There are several "Christian" denominations that claim this. Jehovah's witnesses are one. Mormons are another.
Anonymous said…
Yes, I would like to know why Donald won't make it to the white house too. What is going to happen, can you please tell us? There are a lot of sick, nervous people around because of this election. I've been grieving as if a member of my family died.

Thanks, Christian,

Common Sense said…
Hmmm, interesting. I think Putin was another name thrown around too. But I don't think it's him. There has to be a charismatic factor to the antichrist to reel people in -- Putin is not that!

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