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T. W. said…
Happy Veteran's Day everyone!
Anonymous said…
The KKK is plannning a victory rally for Trump in North Carolina and they take credit for Trump winning the election!!!
Anonymous said…
I thought you posted too many by accident but then realized
So we would not forget.
Tony said…
They gave their lives for us. We are eternaly gratefull to them. I wear my poppy with pride
Anonymous said…
I used to sell the poppies for my local VFW. I was very proud to do it. The stories some of the former military would tell me, would break your heart.
Anonymous said…
CD when do you see the protests stopping in this country?
Christian Dion said…
I don't till trumps gone CD
Anonymous said…
CD I hope you don't kind me posting this
But I follow you and the guy below
He had the same prediction like you did
Anonymous said…
Then I hope he is gone soon! Thank you CD!
God bless you and we love you!
Anonymous said…
Will electoral college vote hillary president?
Anonymous said…
Sending love to all Veterans, and to the Gold Star parents. God bless you for your sacrifices.

Anonymous said…
Looked at that website, some energy has been released or awakened. But checkbout this

"Shanna says:
November 10, 2016 at 7:44 AM
Hi Eric,

I tend to see this entirely different than you “were wrong”. I tend to think – you are right. I will explain. Firstly, I know this because Spirit will never give you “incorrect” information, as you know. It is merely how you interpret and translate that information.

Secondly, you have given readings to my entirely family and they were beyond spot-on. You are never wrong – find a more empowering way to view your work. You simply translated the information in a different way. That is all. You always come from your heart and without ego – this is why you are different <—- and that matters.

Third, I submit your prediction below on "The Fall of Trump"…

“The two leaders will not see eye to eye at all.” The visual shifted to two men on a stage waving at fans. (A reference to the vice president.)"

Is it possible that the two men on stage waving to fans …..were (are) Trump/Spence in their acceptance speech? (Again – you were given correct information as always, it is simply how you chose to translate it).

“Like the reign of Howard”

This could go so many different directions – but I feel this implies Clinton would do so well (like Howard) then it would all be for naught.

I had a smiling face of Clinton with the number 62 by it. — Spirits Voice

Again – this is also "correct". Clinton DID smile at her concession speech. She DID need 62 more votes to make 270. She finished with 218. If you add 62 — that would have brought her to the magic 270.

And finally – you predicted that Hillary would win the election. And in fact — she did. She won the popular vote. She won in that sense.

I have never posted on here but feel so led because I don't want you feeling down on yourself. You're a good person and you are never given inaccurate information. Everything you said about the election – was in fact, correct. I think you are still a psychic rock star and hope you are doing well. Thank you for ALL you do in the name of Spirit and protecting our world.

The Fall of Trump I had a visual of people sitting around a business like table, several of the people left. “We are done.”
“The truth will be exposed.. scandal.. everyone will start to turn on Mr Trump.. things begin to spiral downward.”
I had a visual of Trump writing a check to himself. Then it shifted to show a giant hole in the sand of a beach.
“The two leaders will not see eye to eye at all.” The visual shifted to two men on a stage waving at fans. (A reference to the vice president.)
“Like the reign of Howard”
I had a smiling face of Clinton with the number 62 by it. — Spirits Voice "

Thomas Johns and many top psychics predicted Hillary.
Anonymous said…

I've had some time to think about Trump and I've had an epiphany. For the ones hoping Trump is shot or removed or whatever....please do NOT think like that. I will tell you why. Because Trump is easily manipulated, this is both a strength (for us) and a weakness. What we don't to do is have Pence be president. Should that happen.....austerity and fascism will result. Now why do I say Trump is the lesser of two evils. Well because he was once a Democrat, so he has some common sense, I know it's hard to believe given the election, but he did win via the use of the RatF*cking GOP, this is a real term and thing they use to win by rigging, lying, swiftboating, using the media, now the FBI, etc...

Now we all saw him talking with Obama...imagine Obama saying, "feel free to call me if you need me". Then imagine Trump calling him. He's already convinced him to save Obamacare and how do the GOP talking impeachment. THAT my the silver lining of this whole thing. Maybe Bill Clinton will stop by for a round of golf.

Remember when C.D. said something like...."wait it's going to get way worse regarding the election & vile remarks?? Trump is NOT the worse of it"? It's because he was spot on...he was talking about Bannon, Gingrich, Giuliana, Rove, GOP operatives, etc....

Let that sink in awhile. It is good news. He is changing the GOP for the better.....I kid you not. He will not let them push him around and will butt heads with him. It is NOT a victory to remove Trump from office. The other good news is...should they mess up under Trump.....they won't be able to blame the other side. If he stops them from getting away with obstructing and other crap it will change that party forever....for the good.

Anonymous said…
TW, knowitnext uses the Australian psychic Vine's predictions, ripping her off. Use the #knowitnext hashtag on twitter where Vine has outed them over and over.

Dirty deed, done dirt cheap.
T. W. said…
Thank you for your well thought out comments.
T. W. said…
Oh no! I am glad you outed the site. Thank you.

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