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From X Factor UK to the West End...

Lloyd Macey the Welshman with a voice from the Gods.
Was booted off the X Factor Uk last night.
But not to worry.....
He has a Star studded career ahead of him.
Not only on the X Factor tour.
But in Londons West End. & Broadway.


Anonymous said…
Now that is fantastic news. It will be wonderful for this young man. From Alex S
kiminicki said…
That's nice good news for him. Not watched as much of the x factor this year to busy crying into my chocolate1.
jeannine poll said…
CD I know you made a prediction for Harry & Meghan. 15months of relationship on two continents. She has never been seen with any member of the royal family. Always Harry Meghan and Soho's consultant and stylist. The photos were taken in a garden it is cold and wet in England. They are not allowed to have pictures in a castle. All this seems hasty. Charles and Diana 20 months divorce 17 months for Fergie and Andrew. What are they doing exactly?
T. W. said…
Thank you for good news.

The royal engagement has been announced. Anyone else notice Megan's ring finger is longer than the index finger? Biological men have that feature. Hmm.....
jeannine poll said…
TW, something is wrong (maybe I'm in denial) but I've always watched the royal family. 15 months of relationship on two countries. Zero semi royal event participation with other members. Too much information leak (zero leak on Philipp & Kate's third child) No comment from Prince Andrew or Ann .... something is wrong. This photo shoot in the garden in the rain. The others had the right to appear in a room in a castle. In short there is something on this story, too hasty information too diligently on social networks.
T. W. said…
God bless you Jeannine Poll. Thank you for providing evidence to support your theory. Many of the Friends here and myself agree with you. If I remember correct Christian said the same in a round about way. I don't blame him, he cannot risk law suits nor can he risk alienating current and potential clients. He will always have a friend in us.
kiminicki said…
Charles and Dianna were in the garden as well. Said to my mum at the time that wont work pity I'm not so insightful in my own life!
jeannine poll said…
TW & Kimi for an info I am black so no problem of race.

This story does not stick to the protocol of the royal family. The royal family uses the rules to show your affection. Look at the place for the pictures and the place for the interview. They could do that in the beautiful rooms of Clare House but no. It's medium.
When she says everyone warmly welcomed her, I believe for one second. Prince Philipp is the leader of this family he has never loved Hollywood.
In 17 months of relations no zero event and yet in the interview she said that everyone was behind them from the beginning if that was the case why they did not invite. (My theory is from the beginning they are struggling with Harry to get away from Meghan). Watch the video TW you feel love, watch how Meghan holds Harry's hand.

There is something, one thing is about it will end in tears.
T. W. said…
Hi jeannine poll! I saw portions of the interview. They are obviously lying. One of the female anchors from Good Morning America cannot hide her displeasure. A while back she called black people "coloreds."
Apple Monkey said…
Omg Kiminicki Completely forgot Charles and Diana were in the garden as well.

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