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Boys will be boys,...even if they "WALK" girls...

Rami Malek, who's is about to Star as..
Freddie Mercury... In the new movie of his life...
He'll no doubt get great reviews....
However, Rami needs to check......
Who he's hanging out with.............
Those WEHO parties are about to catch up with him.


T. W. said…
He looks like a kid.

Rami comes from a Coptic Christian background. This is not the first time he has portrayed a gay man. I wonder what his family has to say.
Letty said…
michael avenatti tweeted yesterday that
There are more kavanaugh victims and that
Christine Ford is not alone

I hope they come out next week
Letty said…
I just read in Daily Mail that a Roman has come
Forward who claim kavanaugh exposed himself
To her and he was drunk!!!
She is calling for the FBI to investigate

Thank you God for bringing this woman

I pray more women come forward

Letty said…
Michael Avenatti is representing a a THIRD
woman who claims to have credible evidence
that kavanaugh participated in gang rapes in HS
These men would get the women drunk and then run
a train on them

Avenatti said he has several witnesses to collaborate this
And gas reported it to the judiciary committee

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