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Not so Super.....

Actor Henry Cavill, 
seems to be believing his own publicity.
Oh well, if he carries on down this path.
There's a mighty fall in front of him.
This time there won't be a detour.


CyndiTx123 said…
Beautiful looking specimen.... but has a STD that will never go away...I pray he tells all that he sleeps with....At one time I thought he was soooo pretty when he starred on Tudors... but something along the way to stardom changed him..... you know has a bad attitude... what a waste....
Chick'sOpinion said…
Yes, Henry it’s true, if you don’t play the Hollywood game you are out.
Chick'sOpinion said…
Henry Cavill joins other actors / singers who killed their own careers

These include,

Shia Le Boeuf (sorry but his acting career is dead) cause he’s a drunkard. And an idiot.
Lindsay Lohan (needs no explanation)
Amanda Bynes (drug addict)
Ashlee Simpson (lip syncing on SNL)
Katherine Heigel (bad mouthing her own hit movie Knocked Up)

T. W. said…
I'm too old to be watching Superman anyway.

Christopher Reeve is the real Superman. Henry is stupid.
T. W. said…
To be fair, Amanda Bynes was horribly abused for years.

Add Rami Melek to the list. He is leaving his hit show "Mr. Robot". He probably thinks the "Bohemian Rhapsody" film is gonna put him on the A list. Poor kid doesn't know you have to bend over for Baphomet and give sacrifices instead.
Chick'sOpinion said…

Yessss, he played Charles Brandon in The Tudors. And was very hot lookin in it.
He’s crazy, effectively sabotaging his own career in this decision. Or maybe he dosent know this decision will lead to the end of his career.
A lot of these good lookin men are up themselves. And ego prevents you seeing reality.


Re. Amanda Bynes, yes, her father verbally and physically abused her, told her she was ugly. So I guess you are right. Amanda was way too scarred as a person, by the time her adult acting career began.
Chick'sOpinion said…

I’m not familiar with Rami Melek, this guy who’s playing Freddy Mercury. I will definitely be goin to see him in Bohemian Rhapsody. It dosent come out till November in Australia. As you probs remember, Sacha Baron Cohen was originally on board to play Freddie Mercury. But walked away , claiming the old chestnut ‘creative differences’.

Well, they were creative differences alright.
Sacha Baron Cohen has since said, he walked away because they were not willing to depict Freddie Mercury wild enough. And he WAS wild. And had a lot of extreme behaviour.
Well Sacha baron Cohen is well suited to extreme depictions. As we know. But no, the movie people preferred a played down version of Freddie’s life. I’m pretty certain CD predicted the movie will fail if Sach Baron Cohen doesn’t play Freddie Mercury. But I may be wrong.

Freddie Mercury was a strong believer in the spirit world. And was very close to Brian May due to a shared fascination with the universe, the spirit world etc. so maybe Freddie in Heaven is gonna ensure this movie flops. As it’s not honest.
I think also what happened was, Queen, as a band are too worried an extreme depiction will hurt their brand. Well they are wrong. Way wrong.
CyndiTx123 said…
I really wished that they let Sacha play the role like he originally wanted to. Depict the real life of a rocknroller... Show the good and bad being super-uber famous-living life in the fast lane.... RIP F.M.
Band members of Queen are super ninny's for not letting the truth be told.
Jules said…
Before, when I heard that an actor had gone off the rails, I just put it down to them maybe having a fragile personality and that they struggled with or could not handle say the lack of privacy that goes hand in hand with fame or the negative issues that come with suddenly having a lot of money.

However, nowadays, I think totally different. I now think what have ‘they’ done to you and what have you put yourself through to fulfill your dream of being an actor. Of course, not all actor’s breakdowns and addictions are due to anything sinister (or are they?) however, a lot of them are.

Rumour has it that the child actors Lindsey Lohan, Amanda Byrnes and Shia Le Boeuf are all under the trauma based Monarch Mind control MK-ultra and have been through hell and back. Heaven only knows what they have been through and what has been done to them and I feel so desperately sorry for them all.

Here a few links on MK ultra

Lindsay Lohan says something in appropriate about Paris, pay attention to the lady with the phone and the blonde haired woman next to her
6 signs of MK ultra

MK-Ultra Documentary: Techniques, Celebrities & more!
MK - Ultra Trauma Based Victims 'Alter Egos & Handlers' (2018)
T. W. said…

It is obvious if you read their song lyrics instead of listening to them.

Occult symbols abound in their music videos, including their solos.

Brian May is a Freemason, there are plenty of photos of him doing that all seeing eye gesture, and he wore a coat that had an occult symbol on the back of it when he performed at the London Olympic games.

This is a satire site exposing Brian May. Don't forget, satire is comedy based on truth:

Side-note, when you see celebs hide one-way that is a sign they have submitted to Lucifer and the occult elite.

Did you know Mary Austin was Brian Mary's ex-girlfriend?

Did you know Brian introduced Mary and Freddie to each other?


John Deacon spoke highly of a pedophile occultist, I do not recall the man's name but there is video of him saying this on YouTube unless it was pulled down. You will have to dig for it.

Adam Glam-bert has publicly admitted he worships the dark lord. He has occult tattoos on his body. Side-note, tattoos, even a star, tell you something about the occult practitioner.

Don't get me started on Roger Taylor. I will throw out this tidbit. His current wife wore black and red during the wedding ceremony. Remember, I said that in occult circles the color red represents their satanic bloodlines. Red is also the color of initiation.

As for Freddie being wild and crazy, published reports claim Roger was wilder, crazier, and nastier.

Whether Freddie is in heaven or hell is not for me to say. Based on a dream I had, Freddie and David Bowie made peace and reconciliation with God before they died. Don't forget, it is no secret David practiced the dark arts.

As for the film, it is CURSED. Cohen worked on it for 6 years. There were frequent rewrites to the script even after Rami Melek replaced Cohen. There were several directors. Don't forget, Bryan Singer was fired as director.

Here is some tea, which you can hear from the horse's mouth on the link provided. I spilled this tea on this blog in the comments a few years back.

Cohen claims a member of Queen said the best part happens in the middle of the movie. Cohen asked about it, the Queenie stated "the middle is the best part because Freddie dies."

Cohen would not say which Queenie made that statement but Howard Stern said Brian May. I dont know but that is my guess. Taylor does not talk much and May talks about Freddie and the good old days too much and he sings Freddie's praises too much. I hope you know what I mean.

Here is the clip:
T. W. said…
Here is a pic from Brian Mary's Instagram. I have never seen a heterosexual biological male pose like this.

If Brian takes that pic down then you know he reads this site.

Y'all remember that song Brian wrote, I think called Daughter and Son or Daughter to Son? Read the lyrics. He tried to be both son and daughter.

Side-note: occult practitioners believe Satan/Lucifer is both male and female.

Y'all remember the Radio Ga-Ga video? Queen wore black leather pants. Why does Brian May look like he has hips?

I saw them in concert last summer and gave a full report. Why does Brian Mary's hips look more feminine than mine?

Paul McCartney just revealed he and John Lennon participated in a circle jerk. I believe this. Lennon said himself he wanted to have sex with his own mother.

Jim Morrison (The Doors) would look his mother in the eye when he sang sexually explicit lyrics.

T. W. said…
I must share this.

As I stated before, We Think You Should is a satire site. Satire is based on truth. Well, the bloggers claim The Red Special guitar is demonic. I know about The Devil's Chord for guitar. DO NOT INTENTIONALLY LISTEN TO IT.

If you listen to rock music you have heard it. DO NOT seek it out to hear it, the devil's chord is played when you want to summon an evil spirit.

Anyway, I just laughed the first time I read about The Red Special being demonic. Well, Brian did play it during parts of the concert. Let me tell you, it truly has a distinct sound. I also believe there is some truth to that blog's claim.
T. W. said…
Jules, child abuse is a known occult ritual. I am not saying all child abusers practice the dark arts. I am saying there is a reason pedophilia gets a pass in show business.

I will share a little known "secret." THEY use extreme physical and emotional trauma and sexual abuse to cause children to enter an altered state of consciousness that allows them to be open to receive demonic entities. That ain't multiple personality disorder, you are watching demonic manifestations in a person who has been horrifically abused.

Amanda Bynes, Arianna Grande, and others were "allegedly" abused by Dan Scneider. Man likes feet. He is the rumored biological father of Jamie Lynn Spears' oldest child. Don't forget she was under age when she had that kid.

Dan Schneider was the fat kid on the show "Head of the Class." He produced children's shows for the Nickelodeon network. Got fired earlier this year. There is a multitude of videos being inappropriate with children on YouTube. Prepare to be sickened.

Long time readers of CDAN know all about Schneider, James Franco, Bryan Singer, Prince Andrew and the rest of the pedophiles.
T. W. said…
Thank you Jules!

Jay Myers Documentaries is good. He is the one who did "Strange Ways of the Elite." He shows photographic evidence of what happens at the Rothschild parties.

Friends, the fact we come to a psychic blog shows we know the spirit world exists. Some of us are spiritually sensitive/psychic ourselves. The masses have their eyes wide shut. They are on the Soma. Please share all this information but be careful how you go about it. Not everyone is your friend.
Jules said…
TW – I know they do, and it is horrific.

I just hope that everyone is now beginning to see through the photoshop world and understands that these child actors Lohan, Le Boeuf and Bynes are not just drunkards, stupid, or idiots they are under MK Ultra and demonic control. If the rumours are true I cannot begin to comprehend the horrific abuse they have been subjected to in order to turn them into a money-making commodity, they do not see them as human beings they are seen as nothing but cash cows.

One of the videos that I gave links to clearly states that the generational satanic families have always used a form monarch, mk ultra trauma-based mind control. I was also surprised to learn that Marilyn Monroe had been a girlfriend of Anton LaVey - it all makes sense now.

Jules said…
TW – The words of Bohemian Rhapsody take on a completely different meaning when you are ‘awake’ .

Mary being Freddie’s handler makes perfect sense to me.

I sincerely hope with all my heart he did reconcile with God because if he did, he danced with the devil and outsmarted him in the end.

They are never ever going to create a film that depicts what really went on with Queen, they have a money-making brand to protect, if they did the film would be full of debauchery, drugs, satanic rituals etc … they are only ever going to show a photoshopped carefully edited vision.
Katelyn said…
I totally understand and get where you guys are coming from, and I read alot of the blind items and they're all so accuarately true which is scary. Hollywood is not all glitz and glamour.
T. W. said…
Hollywood was created by Satanists. You know it's bad when occult practitioners warn you about that place, Coachella, and Burning Man.
T. W. said…
That Bo Rhap movie caters to hard core fans. Joke on them. No new information you can't find in a book, in an interview, or a documentary.
Jules said…
Please listen to what TW has said .. especially concerning the festival the Burning Man.

Here are a few links exposing Burning Man

School Teacher Becomes Possessed at Burning Man



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