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For those that think Trump is even human..

25yr old Óscar Alberto Martínez Ramírez .
& his  daughter drowned trying to get to a better life.


Tony said…
This is just absolutely shocking. It's just so heartbreaking to see this image and it just horrifies me totally. I am in complete shock. This has really numbed me
Chick'sOpinion said…
Just shocking. And to think of the violence that he was give him and his daughter a basic safe life.

What river is it?
T. W. said…
Tony, I am glad to hear from you. If I had the money I would fly you here and we would go to watch a Carolina Panthers game together.

I saw the pic yesterday on my Google feed. The pic was uncensored and left me disturbed.

When this all started I said THEY would use the crisis as a front for human trafficking. I was proven right.

Children are denied soap, tooth brushes and toothpaste. Children are force fed psychotropic medicines. Children are separated from their relatives.

THEY need slaves, people to rape, people to hunt for sport, blood, organs, tissue, and adrenochrome. There. I said it.

I have been praying for migrants and refugees. God knows why people are fleeing and whether they truly need help. I pray God gives us a discerning heart so we can determine who really needs help and who came to hurt America. May God give us a heart and the resources to help us give love, compassion, and mercy to these people.
Chick'sOpinion said…

Glad the pic was uncensored too.
Cause its easy to separate the realiy of what happens to these desperate people.

So sad for his wife. The mother of that child.

The pic is all over the International Media.


Just maybe they didnt die in vain.
And somethings gonna come from this.

I think it will certainly open some closed eyes.
T. W. said…
I hear you Chick'sOpinion.

ABC News discussed the story tonight and showed the pic. At least they warned viewers.

Those of us who are sensitive and know what is happening are sickened beyond belief by this. I am physically and emotionally disturbed by this.

The Sheeple will be shocked awake unless they are so desensitized they have no emotions or thoughts about this tragedy.

Jesus did tell us the love of many (people) will grow cold.
Letty said…
I have been praying for this family and for
Someone to stop the border crisis

We need to pray for these children and families

Remember we are all connected as humanity
And we need to help them. These are good
Families looking for a better life.

God bless them and protect them all!!!

Tony said…
Hi T.W that is very sweet of you to say and it would be fabulous too XX
That photo haunts me and the whole world needs to see it. The sooner Trump is out of office the better!!!
Stef x said…
What a brave man.

I think society is becoming more humanitarian, or opening their eyes to these issues. Or so I hope.

This picture was truly upsetting/disturbing. It’s almost as if you can see and feel how he and his child died and then you have the poor mother/wife who had to witness it. It’s hard to switch off.

This is obvious but no one deserves this.

WOW. Got a million “I’m not a a robot” proofs before posting this, more so than I ever have before for posting this comment. Are you serious.
Chick'sOpinion said…

Even my stepfather mentioned to me, about this heartbreaking pic today.
There isnt a country that has not seen it i think.

And Theres no doubt.
That, it would have to be a huge reason to risk such a dangerous crossing.

I cannot and will not beleive. That all of these South American, so called illegal migrants are simply economic migrants.

They are running from extreme violence, being forced into working for Cartels. And certain death. ..Homicide of their families.

And even if some are simply Economic Migrants.
So what.
Last time i looked, wanting a better life is not a crime.

I saw the 2015 movie Sicario. Based on the whole situation. And directed by Denis Villeneuve. can claim that's just a movie. But nothing much in it isnt factually happening in South America.

The movie is an education on what lives these people face everyday.
Im not ashamed to say, that movie scared the shit outa me. And was kind of an education.

T. W. said…
Hi Tony! I meant every word.
T. W. said…
I feel for immigrants. What I have to say next may not be popular. I think America is the only country where a person can migrate to and become better off than some of the people who are born and raised in America.
Jules said…
Utterly heartbreaking ....

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