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Prayer Circle for protection...

Well, seems I hit a nerve..
The other day I did a post about.
Keanu Reeves.....
It was in regard to one Alexandra Grant.
An alleged artist of sorts.
I mentioned in the post that Keanu.
Needs to get rid of her pronto.
She has the darkest Aura that I have ever seen.
Trust me I have seen lots.
She is a Dark Witch/bitch.
A money grabbing, fame whore.
Manipulating scumbag.
So, I got a lot of questions, from Keanu fans.
From around the World.
Well, to help save Keanu from this evil.
I am starting a Prayer circle.
To protect him and his family.
As well as put Spiritual pressure on her.
To get rid of her.
If you would like to join.
Just add your name & thoughts in the comments.


Anonymous said…
Im with you C ;-) s.pope
MotherofanAngel said…
Will say my prayers for him and his family to be protected.
Anonymous said…
Archangel Michael,

Please protect Keanu Reeves and his family. Please bring him back to the light. Break the curse/spell Alexandra Grant has over Keanu and protect Keanu and his family from all forms of black magic.

( I am remaining Anon on this one (I’ll add my name later on). River Phoenix, Jennifer Syme, even his father are concerned about him. River has been saying loud as day “help him.”)
Anonymous said…
Yes. I'll join the prayer circle. SA8
Anonymous said…
Keanne deserves a much better lady!!
Melic21 said…
Dear keanu

I pray for your soul and light reaches you and I pray for protection from the evil forces around you. I ask that you're higher self protects you and burns out any impurities around you and you are protected with a golden octahedron. God bless you and your family xx
JACKIE O said…
Prayer to St. Michael Archangel to protect him and his family!!! He seems to be a very nice person and I have heard over the years that he has help others including his family too! Keanu and his family will be in my prayers!
JACKIE O said…
Praying to St. Michael Archangel to protect Mr.Reeves and his family! I heard he is a very nice person with a good heart for his family and friends! Wishing him the best as always. I am praying for Keanu & family to be protect from the darkness.
Anonymous said…
Yes, I'll join the prayer circle and I've been praying for him. LMF.
Anonymous said…
Keanu deserves a much better lady and I wish him only good energy
Anonymous said…
God Bless Keanu and his family who will be in my prayers.
T. W. said…
Dear God,

I know you have heard my prayers for Keanu Reeves and for others in situations like his. I know you have read/heard the prayers that others are writing/thinking/saying for Keanu. God, I agree with the prayers I have read on this site. I agree with any and all prayers that ask for your love, kindness, mercy, protection, safety, rescue, provision, help, comfort, recovery, restoration, healing, salvation, and forgiveness. I know you have answered our prayers according to your will. We await the manifestation of the answered prayers. We have faith Keanu Reeves will hear you and positively respond to you. Keanu will not be lost, he will be saved and dwell in the house of the LORD forever. All those who seek you LORD will not be lost, they will dwell in the house of the LORD forever too.

In Jesus' name I pray. It is done. Amen.
writestuff said…
To the Supreme Being and Creator God: Please protect Keanu and fill him with your Divine Light and Divine Love. Please send Archangels Michael, Raphael, Uriel and Gabriel to remove and clear any dark energy in and around him. Please shield, protect and keep him safe. Thank you and Amen!
karen said…
I read about this the other day .He is such a lovely man and does not deserve this horrible person.

I will join you all in the prayer circle.
God please give him the strength to break away from this witch.
I’m am praying to God to protect him from this dark energy and give him the strength to walk away.
Please keep him safe God

I pray to Archangel Michael to send him white light protection.
Chick'sOpinion said…
May God rescue and protect your Soul Keanu Reeves. And the Souls of your family. And remove Alexandra Grant from your lives. Forever.
Cast her OUT Archangel Michael.
Braveheart said…
Joining the prayer circle 🙏❤️
Unknown said…
Dear God,

Please protect Keanu from all that is evil; surround him with your healing, holy white light and keep him safe and healthy. Thank-you, Father .... in all things, in Your name.
Letty said…
There are several articles that say that Keanu
Sold his sold to the devil to attain fame in Hollywood

If this is true, then it makes sense as to why he is
Attracting this woman with such dark energy

We tend to attract people and things
That are usually vibrating at our own energy level

If Keanu was at a higher vibration energy he would
Not be near this dark woman
Anonymous said…
Me, too. Long time fan of Keanu, as a person.
Katelyn said…
Joining too may God help him.
valerie_323 said…
Dear God, please surround Keanu and family with the white light of the Holy Spirit.

Amen !
Jules said…
He is such a wonderful man .. I will join you in the prayer circle Please add my name.
Anonymous said…
Marjorie Orr has a new Keanu horoscope posted ( Guess CD’s post about Keanu even reached her!

Joining the prayer circle. He’s brought me a lot of joy through his work as an actor, and I wish him well.

Mrs. Bhali
Erika said…
Dear God and Spirit,
Your light never fails.
I ask that you shower your Son, Keanu in only love and protection, so that he is shown the compassion and truth of his circumstance. I pray that you envoke Arch Angel Michael to offer so much white light that it fills his heart and offers him devine protection. I pray we reward Keanu with the sanctuary, peace and the love only your divine light can provide. In you we trust.... and so it is. Xx
Stef x said…
Joining the prayer circle as well. Stephanie. X
Sana said…
Shall pray for him & his family and ask the archangels for help to rid this evil person from a Good man.
T. W. said…
These beautiful prayers being tears to my eyes.

I love all of you!

T. W.
Unknown said…
Christian — can you please tell us: what is going on in Dominican Republic????

Chick'sOpinion said…
Please God

Boil Cassandra Grant.. Keanu's witchcrafty gf. In her own witch's Cauldren.

Double, double. Toil and trouble.
Fire burn and Cauldren bubble.
Anonymous said…
He looks gutted, out of it. Something definitely wrong there. Of course I will send prayers, Love & Light
Anonymous said…
Chick’s Opinion, you just caused innocent Cassandra Grant to be boiled! Shame on you!

Just kidding you. It’s Alexandra Grant you want boiled, so you best put a P.S. on your previous prayer.
Chick'sOpinion said…

Errrmmm merrr Gerrd!!

Please God

Boil Alexandra Grant...Keanu's witchcrafty witch gf.

In her own Witch's cauldren.

Double, double Toil and trouble
Fire burn and Cauldren bubble.
Chocmint33 said…
Angels, guides, universe, creator please protect Keanu from negativity and destructive people. Bring people to him that have the highest good and the best intentions for him. White light, love and protection to Keanu.
Apple Monkey said…
Dear God, please keep Keanu safe from harm and protect him always.
Melanie1958 said…
Archangels protect Keanu from all evil. Keep this witch away from him and his family
Anonymous said…
Angels of light illuminate Keanu's life. Let her get away from this bad woman
Anonymous said…
Prayers for Keanu’s protection in all ways
Anonymous said…
Mighty God send your archangels to protect Keanu from that wicked witch
Anonymous said…
I pray for keanu soul to be unleashed from her.
Anonymous said…
Any Updates??
shamaro said…
He’s gonna need a bigger prayer circle
N said…
Sending much love and protection to you, Keanu. Wake up, my sweet. I'm waiting.
Anonymous said…
Any update Christian?

Have a good Sunday!
Anonymous said…
Praying for the great man.

Keep up the great work Christian
Aware&Awake said…
First of all thank you!!!!!!!!! I thought I was alone in this because she seems to have this weird hold on him for many years it seems, "friends." Ehhhhh nah more like he's been her ticket towards fame and fortune and Like he seems to be in a weird trance or possessed by her. I had the feeling there was something unexplained about how their relationship was for many years. She seemed to probably rise in her career by association with Keanu Reeves. So first of all I've seen her art and it is not art at all, it's terrible, a five year old can draw better than her and a lot of it bullshit, or at least definitely doesn't deserve all of the praise and recognition it's getting, so ridiculous. It's obvious she's manipulated her way into his life and used his fame to get ahead. She's a witch and a leech. Hope he wises up and escapes her bony clutches for good, before it's too late!
Unknown said…
Dear God, all Archangels, please protect Keanu and his family, and our relationship
Anonymous said…
Prayers protection to a genuine nice person
Keanu reeves.
Thank you for pointing it out to the world. So Keanu can be protected from evil.
Tink2 said…
Can you go into a bit more detail about her 'dark aura' - exactly what do you mean?
I met them both in 2011 when they were promoting their first book, and I did not pick up anything like that. I did think 'what is he hanging around with her for?' lol!
n said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Quiet said…
i read a few days ago somewhere that he just got engaged to her in dec 2019.. hope i am wrong
Anonymous said…
No. I will pray for MM with that demonic RF.
Tuppence941 said…
To the Powers above, to my loved ones passed, to Keanu’s loved one passed, to ALL available Angels;

Please watch over Keanu Charles Reeves and his beautiful family. He needs your strength, your prayers, and your assistance! Protect him from the one we call AG and her spells and curses. Please gently help him to see the truth behind her smile. Guide him while you show him the harm and danger in her intentions. Keep him safe while he learns the truth. Hold him while he grieves the loss of someone he trusted, confided in, and called friend. Walk with him while he gathers the courage and strength to walk way from those who wish him harm,, both mentally and physically. Shelter him from the anger, pain, and retaliation that is sure to follow his break from this dark soul that is reveling in the spells and curses she and her coven have placed upon his generous soul. Remind him that there are many that truly and purely love and appreciate him that pray for his safety and happiness with one that shares a soul as great as his. Know that his “guardians” here on Earth stand behind through this horrible time and want to assist you in any way to keep him safe and as unharmed as possible. He has suffered so much already, so please, I pray of you, guide him away from the evil that is trying to obtain every part of him that is good and into a place of safety and peace while he heals and finds true happiness somewhere safe.

I pray of you to care for this kind and deserving man.


Psychic Gossip said…
Hi Gang one more push she'll be gone CDX
shamaro said…
Dear Lord, the world needs more people like Keanu. In these dark times, he gives people hope. We need him and pray that your light and protection will surround him. I pray he is safe with people who truly love him. Repel and send away those who would use him. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
Anonymous said…
I thought I was alone in seeing this dark energy. Sendin white light.
Anonymous said…
Psalm 91: 11 “For He will command his angels concerning you
to guard you in all your ways”
Anonymous said…
Two months later, she’s still around. So here’s an extra something-something.
Psalm 142:6-7
Listen to me as I cry (to you).
I have a very great need.
Make me safe from the people that follow me (to hurt me).
You make me safe because they are too strong for me.
Take me out of this prison
Anonymous said…
I’m going to stop praying for him now. I’m sorry. He was with her this weekend. He doesn’t seem to want protection.
Anonymous said…
Photos of them on the beach this past weekend looking happy. This is sadly what he wants.

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