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I do hope you don't think this is going away..

There is alot more to come of his RACIST shit.
This round due to Epstein, staying in clinky.
With the fear he'll sell his black book to the FEDS.
By the way he will....


T. W. said…
Tuppence was here yesterday and I gave my opinion and links here:

Hitler incarnate.....

P. S.

A "tuppence" is the sum of 2 pennies, which is 2 cents. Trump and Pence are worthless.
T. W. said…

Show them true colors.

Reveal the contents of the Black Book.

Reveal who the perverts are.

#Justice for the Victims

Tape shows Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein discussing women at 1992 party

From the article:

At one point in the video, Trump is seen grabbing a woman toward him and patting her behind.

The president says that he hasn’t spoken to Epstein since his guilty plea, and that his relationship with him was no different than that of anyone else in their elite circle.

“I knew him like everybody in Palm Beach knew him,” Trump said last week. “I was not a fan.”


Though exactly what they say is difficult to understand, Trump is seen gesturing to a woman and appears to say to Epstein, “Look at her, back there. … She’s hot.” Epstein reacted with a smile and a nod.

Trump then said something else into Epstein’s ear that caused Epstein to double over with laughter.

But the president says now that he never liked Epstein.
T. W. said…
Christian, can you comment on the Area 51 situation? People plan to storm the area so they can free the alleged extraterrestrial prisoners.

Bud Light is offering free beer to any alien that makes it out of Area 51

Guy Fieri Offers To Make Radioactive Ribs For The Area 51 Raid
Letty said…
We need something huge to come out and hit trump over his
Racist head and to stick!!

T. W. said…
America's Secret Destiny: What you weren't taught in school! Jay Myers Documentaries
Anonymous said…
Will Epstein and others really be held accountable since Barr is now in charge of Justice?
Chick'sOpinion said…
Makes sense.

Create a shit storm of media coverage on racism.

To get Jeffery Epstein off the front page of newspapers.

The things billionaires will do for eachother.


Chick'sOpinion said…
Yes. Controversial remarks / actions.

Control the front pages of Newspapers.

'The Pumps don't work cause the vandals took the handles'

The handles in this instance, are the Free Press.
Chick'sOpinion said…

Cannot beleive you have had Trump and Pence in your neck of the Woods.

You know, Trump is now trying to claim he wasn't at the rally where Republicans started chanting the 'go home' stuff.

Lindsay Graham, the one CD reckons is a part time Queen in his private time.

Has gone on the record backing the claim Trump wasn't there at that rally.

Or at least when the aggressive chanting was on.

Who needs Sarah Huckabee Liar.

When you have Lindsay Graham.

Chick'sOpinion said…

Have you heard about in the U.S.. Detroit's Project Green Light.

It's a crime based surveillance project there.

That uses facial recognition technology.

There was an article recently in The New York Times. On 8th July 2019.

About how this facial recognition technology is giving huge numbers of false recognition.

On African Americans.

False matches.

The New York Times are calling it 'Algorithmic bias'.

The article interviewed a Software engineer.

He stated 'Facial recognition software is much less accurate with Black pigmentation'.

Detroit city are seeing this Facial Recognition Surveillance/cameras... they have put EVERYWHERE.

As an answer to their high crime problem.

It isn't. Because it gets it wrong.

The Software works like this. And more...

It picks up ...reads from the photograph on your Drivers License.

How 1984... And Orwellian is that?

Fine if it's working correctly.

Repressive and dangerous if the software cannot read with total accuracy on all races.

Civil Liberties Groups will quite rightly start the legal cases against this shit.

And the Cities who install these unreliable surveillance cameras.
T. W. said…

Is this for real?!

The event was recorded. He was there.

Trump was onstage when the chant started. He waited 13 seconds to say anything.

He is also on video telling the press he heard the chants and told the crowd to due down. That's a lie, he said nothing to the crowd to get them to stop.
T. W. said…

Haven't you heard?

All black people look alike. ; )

I've been purposefully avoiding the news for my health's sake. But I have heard bits and pieces.

THEY have known for years that facial recognition technology does not work on people of African descent. I find this to be a blessing and I also find this to be hilarious.
Chick'sOpinion said…

Yes. And it's so obvious. That Trump was well acquainted with Jeffery Epstein.

Neighbours. And Trump would have known about Epstein's activities.

From what I've read. It was common knowledge.

T. W. said…
Yeah. The occult elite are above the law you know.

Guess what.

No one is above God's law.

No one is above God.
Chick'sOpinion said…

It's far from a blessing. Detroit is known for having a higher African American population.

But this facial recognition technology.

That has been applied in a huge amount of cameras now in use in Detroit's streets.

Is misidentifying people.

Darker skinned women as men

And...far higher false matches in African Americans. Than Whites.

Amazon sell this technology. And are fully aware of the issue. But seemingly dont care.

People wonder why I hate Amazon. This is a good example as to why.

The New York Times investigation into it in Detroit revealed ...

The Racial bias in this technology is a serious worry for citizens. People in Detroit have been shot and arrested by the police.

Nothing new here you say. But seriously isnt Racial Bias a huge problem as it is.

Without people inventing and making money from Technology that denies people their basic rights.

Michigan Licence Holders Photograph's are now being scanned routinely by Facial recognition.

Without Michigan people consenting to it.

The city of San Francisco has banned this technology. I can see clearly why.

Racially Biased technology is a breach of rights. And justice.

And another thing.

U.S Immigration's powers are changing. Rapidly.

U.S Immigration have mined U.S Drivers License Data bases... in 3 U.S states.

They use this facial recognition technology. So they easily pick up who they are lookin for.

And it's leading to alot of arrests. But alot are mismatches.

The Facial Recognition cameras scan you at Traffic Lights in Detroit. But plenty of other general places too.

The FBI has been using this Facial Recognition technology for a while now. To find people without their knowledge.

My argument is.

Only in very rare cases should law enforcement be permitted to do that without your knowledge. And your lawyer knowing.
Anonymous said…
Paperwork was filed today to make sure the videos and black books are never made public. Like the Mueller Report, the public will not be allowed to see the truth.
Chick'sOpinion said…

That's a shocking outcome.

Can this be overturned?

I certainly hope so.
T. W. said…

Everything you said is truth.
T. W. said…

Maybe Mercury retrograde will work on the side of justice. The paperwork gets lost, is interpreted incorrectly, or the request gets denied.

The Black Book contents was published years ago. I did provide a link. Besides, for all I know the Black Book has been updated since then. The public has the right to know.

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