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Cordelia said…
CD can we look forward to a light at the tunnel?
Chick'sOpinion said…
Given that this is his personality.

I wonder if the many ex Gf's will start talking.

About him.

Ex girlfriends who were betrayed are a particular problem.

Especially if they have just survived a bad marriage/relationship with a narcissist

They have an axe to grind.
Chick'sOpinion said…
List of Boris Chicks

Allegra Mostyn-owen

Marina Wheeler

Petronella Wyatt ( oh God. She was one of the Columnists at The Spectator) ... Look out !

Anna Fazackerly (another Journalist).. look out !

Helen Macintyre (he had a love child with this one)

Carrie Symonds (current gf)

Thing is. Boris Johnson lacks the millions like keep these women quiet.

In fact I'm surprised certain extremists didnt offer Trump to get Stormy Daniels whacked.

They probably did.

Anyway Boris Johnson does have alot of wealthy friends

With a vested interest in keeping Boris in a powerful political position.

Think.. Big money for political favours.
Chick'sOpinion said…
Boris Johnson keeps havin a reoccurring nightmare.

It's of ex girlfriends.. he's wronged... sharpening knives in a kitchen.

The Journalist ex's he's dated... know plenty of other Journalists.

Even better. How much would The UK Daily Mail pay for a tell all story on Boris Johnson?

Once He's PM as CD has predicted he will be.

Well they'll pay shit loads.

Is Boris Johnson friends with The Daily Mail Journalist, Piers Morgan?

Because it's a fact.. Meghan Markle learned rather quickly.

Falling out of friendship with Journalist, Piers Morgan of UK The Daily Mail.

Was a strategically bad move.

He now hates her.

But we all know 'Fame Media Loving' Meghan didn't cut her ties with Piers Morgan because she wanted to.


As soon as the Royal Family found out he was following her on Insta. Meeting up with her at pubs for a beer.

They went Scitz. And forbade her ever having contact with him again.

Piers Morgan dosent handle rejection in a healthy way.

He goes on character assassinations to cope.

Of famous people. He hates.

Lady Diana, the Princess of Wales managed Pier Morgan's behaviour with grace. And skill back in the 80's and 90's.

She used to call him Mr Morgan.

And was well aware of his savage ambition. And how to handle it.

I believe he respected her for it. Also for the fact she was already a veryhigh ranking aristocrat.

Before marriage.

And she used to occasionally approach him at major Press meets.

For a quick chat.

Meghan Markle has not managed anything like this with Piers Morgan. And that's her problem.

Her other major problem. Shes NOT an English aristocrat.

Big obstacle in many ways.
Chick'sOpinion said…
Whose side is Mexico on?

I'll tell ya. The money side.

The Mexican government today have just demanded ownership of El Chapo's money.

12.6 billion of it.

That a U.S Judge has demanded El Chapo pay as part of his fortune profit from his Drug Empire.. over the years.

Problem is. Trump is refusing to hand it over.

Manual Lopez Obrador, Mexico's left wing leader, claims it belongs to the Mexican people.

Is he f..cked in the head?

Does he seriously think anyone is gonna believe that 1 Cent of that 12.6 billion is gonna go to the people of Mexico.

With the Mexican Government's level of corruption.

Manual Obrador is supposed to be a Left Wing leader.

This must be Left Wing 'Mexican Style'

Well I'll suggest the whole enchilada to Manuel Obrador.

He hasn't got a snowflake's chance in Hell of getting that money off Trump.

If Trump determines not to hand it over.

For a start. Trump can justifiably claim that, that money can go towards compensation for the billions the U.S taxpayers.

Have had to spend on Border Security. Processing, legal representation for millions of Mexican asylum seekers... running from a country they cant safely live in, Mexico.

Oh and Manuel Obrador has got himself legal advice on it.

He claims he's being advised by none other than El Chapo's lawyer.

Jose Luis Gonzalez Mesa.

Oh and the U.S has seized all El Chapo's assets.

And Manuel Obrador wants them back too.

What a hide. And outrageously, Manuel Obrador is claiming El Chapo's life Sentence is 'inhumane'.

Is he nuts? El Chapo is responsible for deaths of 1000's of Human beings.

He's up there with the Nazis. In prolific murder.

Nope. Manual Obrador is clearly as corrupt as
Chocmint33 said…
Yeah I agree. I know Boris's type. I've encountered a couple in life. They're the type who manipulate their way to the top through their charisma or gift of the gab. They make themselves look smarter than what they really are. As a result they topple people who have more ability. Companies are full of them - they're the ones that usually go bust in the end. Another term for them - workplace psychopaths!
Chick'sOpinion said…
I see the high Tariffs being applied anyway by Trump ...

On Mexico.. after this demand today by that Village idiot, Mexican Leader, Andres Manuel Obrador.

Manual Obrador is another one who needs to go to Diplomacy School. With Donald Trump. As a classmate.

Lesson 1. Don't demand in a rude way to be compensated financially back from countries you caused catastrophe in.

You know guys, Germany got hit with crippling debt repayments

For the almost complete destruction they caused in infrastructure, communities, homes, manufacturing, factories, offices, bridges and parts for machinery.

That they deliberately destroyed during WW2.

They took it on the chin.

And paid 23 Billion as part of The Potsdam Agreement in 1945.

So if Germany can take responsibility for that.

Mexico can take responsibility for the havoc El Chapo has caused the world.

And not ask to be compensated for it, in effect.

And its an undeniable fact.

Mexico should have jailed El Chapo themselves far back as 1993. Forever.

Not the U.S.
Life in Prison costs a fortune to operate. Correctional workers..buildings cost alot in funding.

Andres Manual Obrador ! Dickhead of the Mexican National Regeneration Movement.

Learn from The 1945 Potsdam Agreement.

And pay for your own regeneration.
Jules said…
This man totally unnerves me.
Chick'sOpinion said…
I mention her again. Cause I dislike her and like her. In equal measure.

But you have to wonder if the very childish, American singer, Billie Eilish.

Is prone to bizarre, eccentric delinquency.

Or at least the image of it.

Cause her middle name is Pirate.

Who the Hell gives their baby daughter the middle of name Pirate?

And her 'career' so far, has been stage managed by her parents.

Who are in the Entertainment industry. Typical.

This seriously nutty singer, Billie Eilish has, I think, a good song out called, Bad Guy.

Most people would know it now.

A quick review of the song/lyrics she definately wrote herself.

Paints a disturbing picture. Of extreme violent sexual experience.

She's only 17.

It caused me to wonder. WTF has this girl been doing in her life? So far.

To write the dark stuff/lyrics she's written.

At first hearing the song, Bad Guy. I thought you would have to have personal experience. But no.

All up. I think she's tryin to be a combination of Shia Le Bouf, Lady Gaga. And Keith Richard.

Or a female Captain Teague.
My guess is... her 'bedroom experience' is all made up crap.

And shes watched Fifty Shades Of Grey.

52 times.

On her own.

Plus has every volume of the books.

She's just a nutty nerd. Who wrote a song.

And dont forget.

Is also a pirate.
Louis said…
His first name is actually Alexander, Second Johnstone, full name is Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson family apparently call him "Al".

Due to his "flair" for ahem "self promotion" he started using using his second name Boris ...every one else would just simply say he's a Gemini.....But the first thing they teach you in a "recovering from a Gemini relationship" workshop is their capacity for deception...both to you and themselves....You been warned!

Personally I would always recommend using his full name....he'd really hate flags I see through the BS and that he divides his world into people you call him "Al" and those who call him "Boris"...I also noted that nobody who has worked with him has had a good word to say about him...

T. W. said…
If El Chapo paid taxes on his crime income then Mexico shouldn't get any of the confiscated funds.

If Mexico really wanted the money they would have Sue's El Chapo for it in court.

The drug sales took place in America. Our government seizes all property purchased with drug money, including the underwear on your butt. America has every legal right to confiscate it.

Just ask the family of Nipsey Hustle.
T. W. said…

The occult elite troll the masses with the names they give their children and themselves. You are right to be suspicious.

There are a lot of blind items about Billie Eilish. I skip them. I get a lot of magazines and I skip articles about her.

As for 50 Shades of Grey, it is a poor RIP-off of the Twighlight book series and the film Secretary. The male character's name in Secretary is E. Edward Gray. What's the guy's name in 50 Shades? In Twighlight? Exactly.

There were some news reports years ago. Some researchers tested copies of 50 Shades to see what germs were on the cover. They found herpes virus and other "social disease" pathogens. How did they get there? Why did people have STD germs on their hands to begin with?

Those are not STIs. Infections can be cured or go away on their own. Diseases do not.

I have no desire to read 50 Shades. If you need to laugh until you cry, read the customer reviews on

You will not be disappointed. The book is trash.

There is nothing sexy about a man pulling out a bloody tampon.

Any person getting hot and bothered over 50 Shades of Gray has never seen late night cable.
T. W. said…
Hi Louis!

Thank you for my laugh today!

I bet they have Recovering from Interactions with Scorpio workshops too.
Chick'sOpinion said…

Interesting point you make about Billie Eillish.

Yes. There's got to be a reason for her extreme recklessness.

Is it drugs?

Or is it, her parents just never said no to her.

Cause she's a Pirate. LoL

Interesting. I never knew that about 50 Shades of Grey.

Just goes to show. Alot of these movie producers/directors steal ideas.

People who had the original idea or novel. Often complain.

But their claims are killed in the media. Cause these arseholes dont want to pay for their idea. Work. They stole.



How would have the 'Stand Your Ground' Laws in Florida enabled. Or disadvantaged Jeffery Epstein.

When he was arrested there at his Mansion in South Florida in 2005.

Also, Did those laws exist then?
Louis said…

Without Gemini, Scorpio and Pisces we proabably wouldn't need psychologists, we could leave the psychiatrists to deal with clinical mental illness....the real of us could simply use newspaper "Ask Aunty" know:

Cancer male: I think about my mother twice an that unreasonable?
Virgo: Help me I'm starching my underpants!
Aquarius: I'm considering doing course to help me become more that the right way!

T. W. said…

Stand Your Ground Laws give (white) property owners the legal right to kill someone who is damaging or stealing their tangible property.

I don't know if Epstein killed anyone for that reason but I heard he trafficked all kinds of people to cater to his clients' whims. Human life ain't worth $hit. Especially when that human is female or a person of color.
Chick'sOpinion said…

Nipsey Hussle had a very grand vision.

For his life.

And the part of L.A where he grew up.

Had he lived, he would have been very financially successful.

Because he had a business brain.

He was about to... and wanted to utilise U.S Opportunity Zone Tax Breaks. Favoured by Venture Capitalists and billionaires.

I believe he may have been murdered because of this. And his grand plans.
Chick'sOpinion said…

Ahh mah gard, what you just said about Aquarians is so me.

And agree. Some Skorpios tip people over the edge.

Or wear them out with sex.

My mum's sister I said, is a Skorpio.

And guess what her friend's bought her for her 50th birthday.

2 Vibrators.

Yep. They knew her well.
Chick'sOpinion said…

OOPS it was you who made the comment about the Star Signs.


I thoroughly agree with you. Some star signs have some very trying traits.

Yes. They keep psychologists from going broke.

I think Prince Harry is a Virgo. Am I right?

So he therefore is.....???

Annoying? meticulous? Inflexible.

What are their other traits?
T. W. said…

Thank you for making me laugh!

Don't be a stranger. Every Friend here is important. All comments are important.
T. W. said…
Hi Chick'sOpinion!

You are right about Nipsey Hustle.

I won't comment on the vibrators. Hopefully she got a ton of batteries...
T. W. said…
Oh no!

Meghan's birthday is a day off from mine.

Prince Harry is a Virgo.


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