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Dangerious Liasions to end the Summer.....

Both these Bozos, are complete "Pratts".
Neither nor of them have a plan.
Bumping, jumping all around.
Waiting for the siren sound.
Well, Dear boys......
You'll get your wish.
Sooner that the Witches stick.


Chick'sOpinion said…
Well belle coupe appears to mean, nice cut.
Chick'sOpinion said…
Well there's all sorts of fun and games going on in British politics. Leading up to Brexit. Secret document stealing.

And the Brexaggedon.

Warnings about food and drug shortages caused by coming Brexit.

The Independent called Boris Johnson 'a caretaker PM'.

I wonder if he is only going to be PM for a short time.

Will the UK vote for him to stay PM in coming election ? Probably not.

He only got to be PM anyway because 1000's of British Conversative Party Members voted him in.

The British public are gonna have to start takin him seriously before they vote for him in this cominf election.

But then again, hard core Tories... will vote for any Tory.
Chick'sOpinion said…
Didnt think it would be long before it hit the newspapers. About Quentin Tarantino's portrayal of Hong Kong 60's/70's Mixed Martial Arts icon, Bruce Lee.

In Tarantino's new movie, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.

Bruce Lee's daughter is already quietly angry about the racist portrayal of her father. And isnt saying too much. Except that she was embarrassed...disappointed.

But Bruce Lee's former co-star, NBA player Kareem Abdul-jabber now laying into Tarantino over the depiction of Bruce Lee. As an arrogant idiot.

Bruce Lee was a cultural icon. And really helped Asian people break through into Western films.

And as I've mentioned before, actor, Mike Moh did a great job on the part of Bruce Lee in Tarantino's new movie.

But Tarantino portraying Bruce Lee, a martial arts expert and philosopher, as an arrogant fool was wrong.
As he apparently wasn't like that at all.

This isn't the 1st time Tarantino has got it wrong. He famously called Roman Polanski's 13 year old rape victim..'a party girl'.
He's apologied profusely for that insensitive comment. Where he tried to absolve Polanski from responsibility. But once said. Can't really takin back I think.

Does Quentin Tarantino still live in L.A...where he grew up? Cause if so, it's time he lived somewhere else.

And got in the real world. At least for a while.

He has tried to claim his right to artistic license for other controversial issues/things he's done.

I admire him as a director. But he needs to rethink occasionally some of his ideas.

Brad Pitt who is involved in the Bruce Lee scenes in that movie. Would have seen this as racist... a mile off.

Why didn't Brad Pitt object to it?

Or did he?
T. W. said…

What do you think of this video:

Once Upon a Time, Robbie Margot Was a Man
T. W. said…
What is a Pratt?
T. W. said…
The Brexit Policies Of Prime Minister Boris Johnson Is Wreaking Havoc On The British Economy


Boris Johnson repeated acts of snarling is a sign of mental illness. He has been engaging in behavior indicating he is bipolar and mentally unfit to be prime minister, such as constantly speaking gibberish, flip-flopping on things he'd previously stated and wearing warm weather clothes such as short shorts in freezing temperatures.


As the Queen's representative, Boris disgustingly referred to black people in the Commonwealth as "grinning picaninnies" with "watermelon smiles." Using the word "picaninny" or its plural form "picaninnies" is one step down from stating "n*gger." The definition of the word "picaninny" is "a racial slur which refers to a dark-skinned child of African descent."


As much as I've wanted the concept of the Commonwealth to work, Tory politicians and select members of the royal family are repeatedly engaging in racist and offensive conduct that makes me question the purpose of it. We are being called racial slurs and subjected to discriminatory treatment. There is this persistent pattern of racism that has repeatedly poured from three prime ministers in a row and it's vile.

Then-British Prime Minister, David Cameron, showed up in Jamaica and arrogantly told the politicians of my homeland in the Jamaican parliament to get over slavery and move on (never mind the BBC, Simon Cowell and Simon Fuller are still engaging in it and he knew that the whole time).
T. W. said…
The Mistress Of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Denied Visa Into America


The newly appointed Prime Minister, 55-year-old, Boris Johnson, who is quite the racist, having slurred blacks, Muslims and Europeans, has continued Theresa May's self-styled "hostile environment" regarding immigration matters. A massive purge has been transpiring in Britain and it has weakened the country (financially and socially). Therefore, it was quite ironic that Johnson's 31-year-old mistress, Carrie Symonds, was recently denied entry into the United States of America.

It turns out Symonds visited Somaliland, which is, "An autonomous region of Somalia that does not have diplomatic relations with the US, though the UK does." Symonds' visit to Somaliland led to U.S. Immigration denying her a visa. Homeland Security does look at a person's travel history when determining who can enter the United States. The British government does the same. Each nation has the right to accept or deny entry to anyone they wish. It is at each nation's discretion.

The situation is complicated by the fact that Symonds has moved into Downing Street with Johnson, who is married to second wife, Marina Wheeler, who is the mother of four of his children. Worst of all, Boris' wife has cervical cancer, while he's canoodling all over the place with Symonds, who should not be living in Downing Street. This is disgraceful and has offended the British public. That honor should have gone to his lawful wife, not his mistress. It sets a very bad example for the nation as well.
Chick'sOpinion said…

Trust me. Margot Robbie is all woman.

Yes I'm glad the U.S looks at previous travel to countries when considering immigration or holiday visas.

Where people go can tell a story.

But I can see this could be oppressive too. I guess how its applied is the issue.

It doesn't surprise me Australia does this too. Marry a foreigner. And you soon find out what immigration is like at airports. You are immediately separated. From your loved one. Till it's resolved.

Very unpleasant.

Boris Johnson's buffoonery and eccentric behaviour in a lot of ways is just an act.

And I agree. I don't want to get into petty moralism but Boris Johnson's girlfriend should not be in 10 Downing Street.

Not Boris Johnson's latest tart. Carrie Symonds.

Don't be surprised if he marries her though eventually. To improve his voter possibilities. With the female section of the UK population.

Cause one things for certain. He's not popular with female voters.

Cause he's a bit of a male tart.
T. W. said…

I agree with your political assessments.

As for Margot Robie, I have never seen her in person. Margot looks like a man to me. To be fair, some women take after their fathers, some men take after their mothers. That is why anyone doing a transvestigation needs to take all the physical characteristics in person. I can only think of 2 physical characteristics that are "smoking guns" that cannot be explained away with illness, deformity, or taking after the parent of the opposite gender.

Mr. E is one of if not the best transvestigator. The Conspiracy by Hans channels are good with pregvestigations but I do not agree with a lot of the other things he says. Everyone is entitled to share their opinions so that is why I am not hating the man.
T. W. said…

I forgot to say.

The occult elite teach that humans are to be both male and female. There are rabbinical teachings that claim the Hebrew Bible is wrong (Christian Old Testament) and that God made Adam as a hermaphrodite with 2 faces, 2 bodies. The bodies were together back to back. I am not going to go further on that, I posted a link today in one of the blog posts. Mr. E (Transpocalypse Now Channel) has a good video on that.

This could explain why Hollywood is full of beautiful men and handsome women. I truly believe some of these people are not blended genders but inverted. Meaning a biological male child was raised to be female and vice versa. Some of them have even said this themselves.

Something fishy going on at the Hershlag Fertility Center. Ask Natalie Portman...

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