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TOLD YA.. KANYE WEST now Moses...



T. W. said…
Yes, Kanye is unwell. But he is telling the truth about the slavery and such. At least he had sense to call on Jesus and God to help him. He truly needs our prayers and divine help.
Chick'sOpinion said…
As a young I know said recently.

Kanye West? he's not relevant anymore'

Chick'sOpinion said…
Typo. A young person said to me. 'Kanye West is no longer relavent'.

So I guess that refers to his music.

But it's not just recently unpopular. A tour he planned with Lady GaGa in 2009. Didn't go ahead. Because of poor ticket sales. Thats a fact.
He's still listed as quite rich on the Forbes Richest lists. But I question that.

More so lately Kanye has a reputaion as an Contraversial Internet troll. Calling out some people and issues that he thinks are wrong.
In some cases, he's absolutely right.
But his very public mental health breakdowns.
And his new found devotion to Christianity.
And setting up his own church. Even calling his album Jesus Is King.
Has probably led to the record companies changing their attitude. To whether he's a profitable artist today.
Most of the public think he's just mad.
I think he's an intelligent person with mental health issues
When he was younger too. He could get away with antics. Not now though.
It seems....He used used to get away with things because of his brilliance. But people don't see brilliance anymore. Just crazy.

His latest contributions to fashion. Mmmmm. Well...
I don't know much about fashion. But I don't think that venture is working either. Not enough to keep up with his spending. And lifestyle.
And then there's his famous support of Donald Trump. That's divided his fans too.

But is he as rich as claimed ? Because in 2016 he begged Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg via Twitter, to invest 1 billion into his 'ideas'. Because he was in debt personally for 53 million.

Well Mark Zuckerberg refused to do it.
CD has predicted here that Kanye West is broke.
I think....He may have made some money from his Yeezy clothing label.
But my money is on CD's prediction. That Kanye has huge financial problems. And CD did say that the Church Kanye set up.
Was to make him money.
Cause Kanye is broke.
Chick'sOpinion said…
And does Kanye West's clothing Label Yeezy, still have a highly lucrative brand deal with Adidas?
He left Nike for Adidas Apparently.

Or, have Adidas said adios to Kanye and his shoes. Or are they just about to.
And despite Kanye's claims that his brand link with Adidas is a big deal. Adidas deny this.
They say he (yeezy) represents a small aspect of their brand.

There is evidence that Kanye recently struck some kind of lucrative 10 year deal with Gap too. To produce Yeezy clothing. Starting in 2020 but more so in 2021.

And as far back as April 26 2018 he must have planned this deal with Gap. Because on that date he made the following delusional Tweet,

'There's been alot of fake news so I just wanted to give you the facts. Yeezy will become the biggest apparel company in human history by working with the most genius level talents and creating product at an affordable price. I hired the head of supply chain from The Gap'

10 year deal?
10 years would be too long for most people, businesses with Kanye West.
But Gap are smart. They have insisted that at the 5 year point. They have an option. To be allowed to review the deal with Kanye's Yeezy.
Bet they are glad they included that option.
Gap have put alot of hope that Kanye's inclusion is going to revive their brand.
Sadly for them they were not able to predict Covid 19 and economic collapse.
And in August this year, Kanye was makin contraversy again. This time with his sneakers. When he was accused of disrespecting Islam by naming his new Yeezy Boost sneakers with Adidas .....calling them, Israfil and the other ones, Asriel.
Apparently these are Islamic angels.
And there was quite a reaction from the Muslim community over this.
So is Adidas regretting their relationship Kanye?
Because there's been a popular movement, petition and retail shops in Islamic countries to boycott Kanye's Yeezy Adidas shoes. Over it.
I think Adidas are going to seperate their brand from Kanye West as soon as they can.
If they had any brains, they will.
Chick'sOpinion said…
I think it's good that Kanye is calling out music companies too. For holding artists in very unfair contracts.
Prince did that. So did George Michael.
But Kanye threatening to not release any more of his own music till he's done with Universial and Sony.
Well. This may backfire. Not sure how. But my feelings is. It's not good.
Because, really popular is his music today?
He's gone on Twitter about all this with his contracts and said,

'Oh God, in Jesus name....come and get me'

Well God might. But it may be a delivery to a mental health facility for a while. Where he can stay for a while and get some clarity. And be stable.
He has serious business to attend to.
He needs a clear mind.
All the time.
CAT said…
Well I first heard of Kanye West because it was all over the tabloids that Kim Kardashian said yes to him. And then again when he tried to screw Taylor swift with that phone call thing but the truth came out and people started calling him a snake lol. And you're right I don't even know a lot of people who listen to his music most people I know speak of him as a sort of popular troll. 😐
Chick'sOpinion said…
The crazy exhibitionism doesn't end.
Today it's been reported Kanye West posted a video of himself urinating on his Grammy Award in a toilet bowl.
While this may be an entirely personal statement of Kanye's.
I think it's going to have a more broader influence in a way. On how people see the Grammy Awards today.
Are we done with Awards Ceremonies like this?
Isn't there another way we can acknowledge acheivements?
T. W. said…
Chick’sOpinion — You might want to skip this comment.


Kanye West produced music for others then made his own music. That is his claim to fame. He is also a gifted artist but he designs horrible clothing for Adidas.

Try to find his albums. They are really good!

We need a happy & healthy Kanye West back. His downward spiral began after his mother died while getting plastic surgery in South America. Rumors claim she was his Illuminati sacrifice.

Kanye’s lover is/was Ricardo Tisci but he married a witch instead - Kim Kardashian. Kanye claimed he fell in love with Kim after seeing her sex tape.

That reminds me. You are too young to have known about the video.


First off, Kim worked as a closet organizer. She was Paris Hilton’s bitch. This was on Paris’ reality show so I am not making this up. Kim wanted to be famous & Paris advise her to make a sex tape & have it get “leaked” without her consent.

You could tell someone other than Ray J was operating the camera. Pimp Mama Kris was the one. Even Kanye confirmed Kris pimped out her children.


The real star is Ray J. The man is hung.

Kim’s moans were so fake it’s not funny. She also just laid there. Kim’s first husband said all she does is lay there (star fish sex) & she does not smell good. Husband # 1 & Kim would go to swinger’s clubs. Other men have confirmed this.

How is this relevant?

Kim’s mother Kris would go to sex clubs too. Not a secret. Ask OJ Simpson...

As for the odor, many Truthers & Conspiracy Theorists claim Kim (and others) are biological males. If you think I am crazy please google what that entire Kardashian-Jenner clan looked like before they had multiple cosmetic surgeries. You will laugh.

Men who have transitioned with bottom surgery to appear female report they have a strange odor. Because, you know, they don’t have real vaginas. The Male to Females also report they have to use rods to keep their surgically created vaginas open. Otherwise the body would close up because, you know, men don’t have vaginas nor are they supposed to.

Bruce Jenner was married to Kris Kardashian. He transitioned to female and is now known as Caitlyn Jenner. He should have changed his name to Chris with a “C”. Anyway, he had a short lived reality show and confirmed the rods & odor stuff I just told you about. His show was shortly cancelled after this.

There is a popular Male to Female YouTuber who spills all the tea about what it’s like to transition. Someone asked how they enjoy sex after surgery. The person replied they have to have anal sex and that is one of the dirty secrets (no pun intended) of bottom surgery.

T. W. said…

I acknowledge that some people’s physical bodies do not match what their dna says for multiple reasons.

I acknowledge that scientific evidence supports this.

However, I do not believe everyone who claims to have been born in the wrong body are correct.

This is not damage control.

If you search the archives you will see I have said this multiple times before & even provided some evidence.
CAT said…
Omg what did I just read are you serious???? I mean I'm not really into the whole pop culture thing (after reading your comment I feel like that's a good thing) but any info I get about celebrities or pop culture is from my friends, viral IG posts or the occasional youtube recommendation.
I'm more of a book worm I just read all day every day and go through IG once or twice a day that's it lol I'm too boring and introverted for other people my age.

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